Benefits of Pre-employment Screening that May Change Your Perspective

Business Perspective Attitude and Owner MentalitySome people think that pre-employment screening is not needed at all when it comes to work or business-related schemes. But that is not the case at all. People fail to realize that a lot of mishaps and bad events happen because companies and businesses fail to perform pre-employment screening on their candidates before hiring them. Because of this negligence in performing a pre-employment screening, their company suffers, the employees suffer, and the entire system suffers.

Another reason why businesses collapse is because of their negligence to perform pre-employment screening, dangerous people are admitted inside the company, giving them access to whatever means they were given. This is dangerous, considering the fact that many criminals are wolf in sheep’s clothing. If they get inside the company, it’s the end of that business. They can do almost anything once they get inside the company.

Another possibility is that they could spread false news about the company, which is something that every company wants to avoid. False news greatly affects the company’s reputation, especially nowadays where people do not do that much research anymore and merely believes everything they see and every news they hear. This is a huge danger for the company and something that must be taken care by performing a pre-employment screening before hiring candidates.

But setting aside all the bad things, there are plenty of good things which will change the way people look at pre-employment screening. Some see it as a security feature, and yes, while it is one, it isn’t just a security feature. There are a lot of good benefits aside from security. People need to look at it as an opportunity, because pre-employment screening opens up a lot of possibilities, one possibility being improved. Businesses often think of improving all the time by telling their employees to work harder and to bring more effort and pool every possible talent to the table. But pushing them, although works most of the time, just doesn’t cut it. There must be new talent from the outside. Pre-employment screening do just that. It helps companies scout for more talent, which they might or might not need, but might need at a later time. But still, the fact remains that it gives companies the ability to check out potential talent which is, despite how weird it is, could just help the company a lot.


What You Should Do on your Job Interview

blogFinding a job nowadays is not that easy. You have to undergo a lot of process, employment background check, and submit requirements in order for you to get hired. The employers can also be tough than you might think, they have their own criteria when it comes to evaluating an applicant. But here are the most common criteria that have points when interviewing an applicant:

Greet the Hiring Managers Right

They say first “impressions last”, yes for some it is. But, the first impression is important. It’s a way in establishing a rapport with them.  Do not get nervous, overcome it. Do not think of your past interviews and employment background check results. This is a new one, greet the hiring manager with a bright smile on your face and the right amount of confidence. A subtle handshake and a confident eye contact will surely help you win points at the start of the interview.

Get there Early than the Expected Time

Punctuality is one of the most important qualities that the employer like in an applicant or employees. The time of your arrival will be evaluated by the hiring manager, if you are late it will probably cause a negative impression. But, reaching the venue 10 minutes or earlier before the scheduled time shows your eagerness towards the vacant position.  It will also get you an overview of the place, giving a time to practice and get ready for the interview or examinations.

Get Properly Dressed

Another criteria that will create an impression on the hiring manager is how you dress yourself. Good grooming, hygiene, right outfit and dressing neatly will help you score points in the interview. But having the opposite will turn off the hiring manager. Avoid bright colors, uncomfortable clothes that you might keep adjusting from time to time. It will distract the hiring managers during the interview.

Appropriate Body Language

One of the most important criteria is your body language, the way you move will be judged once you enter the company premises.  They might judge you on the way you walk, talk, your posture, if you have unnecessary movements. They will be assessing your nonverbal communication points in different ways, such as maintaining an eye contact or leaning back comfortably in the chair while being interviewed. Remember that these small things in mind and never appear too casual. Be confident enough of who you are and what you can bring them if given the opportunity.


You Should Have a Positive Attitude

Eliminate all the negative attitude that you bear, such as answering negatively. If you are being asked a question if you can do a job, answer them honestly if you can do it or not. But do not answer them in a closed ended answer, answer them that you can learn and be good at it in the future. You should have a positive attitude towards the job.


Remember, it is like selling a product. Show them why they should choose you. What are the traits, skills and knowledge that you have that other applicants are lacking. Also, if you perfect these five criteria, it will give you a high possibility of getting hired.

Employment, Social Media, and Background Check

mag-glassEmployability is currently on the rise as businesses continuously boom and improve due to economic progress within each of these companies. Regardless of whether the business or company is big or small, we can’t deny the fact that their constant progress entails the need for employees and the expansion of the business, or the rise of another company building. With that in mind, their need for new employees will come sooner or later. But sadly, some companies make mistakes that affects their businesses and companies when it comes to hiring applicants.

Social media is where people connect with each other, share their memories, and spread good vibes about their life and other’s lives. It is where they share to everyone their thoughts, feelings, and other interests in life. It is, therefore, a place where information is found, and there’s plenty of it within social media accounts, and within itself. People share their personal information with their friends, whether it be public or private. But regardless of whether it is public or not, it still functions as an area filled with personal information.

Now, companies sometimes make the mistake of using social media accounts as a source of information for employment purposes. Although it is not a bad idea to do that, it is somehow questionable, due to the anonymous nature of social media. Some people tend to falsify their social media accounts as a form of cover up to hide their real identities, or to avoid letting the public know about them. They do this by writing false age, address, and other things such as concealed profile pictures. In the case of employment, they can’t trust information such as this. What they need is information that is true, and can be trusted.

Background check is the solution to that problem. Employment background checks are common in the business world, because of its reliability when it comes to information. All the information that they gather about persons are completely legal, and is based on their real identities, not information that are gathered from areas with questionable legitimacy. Employment background checks happens a lot in companies prior to employment, and is a form of secondary bio-data, or in other words, “insurance” of the company towards their applicants. Whether the person gets hired or not depends now at the hands of the company, with employment background checks helping them make the choice of accepting them or not.

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Teachers and Background Checks: An Integral Aspect of Education

Teacher_Wanting_Europe_AgencyPursuing a teaching profession requires diligence, effort, time, and sacrifice. Not only are you required to study a lot, you are also required to be a role model for all your future students. Becoming a teacher begins with yourself. It must be a passion within you to enlighten the minds of the future generation, and to equip them with the knowledge required to fulfill their dreams and aspirations in life. Becoming a teacher is no easy task; not only is the aptitude requirement high, but also the morals. Every teacher must be bound to a teaching moral that benefits the future of the students, not harm it.

No matter how much we deny it, there are two kinds of teachers: one with the mindset of helping the future generation, and another with the mindset of living life. Some teachers go to extreme lengths just to teach their students, while some live a laid back life, living day to day, doing their routine. There’s a big difference between teaching with passion, and teaching in order to live. As a teacher, there must be an ache in your heart whenever a student is unable to learn due to differences or difficulty.


Schools and universities are now stricter when it comes to hiring teachers. Although there are still some who are still going with the flow, some beg to differ; they hire only the best and only the ones with a passion. It is important for these schools to hire teachers who are aligned with the schools’ vision: to teach children properly in order to give them the ability to live a good life. Not only do they teach academics, they also teach about morals, about life, about well-being. And it is only achievable if the teacher is known well.


Some schools have started using technology in finding the teachers they need, through the help of a background check. Background check services have become a vital part of their hiring process. Not only does it reveal everything about the potential candidate, it also gives the school the ability to see whether the person is of good moral accord or not. Since background check highlights education records, they are able to confirm if the candidate is knowledgeable. Also, through criminal records, they are able to see for themselves whether the candidate will be a good example to the students.


All of this is now possible through background check services, an innovation in technology offered by Intelifi. Intelifi has made it possible for schools to give the best education, every student dreams of, in academics and in morals.


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Tips on Starting Out As a Programmer

507473994Being a programmer is no easy task. It requires effort, dedication, and lots and lots of hours of searching for errors and bugs. But don’t worry, despite what everybody says about programming, it’s just like any other job: it takes time to learn. Being a programmer can be intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll do just fine. You might even enjoy it, if you’re not an avid computer savvy. Most programmers enjoy what they do, because it is fun doing things and creating things from scratch. Similar to how engineers construct buildings, programmers construct things too, within the computer, that is.

Most people might say that programming is a tedious task, especially people who are unaware of what programmers do exactly. In reality, they are right. But the catch is, there’s a difference between doing a tedious task that you have no idea of, and doing a tedious task that you have an idea of what to do. So the first tip on starting out as a programmer is to study. Although some do not like reading at all, most programmers learned how to code by reading. Reading allows you to grasp the basics in its simplest form, in complete detail, with simple explanations. Although, some might give complicated ones.

The next thing to do would be to code. Yes, code. Code anything. Like, anything at all. In order to be able to write complex and incomprehensible codes that do marvelous things, it all starts with a simple line of code. It’s impossible to write complicated ones without writing simple ones first, unless you really know what you’re doing. But on a beginner’s perspective, it is better to start out small and make your way up at a pace you are comfortable. Writing code is like a kid writing on a paper. First, you learn by listening or reading about how to write. Then, you actually write on the paper. At first, it might look weird and messy, but, as you continue on and write, it gets better and better until it is readable.

As you continuously build up your code writing skills, eventually you’ll be able to apply in a company that wants you to program stuff and show your skills. Companies will be able to know by screening you personally and checking out your skills, through pre-employment screening. It might come in many forms, but surely, the moment it comes, it’s now your time to shine.

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Preventing Fake News Through Hiring Excellent Researchers

fake-news-essaySocial media is the most effective way in spreading news about current events, latest news, business, trivia’s, showbiz, sports, fashion, weather, gaming, and everything else that people love to read and be updated about. Not only do people seek them, they crave them too. People oftentimes want to stay updated about the recent events of their favorite basketball team, or their favorite gaming team, or a band that they love, or a celebrity whom they are a huge fan. Social media offers a lot of information that people look for and crave for.

News companies use social media as their main outlet of news, aside from their own websites and TV shows. These companies are dedicated in their vision of spreading quality news and latest trends to people that read their articles and watches their TV shows about news. That’s why it is their goal and vision to be a news provider that people love and look for when the latest news comes up. People want news, people want the latest ones, that’s why they give them exactly what they want.

Despite its popularity as a massive news gateway for fans and news enthusiasts, social media is not exempted from the fact that it suffers from false information too. Fake news is spreading like wildfire on social media, confusing everybody and spreading it further and further, confusing more people in the long run. Many people believe the fake news, and many deny the true news, which is a sad reality in the world of social media. News companies are having a hard time in gathering legit and factual news due to the spread of countless rumors and false articles floating around the internet.

No matter how careful news companies filter out and verify their news, it is still unavoidable, due to the vast amounts of false information scattered around the internet and social media. Its ability to publish real news all leads to one factor: their employee’s ability to filter out and distinguish fake ones from real ones using research. News companies are now keen and strict when it comes to hiring their researchers, due to the fact that it requires high skill in distinguishing factual information from fake ones.

The only way for companies to hire people who are excellent in research is to use background check. Pre-employment background check allows companies to thoroughly check their applicants and check for themselves if the person is truly capable of the task, because it requires high skill in research. And in order to find the best hire for the company, it requires the best software in background checking. Intelifi has exactly what it needs.

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Things in Your Business That You can Avoid When You Conduct Background Checks

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJjAAAAJDlhMWNmMzI3LTdlOGEtNDVjMC05Yjg0LWJlOGU1YTA3N2EwNQBackground checks are an important aspect of every business that is progressing towards success. Not only does it let you bring out the best in every employee, it also gives you the chance to know your employees, turning in your favor. But sadly, most business owners ignore, or even shrug off the thought of performing a background check on their employees, or their potential candidates.

On the other hand, if a business owner conducts background checks frequently on their employees and potential candidates, they avoid a lot of scenarios from happening, which could hinder their workflow and success.

One thing would be disasters. If a company decides to hire an employee whom they barely know, a lot of bad things might happen within the company. Because the company refused to perform a background check prior to the employment, they had no idea who the hired employee is or what he is before. For example, hiring a person who has a lot of criminal records is a definite no. And yet, because of the company’s refusal to perform employment background checks, the person was accepted within the company, therefore allowing the hired employee to wreak havoc within the company itself in the form of robbery, data leaks, server breaches, theft, and so much more.

Another thing would be incompetence. In most cases, applicants will do anything and everything to land a job and get hired, regardless of whether the job description fits perfectly into the applicant’s skill set. A simple background check prior to their employment would easily negate such scenarios. Unfortunately, as in most cases, companies suffer from employees who are hired, and yet were found out later that the job description was not fit for the hired employee, which is an inconvenience not only to the business itself, but its employees too. Although there is a chance that the person might learn a thing or two, there are some cases that the job simply requires the best from the best. Such types of businesses can’t afford to hire people who can’t get the job done. If only the business owner considered performing an employment background check, they might have avoided such scenarios.

Although there are more scenarios that can be mentioned, the aforementioned above are some important ones, because not only does a business want to avoid them, they want to negate them too. Having such scenarios in their business will definitely impact their performance, output, efficiency and teamwork. A business that wishes to rise to the top must definitely consider performing employment background checks.

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How Businesses Find the Best Candidates as Employees

itemeditorimage_57ed1ae9b1e80In a world where businesses constantly compete with each other, it is vital that they out do and outperform every single type of competition. Performance, innovation, and creativity matters in the global race for success in the business world. That is why businesses find the best candidates because they know that their employees is the key to their success in the business world.

But finding the best candidates is not an easy task. In a world where people strive hard to look for jobs and be accepted into one, employment is a big word to deal with. We are aware that not all employees fit the jobs they wish to apply for. Some are even desperate for jobs that they resort to dirty and lucrative methods in order to be accepted in a job. Such is the desperation of other people to be employed.

That is why businesses have their own methods of filtering out their applicants in order to find the best fit among the rest. While each company has different methods, they all have one thing in common: they screen their applicants using a background check. Pre-employment background screening gives the company the ability to filter out unwanted applicants, or applicants that do not fit the company’s needs at all.

Pre-employment background screening have different ways of doing their tasks, like checking for education records, or criminal records, or some basic information. Since each company or business firm has their own set of needs in an applicant, the methods vary to suit their needs. But in the end, these companies still use background checking for picking out their best applicants in a nutshell. Background check ensures the company that the applicants are suited to their needs, giving them the best option to choose from.

Although legally speaking, background check is a legit service, it still has its security measures to protect individuals and their privacy. That is why companies inform their applicants upon performing a background check and ensures that no information is disclosed to third parties. This safety measure gives the individuals the protection they need in the business world and in real life.

To sum it all up, businesses use background checks to filter out applicants, which fit their exact description and needs, giving them the perfect choice for the company. In order to be the best in the business world, background checking is an important aspect that must be integrated within the company.

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How Pre-Employment Background Check Saves Lives

alg-operation-jpgDoctors and nurses have the most pressuring and the most rigorous jobs in the society. Their only main goal is this: to ensure that every single receive the proper medical care they need. Putting such a huge responsibility on a single person or a group of persons is intimidating. It pushes the limits of patience, dedication, precision, and stamina. Saving lives takes a lot more than just having guts: you need to have the knowledge, capability, and decision-making skills in order to pull off one of the most difficult tasks: to save human lives.

Hospitals require nurses in order to cater to their patients completely, because it is part of a hospital’s duty. If they fail to help even a single person from their illness, then they fail to act their duty as a hospital. Human lives are important, that’s why they ask for help from the hospitals because it’s the only institution capable of helping persons who are sick and in need of dire help.

Persons who wish to become nurses and doctors must handle such huge responsibilities calmly. They must be able to handle the pressure of saving a human life and helping it. They also must be knowledgeable about it, because a nurse cannot be a nurse at all if he doesn’t know how to be one. Becoming a nurse is a very difficult task, due to bar exams and other things and hardships that every aspiring nurse must face.

Due to the immense responsibilities of being a doctor and a nurse, hospitals do not simply accept applicants the moment they apply for the said position. They must undergo rigorous filtering and examination and testing in order to prove themselves that they have what it takes to be a nurse or a doctor. Becoming one is never easy, and so is saving lives. Helping people in need become impossible if you as a doctor or nurse have no idea what to do. That’s why hospitals are strict in accepting nurses and doctors, especially renowned hospitals.

Hospitals use pre-employment background check in order to check their applicant’s educational background, because it is the most important part when hiring a medical staff. One cannot possibly aspire to be as such if he knows nothing. Pre-employment background check does the job for you. Also, hospitals check the background of every applicant in order to choose which among is the perfect candidate will not only uphold the hospital’s reputation, but also skilfully and wholeheartedly do their duties as doctors and nurses.

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Why the Healthcare Industries Need Background Checks?

healthcare_provider_teamThe healthcare industry will mostly depend on solid background data for security reasons, one of which is the safety and security of the company. Take note that background checks are frequent, but the method of execution and processing is not the same for every enterprise.

Medical service providers adopt distinct strategies in picking a background check organization. There are a couple of enterprises that experiences change on a reliable premise as much as the industry itself. It is crucial for a background check company to have an acceptable comprehension of those progressions. Otherwise, the company might turn a blind eye on crucial loopholes within the company’s performance and efficiency output.

Unwavering quality is an absolute necessity. Companies who are enlisting employees cannot afford to “miss out” on an excessive number of contracts. A significant number of the job postings are of huge importance.  Most of these job postings require utmost proficiency and quality in their performance, and as such, strict rules in hiring must be applied to each applicant.

Most of these providers, from huge healthcare facilities to little and simple centers, needs extensive pre-employment screenings. The time it takes to perform the background check may likewise be considered a factor. Numerous hiring in the industry are time-reliant, they simply cannot afford to waste time, especially when the patient’s welfare is on the line, more so in the line of death. The background check company must utilize the most updated tools and instruments accessible to the company to satisfy and fill the specific need. It is of utmost importance and it must not be ignored.

Many individuals employed in the healthcare industry will tend to individuals, specifically patients, who cannot move or perform routines themselves. They might be on the verge of giving up and settle on their death in a consistent manner, which is dangerous. These employed individuals must approach and consult each patients’ data carefully and thoroughly for the sole purpose of helping these patients. It is one of the reasons why each choice in the hiring phase in this industry is of importance, because the data revealed, must be within the premise of helping patients, not to abuse and use them.

Background checks and pre-employment screening is a huge asset for every contracting supervisor. An entire and concise background check ensures avoidance of the wrong contract. One wrong decision in this industry can have extreme ramifications and incur a huge liability to the company.

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