Reasons for Background Screening Present Employees

figure-lrg-happy-employeesBackground checks are normal when screening applicants. They are your business’ first line of defense in hiring underqualified and incompatible individuals for your company. The background check results provide you with every relevant and necessary information that will help you with your hiring decision. However, what happens after that? Would you also allowed to be able to direct a background check on your present employees? As indicated by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), you can screen existing employees. Regardless of whether they’ve been with your organization for one year or ten, it’s critical to keep up trust in your employees.


At What Point Should You Screen Current Employees?

There are a few motivations to direct a background check of existing employees. It’s critical to update current records of your employees. Indeed, even in the year of the primary background check at the time they were employed, numerous things can happen.


In case you’re reassigning an employee to another position you might need to direct another record verification. The new position may have diverse duties that were not secured by a past background check.


We hear a great deal about negligent hiring. However, few know that the twin sister of negligent hiring is negligent retention. Fundamentally, that happens if a business knows or should know about the issues of an employee, and they make no corrective actions like reassignment, investigation or termination.


Similar with reassignment, a promotion ordinarily includes new duties and another set of working responsibilities. You can ensure you’ve picked the correct employee by checking your employee backgrounds through an employee background check.

Work environment mishaps

Many organizations will direct background check on current employees after a work accident keeping in mind the end goal to clearing up issues with insurance agencies and the legal office. It can likewise enable the organization to figure out how to similar accidents from happening once more.

Would it be a good idea for you to Conduct Routine Background Checks?

Before directing background screening on current employees, ensure you know the rules. In the event that there is no proper evidence that your employee has accomplished something incorrectly at work, you should have their consent before screening them. Sometimes organizations will incorporate a clause in the original consent enabling them to lead background checks even after hiring.

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A Few Things to Keep in Mind to Protect Your Business Assets

img-case-protectEvery business owner worked very hard to gain everything they own in the business, and losing or damaging any kind of asset is the last thing that an owner would want to happen. Here are a few things to keep in mind to protect your business assets.

Pick the correct business substance – There will unquestionably be numerous expense arranging contemplation, yet working as a sole proprietorship certainly isn’t your best decision for resource assurance. As a sole proprietorship, your own advantages are totally presented to a potential claim. Setting up an element, for example, an S partnership or Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a critical stride in the improvement of your business and insurance of your advantages.

Keep up your corporate cloak – In the event that you’ve set up an element, don’t believe that simply having the substance’s articles of fuse in your drawer will spare you when a claim comes. You have to keep up a different ledger and checkbook for your business; utilize the organization name on all reports; title the property for the sake of the organization if essential; and, most vital, keep up corporate records and log the minutes at your yearly meeting. Also, LLCs are not absolved from playing out this kind of yearly upkeep.

Hire the Right Employees – Employees are very essential, they provide the service to your customers, which make them a very big asset.  Since they are assets, it is just right to hire righteous. Employees will also be using other assets of the company and having the right people to use these assets is a very big advantage. Utilize pre-employment screening service to hire trustworthy employees.

Consider the residence exception. A standout among the most intense exceptions accessible is the security stood to our individual living arrangement, usually alluded to as the property exclusion. This is a statutory exclusion accessible in many states that secures a specific measure of the estimation of a man’s home from a loan boss or liquidation.

Investigate occupancy by the aggregate – On the off chance that your state permits it, you can title your own living arrangement as “occupancy by the total,” which implies on the off chance that one mate is sued, the property can’t be connected or bifurcated by the claim. The magnificence of this system is that it is additionally statutorily based, which means you don’t need to pay tons of money to execute or keep up the assignment. Simply ensure your property is titled appropriately, and you can secure your home along these lines if your state takes into consideration such an arrangement.

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Skills Needed to be the Best Recruiter


Having the best recruiter during pre-employment screening is a must. One must possess all the qualities needed to end up into a great hiring decision. Here are some of the skills that the best recruiter must have.

  • Listening Skills – For a Recruitment Consultant it is essential to be an awesome listener. If you listen carefully, the applicant and the customer, you will have the capacity to comprehend what their necessities are. The more you hear them out, the more you will discover important details.
  • Confidence – You need to be confident not just about yourself but also about the services you offer to your clients, companies as well as job seekers.
  • Marketing Skills – Knowing how to market and promote your services and knowledge successfully to customers and applicants is of most extreme significance. If you have numerous applicants on your database however are not ready to convince an organization to enlist any of them you won’t settle any negotiations.
  • Communication Skills – Working in the human resource business requires from a recruiter to be an extraordinary communicator, regardless of whether face to face, on the telephone or by means of email. On the off chance that things don’t turn out positively for a job seeker than being straightforward is not generally the right way for this situation.
  • Multitasking – Since you manage organizations and candidates regularly you should juggle various projects and tasks at the same time. Remembering the details of different occupations, companies and applicants is vital in order to work productively and additionally effectively.
  • Time Management Skills – Having great time management abilities is important because specific positions should be filled urgently and getting your needs right is vital.
  • Patience – There are times that you should be exceptionally flexible and patient since applicants or customers might need to reschedule their meeting dates in the last minute.
  • Body Language Skills – Having the capacity to translate other people’s body language can be extremely valuable since you will see faster how individuals feel and what they think without them letting you know.
  • Problem Solving Skills – You need to be a better problem solver because you might encounter situations which you never thought would com. Such as, people not turning up to their interviews, companies telling you that they already found another candidate, not finding any candidates for a certain position for a long time, etc.

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Employment Background Checks: A Job Hunting Guide

While some individuals are not worried about pre-employment screening, others are uncomfortable with the possibility of an investigator poking around in their own history. In-depth background checks could uncover data that is unimportant, taken outside of any relevant connection to the subject at hand, or just plain wrong. A further concern is that the report may incorporate data that is illegal to use for hiring purposes or which originates from questionable sources.

busy-writer-c-passigatti-480x300Background reports can run from a check of a candidate’s Social Security number to a point by point record of the potential worker’s history and acquaintances. Data incorporated into a record verification will depend to some degree on the business and the occupation included. For some occupations, a state or government law requires the business to lead a personal investigation. Employments that include work with kids, the elderly or individuals with disabilities are case of occupations that will more likely than not require a criminal background check. Several employers search social networking sites such as Facebook for the profiles of applicants.

Employers usually check both job candidates and existing representatives for a few reasons. The things an employer needs to think about you can shift with the sorts of employments you may look for. These are a couple of the reasons why employers conduct pre-employment screening:

  • Negligent hiring lawsuits are on the rise. If a worker’s actions hurt somebody, the employer might be obligated. The danger of risk gives employers motivation to be careful in checking a candidate’s past.
  • Terrorist acts have brought about increased security and identity-verification strategies by employers.
  • Corporate executives, officers, and directors encounter a degree of inspection in both professional and private life as a result of corporate scandals.
  • Fake credentials supplied by some candidates make employers careful about tolerating anybody’s word at face value.
  • The accessibility of databases containing a huge number of records of individual information. As the expense of looking these sources drops, bosses are thinking that it’s more feasible to conduct background check.
  • Government and state laws require that personal investigations be led for certain employments. For instance, most states require criminal record checks for any individual who works with kids, the elderly, or impaired. Numerous state and government employments require an individual verification, and relying upon the sort of occupation, may require a broad examination for a security clearance.

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Importance of Recruiting The Right Employees

Thumbs-Up-Success-ClubAs any successful employer will affirm, their own particular ability lies in recognizing the gifts of others and applying them in the best way possible to meet the target of their company.Employment background checks are one of the important parts in the recruitment procedure.

It is by selecting the right individual for the role that engagement takes off, arrangements work out as expected and organizations succeed. Hiring the wrong individual, nonetheless, will have the opposite impact. Consequently, it merits contributing the effort to get your staff recruitment completely right. Here are some suggestions that will help:

  • Know the role to be filled – Rather than focusing your applicant choice on examining and filtering through a mountain of CVs, require some serious energy to consider the exact way of the position to be filled. Envision all the tasks and obligations that would be done by the perfect applicant. Then begin to hunt down the individual that best fits the role you have defined.
  • There’s more to staff than skills – Instead of enlisting an employee, you are recruiting a man. A man with character, feelings and social abilities. So don’t be blinkered by concentrating on capabilities alone. While capabilities are essential, it is by selecting the individual as a whole that you will discover somebody who will gel harmoniously with whatever is left of the team and your clients.
  • Real-life is the best experience – When interviewing hopefuls, ask open-ended questions that urge them to describe real-life circumstances where they have handled issues like the ones they may go over in your business. This is known as competency-based meeting and uncovers a considerable measure about their way to deal with the work and also their abilities and experience.
  • Ignore personal bias – Personal bias is frequently subconscious yet can at present affect a man’s decision making. Permitting any preconceptions to shape your candidate selection procedure will skew the result far from the perfect solution. To keep this from happening, it is wise to include a diverse range of individuals in the selection procedure and gather information that can be seen dispassionately.

When a vacancy should be filled, it is a natural desire to fill it as fast as could be expected under the circumstances. However, it is justified regardless of the short-term inconvenience of finding the right individual for a role as opposed to utilizing the wrong individual and afterward having long-term regrets.

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The Top 10 Things Human Resources Must Have with Them


dhraEmployment background checks secure the organization’s records towards possible candidates that have negative background. The Human Resources (HR) office is pervasive to all companies. It is particularly positioned, to associate up close and personal with everybody who works in the organization. Here are top 10 human resource must have with them to complete their task effectively.

  • Strong empathy – A worker that approaches HR with his or her issue is met with an agreeable face. HR staffs are prepared to give a thoughtful ear to employee’s personal issues.
  • Risk taker – Human resource staff must be brave enough to try different approach to find the right and effective procedure that can suit on the company’s standard.
  • Must be aware with customer satisfaction – Human resource staff should not just do their task and responsibilities but they must also find the right people for the position that can offer customer satisfaction to stabilize the company’s background and profile.
  • Equal treatment – HR experts are required to hold the top talent within a company. These top performers get particular treatment by the HR department. HR concentrates particularly to develop and challenge employees who create a difference in the workplace. It is pointless to battle against such special treatment. In any case, the unfairness can be utilized to support you provided you are viewed as valuable by the HR department.
  • Must know the company’s policy and regulations – Human resource staff should know when or where to stop the procedure by being guided by the company’s policies.
  • Must be good on decision making There are times that HR staff needs to choose between 2 applicants and creating the best decision should be imposed. All applicants have different backgrounds, experiences and attitude. So the human resource should know how to balance everything to gather important details before making final decision on the recruitment.
  • Must have flexible and wider knowledge – HR is responsible for annual performance appraisals, as well as employee welfare and management. They should have wider scope on the company.
  • Must be trustworthy – Human resource should know how to be trusted. Confidential details of applicants as well as company’s profile should be put as a top-secret unless someone asked for it for good reason.
  • Good communicator: Communication plays a fundamental part in any company and HR plays a major role in this. One of the characteristics of a good communicator is to have great listening skills. Employees come to HR managers on different issues. Listening to workers with full consideration is one of good nature of an effective HR Manager.
  • Approachable: HR handles different parts of employees. Successful HR Managers have an open door arrangement and are approachable to their employees.

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Cheapest Employment Background Check for your Company


Work candidates and existing employees as well as volunteers may be requested to submit to employment background checks. For a few employments, screening is required by government or state law. Employers check both job candidates and existing workers for a few reasons. The things a business owner needs to think about you can differ with the sorts of jobs you may look for.

While several individuals are not worried about background check, others are uncomfortable with an investigator poking around in their own history. A further concern is that the report may incorporate data that is illegal to use for hiring purposes or which comes from questionable sources.

rbcm_57Background reports can go from a confirmation of a candidate’s Social Security number to an itemized record of the potential worker’s history and colleagues. Data incorporated into a personal investigation will depend to some degree on the business and the occupation included. For some occupations, a state or government law requires the business to direct a record verification. Employments that include work with kids, the elderly or individuals with disabilities are samples of occupations that will more likely than not require a criminal record verification.

There are numerous companies that specialize in employment screening. The most essential thing to remember is that companies leading background checks fall into a few general classes. Organizations that utilize extensive number of individuals may have a built up association with a third party background checking company or may even utilize an affiliated organization for their employment screening. Other background checking companies may work on a less formal basis with managers. Some screening organizations work in particular territories of the nation while others that incorporate some private investigators, conduct background investigation across the nation.

It is simple for business owners to gather background data themselves. Quite a bit of it is computerized, permitting employers to get to public records and business databases on the web.

Although most employers are aware on the importance of background check, there are some who are still hesitant to conduct the investigation since they are thinking and considering about the price of the procedure. There are cheapest employment background checks that will guarantee correctness of every information but will definitely save your pockets.

Intelifi can offer best service at a lower price. It guarantees that all reports that you need about individual’s history will be accurate and complete.

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How can Pre-Employment Screening Help you Hire the Right Applicant?


Pre-employment screening refers to the procedure of researching the background of possible workers and is ordinarily used to confirm the precision of a candidate’s cases and additionally to find any conceivable criminal history, employee’s compensation claims or employer sanctions.

Hiring-Young-Employees.jpgWhen you bring another worker into your business to fill a key part, you’re exposed to risk. Your business is uncovered, just like your investors, customers, current workers and suppliers. To work effectively, you have to minimize that risk. It’s insufficient to take an application or CV at face value. You have to try a thorough and comprehensive background check to put you in the most ideal position when you create a hiring decision.

Intelifi has practical experience in giving companies with complete data on an applicant’s experience and capabilities. The majority of our screening services are performed in accordance with tried procedures and all that we do is liable to various quality controls. That implies that each bit of data we give is totally precise, permitting you to settle on enlistment choices with certainty.

Intelifi’s pre-employment screening services lessen contracting risk and give a deeper understanding into an applicant’s experience. Our customers over the globe utilize this administration to relieve monetary and risk of reputation and meet regulatory commitments.

Intelifi’s official screening service is worked around key components such as experience, potential dangers and open profile. We embrace a full confirmation of truths in these areas, consolidated with broad cross referencing, examination and suggestions to give you a complete image of the individual applicant’s history.

You’ll get a comprehensive report that incorporates a detailed official rundown, drawing together the key findings of Intelifi’s research and investigation. Key findings are introduced in an effortlessly digestible and significant format at the front of the report.

The key advantages of the system incorporate a comprehensive audit trail and the accessibility of an interval report at any phase of the procedure, empowering customers to productively screen and deal with the procedure at the touch of a button. Intelifi will furnish the customers with full training on our system during usage and on a continuous premise as required. The official rundown will highlight any ranges of potential concern, raise any striking focuses for thought, recognize conceivable areas for extra inquiries and give you with proposals on how best to continue.

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