School Safety Through Background Check Companies


depositphotos_10733013_l1The phrase “Education is the key to success” is one of the most overused motivational quote. The quote is very accurate; life would be harder for an uneducated person, they are easily deceived and controlled by the well-educated, and usually think that money is the answer to everything. This is why parents work as hard as they can to afford putting their children in to schools that can provide quality education. With all the efforts that people do to earn for schooling, it is just fair that the school provide them with quality education, as well as a comfortable and safe environment.

School Safety

It is a big relief for the family of the student knowing that the school they are going to is safe. However, how can people know that the school is really safe? Is it by simply seeing high fences at the school? Here is a short list to observe and remember when looking around at a school of interest:

  • Presence of security and maintenance personnel – upon entering and wandering around the campus, it would be good to observe if the security and maintenance personnel are quite dynamic. Knowing that these people are attentive is a sign that the school is well maintained and guarded.
  • Well maintained facilities and utilities – the slight malfunction of utilities in the school can be really dangerous to a person’s safety. Making sure that the facilities and utilities are at a mint condition is also a must.
  • Employees are screened by background check companiesthe school is just a building, it won’t be productive without its employees, especially teachers. They should be able to deliver safe and quality education, an institution must make sure that their teachers are equipped with exceptional teaching skill and also screened by background check companies.

Background Check Companies

What are background check companies? Background check companies provide broad screening solutions to clients. These companies do the background checking of a certain person for the client; they search online databases and visit courthouses to verify or look for criminal records. Here are some specific types of screening done by background check companies presented by

  • Misdemeanor and felony criminal records searches at the county, state and national levels
  • Sex-offender status searches
  • Social Security number traces and validations
  • Employment verifications
  • Education verifications
  • Professional license verifications
  • Reference checks
  • Credit report checks
  • Civil records checks
  • Motor vehicle records checks
  • Military records verifications
  • Workers’ compensation history searches
  • Health care sanction checks

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Using the Right Background Check Website to Avoid Risky Employee

Hiring new employees is a major, risky investment in your organization. Doing your own or personal background search is not the same as the investigations offered by background check companies. They have their own system that distinguishes background reports clearly and effortlessly. Intelifi is one of the several sites that offer this service. It will be more helpful on your part and there’s an assurance that you’ll only get the right data.

Utilizing the right background check website can prevent hiring risky workers. It will avoid possible issues that can influence other employees and the entire company. One approach to guarantee you hit the mark in hiring choices is to keep away from basic background check mistakes.

Don’t Skip Comprehensive Background Checks – Not doing a background check or not taking an ideal opportunity to run a complete background check is one of the most well-known reasons employers end up contracting individuals that don’t work out. A comprehensive background check not just checks for issues in criminal or credit reports, yet it gives you a chance to gage whether somebody will blend with company culture. It additionally gives you a chance to check that the individual genuinely has the skills to carry out the employment.

Don’t Disregard Legal Requirements – Employers are permitted to review a lot of data about potential applicants, including credit reports and criminal records. Under restricted circumstances, employers may have the capacity to review military, school and workers’ compensation records. Some data is a matter of public record, which implies employers can get that information without consent from or telling the applicant. Different records, for example, credit reports, are not public record and employers must have written consent before asking for the data.

Don’t Take a Hard Stance on All Issues – You can’t take the human out of HR. When working through the hiring procedure, comprehend that individuals are human and somebody who committed an error in the past might even now be ideal for your position. While you need to draw the line at certain issues, particularly in niches, for example, money or health care, realize that taking too hard of a position on all issues could limit your employing pool unnecessarily and make it harder and more costly to locate a qualified candidate.

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How to Hire the Right Applicant with Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-employment screening is the best approach if you want to protect your company in general. When you bring another worker into your business to fill a key part, you’re exposed to danger. Your business is uncovered, just like your partners, financial specialists, customers, current representatives and suppliers. To work effectively, you have to minimize that hazard. The way to minimizing that hazard is data.

It’s insufficient to take an application or CV at face value. You have to attempt a careful and comprehensive personal investigation to place you in the most ideal position when you settle on a hiring decision.

Intelifi has some expertise in providing organizations with in-depth, impartial data on an applicant’s experience and capabilities. The greater parts of our screening services are performed in accordance with tried and tested procedures and all that we do is liable to various quality controls. That implies that each bit of data we give is totally exact, permitting you to settle on recruitment choices with certainty.

interviewNumerous employers conduct pre-employment screenings of job candidates. Employers frequently outsource all or part of these assessments to private third-party organizations that have practical experience in background screening. Government offices like the Department of Transportation and the FBI additionally give services to employers researching criminal and driving records.

Pre-Employment screening is intended to check data supplied by applicants on their resumes and applications. Examinations are likewise led to reveal character flaws and criminal tendencies that may jeopardize the employer, tarnish its reputation, endanger staff or breaking point the adequacy of the competitor. Screening is regularly done to figure out whether employees can be trusted to oversee monetary assets or ensure sensitive or private data.

Proven core practices form the foundation for agreeable pre-employment screening. As you manage your organization’s way to deal with pre-employment screening, you will need to make sure to join these practices into your screening arrangement. This white paper gives a convenient agenda of key steps and required activities for a complete and agreeable pre-employment screening process.

Potential terrible contracts are out there. That is the reason it is basic for entrepreneurs and HR directors alike to recognize them early. Your best guard might be a successful pre-employment screening arrangement. Assess it with a critical eye, since the safety of your employees, the monetary well-being of your business and your reputation are relying upon it.

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Cheapest Employment Background Check for your Company


Work candidates and existing employees as well as volunteers may be requested to submit to employment background checks. For a few employments, screening is required by government or state law. Employers check both job candidates and existing workers for a few reasons. The things a business owner needs to think about you can differ with the sorts of jobs you may look for.

While several individuals are not worried about background check, others are uncomfortable with an investigator poking around in their own history. A further concern is that the report may incorporate data that is illegal to use for hiring purposes or which comes from questionable sources.

rbcm_57Background reports can go from a confirmation of a candidate’s Social Security number to an itemized record of the potential worker’s history and colleagues. Data incorporated into a personal investigation will depend to some degree on the business and the occupation included. For some occupations, a state or government law requires the business to direct a record verification. Employments that include work with kids, the elderly or individuals with disabilities are samples of occupations that will more likely than not require a criminal record verification.

There are numerous companies that specialize in employment screening. The most essential thing to remember is that companies leading background checks fall into a few general classes. Organizations that utilize extensive number of individuals may have a built up association with a third party background checking company or may even utilize an affiliated organization for their employment screening. Other background checking companies may work on a less formal basis with managers. Some screening organizations work in particular territories of the nation while others that incorporate some private investigators, conduct background investigation across the nation.

It is simple for business owners to gather background data themselves. Quite a bit of it is computerized, permitting employers to get to public records and business databases on the web.

Although most employers are aware on the importance of background check, there are some who are still hesitant to conduct the investigation since they are thinking and considering about the price of the procedure. There are cheapest employment background checks that will guarantee correctness of every information but will definitely save your pockets.

Intelifi can offer best service at a lower price. It guarantees that all reports that you need about individual’s history will be accurate and complete.

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