How Conducting Background Checks Can Prevent Truck Accidents

Truck and speed.At the point when a truck driver is working for an organization and causes a crash, the trucking organization that employs the driver might be obligated for the damages and injuries caused. Moreover, trucking organizations may confront risk for their own particular actions or lack of necessary actions. One regular case of trucking organization carelessness is negligent hiring.

Negligent hiring implies the organization employed somebody to drive a commercial truck when the organization knew or ought to have known the driver was not qualified. Trucking organizations regularly bring down their guidelines when they need drivers to pull cargo. This conceivably brings about unsafe drivers in the driver’s seat of the biggest vehicles out on the road.

These are a few signs that truck drivers might be a risky hire. One is they have a background marked by driving while inebriated (DWI) by liquor or illegal substances. They additionally have petty criminal offenses on their driving record. Another thing that also indicates that someone is a risky driver is their history of causing accident or injuries. Beside those things specified above, they don’t have the proper commercial business driver’s permit (CDL) or endorsement for a specific kind of vehicle. Lastly, they can have a background marked by medical issues or a questionable well-being report.

If ever a trucking organization hired somebody to drive, regardless of a risky driving history, it puts everybody on the road in harm’s way. If injuries occur on the grounds that the truck driver acted carelessly, the trucking organization might be held subject to its negligent hiring practices.

One way to avoid this is for trucking companies to conduct a background check on every driver that they hire. Not only will these help in keeping the road safe from everyone, it will also give the company a clean reputation and prevent costly lawsuits because of negligent hiring if any accidents happen. However, how will they conduct background checks?

The first step is to find possible background check companies that can help the organization screen out applicants in the hiring process. Finding the right background check company is essential because this third party provider will be the organizations partner in the background screening process.

Truly some accidents are inevitable but, trucking companies can make a great change and increase the safety on the road if they conduct background checks to their drivers.

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What Are the Employer’s Responsibilities Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

fcraA couple of years prior, you might not have heard much about the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It is a vital part of background checks and pre-employment screenings. We should know first the meaning of the FCRA. The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a government law that administers how a credit reporting agency handles credit information. The FCRA is intended to ensure the integrity and protection of a man’s credit information. It required credit reporting offices, and the elements that report credit information to those offices, to ensure all data is fair, precise and classified.


The Fair Credit Reporting Act represents any information given by a consumer reporting organization, which is any element that assembles collects background information of people for different organizations. This applies to all background checks, not only those including credit reports. In the event that your organization conducts background checks on candidates for business use through background check companies, you are required to consent to the FCRA. Job candidates whose rights are abused with respect to the FCRA can sue for damages.

So what are the employee’s responsibilities under the FCRA when running a background screening? To begin with, your organization must have an admissible reason for directing a background check. This incorporates screening candidates for employment or screening current workers for promotion.

The candidate must get an approval and disclosure form and sign it before the background check can be led. The candidate should likewise get a clarification of his or her rights under the FCRA.

In the event that you deny a candidate’s work because of the consequences of the background check, you should send the candidate a Pre-Adverse Action letter with a duplicate of the background check report and “A Summary of Consumer Rights under the FCRA.” You can’t unveil data in regard to the hiring choice in this letter.

The subsequent stage is to send an Adverse Action warning letter expressing that work was denied in light of the fact of the results of the background check. You should likewise incorporate a duplicate of the background check report and “A Summary of Consumer Rights under the FCRA.”

The Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action letters give the candidate the chance to dispute and correct data he or she accepts is inaccurate or outdated. These letters must contain the name, address, and telephone number of the organization that directed the background check.

Agreeing to the FCRA can shield candidates from being denied business in view of mistaken data, and it can likewise shield managers from lawsuits identified with non-compliance.


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Common HR Problem and Corresponding Solutions

80605798Issues like financial management, competition, and income generation are the common problems for entrepreneurs and their teams. Alongside these difficulties comes another zone many companies battle with, human resource management. Human resource management incorporates job outline and analysis, training and development, performance management, workforce planning, compensation and benefits, and legal issues.

HRM can be a challenge for small companies, particularly those who don’t have a HR department to depend on. They might be restricted to one HR individual, or this obligation may still be with the CEO. Regardless, entrepreneurs need to comprehend the difficulties confronting them, so they’re set up to handle HR issues as their organization, and workforce develops.

Here are the most common human management challenges along with solutions that you can execute at your business:

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulation – Staying aware of changing work laws is a battle for entrepreneurs. Many overlook work laws, trusting they don’t matter to their business. But doing such could mean lawsuits, audits and potentially even the downfall of your organization.


Regardless of how substantial or little your business, it’s essential to ensure you’re in consistent with local, state, and government work laws. These controls everything from hiring practices, working environment safety and wage payment. Take a couple of minutes to read the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment Law Guide.

2. Recruiting Talented Employees – Attracting the right people is a colossal venture of time and cash. It’s troublesome for business owners to adjust between keeping a business running, and employing the correct individuals at the same time. Likewise, it’s difficult to know whether an applicant will really be a solid match until they’ve worked for you in a time frame.


Extraordinary compared to other approaches to locate the correct individuals for your business is to utilize a staffing organization. They give temp-to-hire arrangements that enable you to experiment with new representatives with almost no risk. You’ll spare time, cash, and dissatisfaction, and possibly locate a future business partner.

You also need to conduct background checks for potential employees. A background screening will be your best friend in the hiring process. Finding the right background check provider among the different background investigation companies is a huge step that will lead you closer to the right applicant all the time.

3. Retaining Talented Employees – Competition for talented representatives is fierce. New companies and little companies don’t have a huge budget for retirement plans, costly insurance plans, and other expensive things that their bigger rivals do—at least, not yet. Worker turnover is costly and can negatively affect business development.


Onboarding is profoundly successful for employee. Research indicates having an organized onboarding process implies representatives are 58 percent more inclined to remain with an organization for a long time or more.

4. Workplace Diversity – Various ages, ethnic and social differences. These are only a couple of the many elements that make the working environment a variety of consistent challenge for independent businesses. The danger of lawsuits for neglecting to protect workers from harassment is always there.


Making a culture of collaboration and respect will keep the workplace positive and profitable. Furthermore, actualizing a diversity training program is an unquestionable requirement. Managers are in charge of setting benchmarks of conduct in the working environment. Measures and an arrangement of responsibility ought to be set up at an early stage.

5. Workforce Training and Development – Putting resources into the training and development of lower-level workers is another common HR issue. A few organizations experience difficulty finding the assets to do as such. Representatives on the front lines are some of your hardest workers, and might not have sufficient energy to take a training class.


Preparing and improvement doesn’t need to take a considerable measure of time or money. Select supervisors and senior authority in tutoring their subordinate workers. You could likewise give internet instructional classes so individuals can go at their own pace. Put resources into your workforce and you will have a dependable, profitable group.


6. Adapting to Innovation – Technology is always showing signs of change. Organizations must rush to adjust, or they will be left by their rival companies. The test for entrepreneurs is motivating representatives to grasp advancement and learn new technology.


Communication is essential. With any change, ensure your group comprehends the why, when, and how. Set clear objectives for the appropriation of activities, and provide workers with the preparation they have to get comfortable with it.

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Things to Consider in Background Screening Through the Help of Background Check Companies

things to considerThe vast majority may find it tactless if ever you run a background check on your potential dates before asking them out. However, it is another thing when you run a background screening when you are hiring an employee. While taking a chance on a blind date may give way to an awful evening, making a wrong hiring choice can haunt your company, your other workers and your clients. That doesn’t even take into account the cost and time consumed with finding a replacement for that poor hiring choice, and in the worst-case imaginable, the potential for a lawsuit if ever the worker that you neglected to properly screen, might end up being dishonest or unethical. This is why conducting a thorough background screening and looking for the best background check provider among the various background check companies is important. Aside from that, there are also many legal requirements that you shouldn’t forget. If you are one of those who are new in conducting a background check, read the following tips below.

Follow All The Legal Requirements–   In the way the background check is done, you will be required to have a legal release form filled out by the candidate, inform that individual of his/her rights, and give that candidate with a duplicate of the report. There are such a large number of chances to direct a background check the wrong way, which implies as a business, you should follow carefully and thoroughly the standards. The principles concerning background checks change in view of government, state, local and work-particular laws. Check with your organization’s legal counsel in case you’re uncertain of how to continue.

Hire A Background Check Provider To Process Your Background Check–   Background check companies have a better job of finding the data you need. They have the experience and procedures to be precise and efficient. They likewise keep you from reviewing information that may be an infringement of state or government law. Remember that when you also try to search online on your own, you can’t uncover everything. There is such an extensive amount of solid information that can only be legally obtained for a background check that can only be conducted by an authorized background check company.

Try to Be Consistent– Guarantee that the procedure for all candidates is consistent. Two candidates applying for a similar position ought to have the same inquiries and background check run on them. Different employment may require distinctive levels of background screening, however, for a similar occupation, ensure you keep your procedure uniform to stay away from charges of discrimination.

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Why Background Check Companies are Great Help in Finding Quality Hire

images (1)We all know that finding the best hire from a list of applicants is not an easy thing to do. Sifting all the applicants is not as easy as some people think it is. It takes a lot of time and a lot of searching and asking just to find the best hire from a list of applicants. Add to that the number of applicants in the list, and you’ve got a lot of things to do that makes the task a hard one. Fortunately, all of these tasks are now simplified in the form of a background check. The HR doesn’t have to search and ask a lot of people about a certain applicant anymore. Instead, it is all done with the help of background check companies. With this feature, businesses can now focus on finding the best hires from a list of applicants in a shorter time frame. This benefits the Human Resource department a lot, considering the amount of tasks that they perform.

So, how do these services provided by background check companies help? In its essence, background check companies help by providing their services to companies that needs their services, and in return, they provide positive feedback as well as the agreed cost to the background check company as a form of gratitude for making their tasks faster and easier.

Also, background check companies provide quality data for all of their customer’s needs. From criminal records, to employment records, to personal data, all of these services are given to their customers to help them in their tasks, specifically, in finding quality hires. Finding the best hire has never been this easy.

Aside from those, background check companies provide legally available data to their customers, making it safe for the company and for the people also. Since it is legal, it needs to undergo a formal communication. A company that wishes to use a service on a specific person must first inform that person that he will be searched upon. Background check companies have policies regarding the abusive use of services.

Many companies have utilized services from background check companies, all of which are proven and tested by many customers. But be careful in choosing the company, some companies offer bogus data and false services. Always look for a company with an accreditation, like NAPBS. That way, you can be sure that the company is trustworthy and gives accurate data.

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How to Find the Right Background Investigation Company for Your Needs

141111-serious-businessman-with-five-questions-lgAs an HR supervisor or entrepreneur who is in need of finding and choosing the best employee for your work environment, background investigation companies are the accomplices you’ll depend on to help you with the hiring process. The right organization among background investigation companies will convey fast, precise reports that will empower you to hire the best individuals during the first time of hiring.

Choosing a background investigation company ordinarily includes a procedure of requesting referrals or leading an online search, inspecting the sites of a few organizations, narrowing down the list to a couple of organization that seem appropriate, and looking for the reviews and comments of customers of your top choices.

Here are a few factors to consider in choosing a company or companies that will help you in your background check needs:

  • The Kind of Services they Offer– Choose a background investigation with a vast array of services so you won’t change the background check company when your background check needs change in the future. Look for those who offer individual and packaged background screening service.


  • Accreditation and Compliance– To be assured of the company’s credibility, choose one which is a member of both National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). One that is accredited with NAPBS holds the best and the most credible background screening standards. Other than that, compliance should also be on their priority list. The company should comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.


  • Precision– Errors will put your organization at risk. Choose a background check with proven track record of getting information for the first time. Look for reviews, comments and testimonials if the background investigation company makes precision on its top accuracy.


  • Turnaround Time– Does your business hire fast or do your company like to take their time in filling a vacant position? Select a company that produce results within your required time frame.


  • Cost– Choose a company that is within your price range which still promises quality and accurate outputs. Quality should never be sacrificed for costs.


  • Customer Service– Look for background investigation companies that are good at assessing your needs and in finding the necessarily solutions for those needs. Use client reviews to see a background screening company’s customer service.

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Criteria to Consider in Selecting Which Background Check Companies that Will Fit Your Needs

Blogs Aug 25As an HR administrator or entrepreneur who is responsible in finding and choosing the best applicants for your workplace, background check companies are one of the many partners you’ll depend on to help you make the right decision. A decent background screening organization will convey fast, exact, thorough reports utilizing sound practices to mitigate the risks and empower you to hire the right individuals the first time.

Background check companies understand your organizations’ need and goals. They know how to balance between the human capital risk, the compliance environment, and the vital needs of a company in terms of human resources. With these kind of background check companies, they will help you create an effective and successful background screening program that will satisfy your business objectives as well as help guide to make a better workforce.

So what are the top criteria that an organization should know and consider in selecting which, among the various background check companies would they ask to be their hiring partner? Below are some of the factors that an HR or employer should bear in mind:

  • Compliance– Specialists agree that any background check procedure should start by confirming that the background check company is authorized by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). That seal of endorsement guarantees that a supplier has been autonomously reviewed to affirm it holds fast to best practices over its working methodology and strategies. Background checks should also comply with federal laws and different state rules and regulations that may change over time.


  • Cost and Quality– Many background check companies offer a lower rate compared to others. However, it is important that the quality of the results is not compromised by the cheaper cost. It is essential to bear in mind the financial ability of the company, but you should never sacrifice the quality of the results for lower prices.


  • Turnaround Time– With the higher demand for talent acquisition, it is important that a background check company can deliver the needed reports at the soonest time possible.


  • Use of Technology– Do they give you mobile access, online data entry or do they include a real-time way in which you could monitor each information. With the modern age, they should also be innovative and creative in using the possible ways in which they can give you the complete results.

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How Employment Background Check Companies Help the Hiring Managers

4.1.1When employers consider a candidate for work, they must be cautious with who they enable to enter the organization. They should be mindful not only with respect to the security of the employees inside the organization, but also if the applicant will turn out to be a potential valuable worker. To get the proper information and help with settling on the best choice for the organization, hiring managers direct background checks for each qualified candidate. Through the help of employment background check companies, they are a step closer to progressive and productive business organization.

This includes criminal records, employment records, as well as credit history. Every individual has fundamental moral traits, for example, trustworthiness and uprightness. Background checks guarantee and demonstrate one’s moral level in through verifying the information that declared during his job application. All checks are performed to guarantee the most ideal fit for the employment is accomplished. Organizations likewise try to avoid from any legal liabilities or incidences if it can be prevented beforehand. The business must look for the most fitting candidate to better further his or her organization.

Employment background check companies are the hiring managers’ partner for a faster hiring decision that still undergoes a thorough hiring procedure. Through background screening any individuals’ red flags are uncovered and brought to examine if it will affect or hurdle his ability to do well on the job.

Background screening improves the hiring quality because it provides information that cannot be seen on a person’s resume or application letter. There are data that a person conceals because he is afraid that it will lead him to be rejected. However, a person’s dishonesty clearly shows his moral values.

Lastly, through the help of these employment background check companies, any employee is assured that all their applicants have reached the company standards and are able to perform the work properly and maybe even better than what is expected of them. Background screening is the filters that separate qualified applicants to the just seemingly qualified ones. It is the way in which they can attain the best people by seeing through them and not them trying their rehearsed interview answers to get the job.

Employment background check companies provide useful and efficient ways to help hiring managers. Hopefully they don’t skip their help.

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Different Kinds of People who Need Services from Background Check Companies

shutterstock_128527133The advantage of background checks is that they are not difficult to use, especially with the appropriate tool or the right partner. Background checks are done for some reasons-one of the most common type of background check is the widely recognized pre-screening process during employment to see past records of a candidate. Another would be a criminal background check, which empowers the right authorities to look back at somebody’s criminal records in order so solve a case. With the accurate and reliable services of background check companies, both the employers and the authorities will save time in finding the correct individual to employ or investigate.

However, other than employers and authorities, what are the different kinds of professionals and individuals who need the services of background check companies. Here is a list:

  • Employers – As an issue of security, employers need to do background checks on every single potential worker. In doing so, businesses can check that potential representatives are citizens with work histories that verify their claimed abilities. A background check can likewise be a method for getting a glimpse into the characters of the candidates.


  • Police Officers – In circumstances when drivers violate traffic laws, cops run their data through their computer frameworks to figure out what their driving record looks like and if they have any outstanding warrants. In the event that a driver has an outstanding warrant, a cop can arrest him.


  • Lenders – Before moneylenders offer credits to borrowers, they need to be certain that those who apply for loans have a strong financial history so they can depend on them to make their regularly scheduled payments. Poor financial histories and low credit scores can influence interest rates, and even interfere a borrower’s approval to take out a loan.


  • Renting/Leasing Agents – Before enabling a person to lease or rent a car, apartment, or house, we need to conduct a background check on them first, it enables to look at a person’s rental and financial records. They at that point use this data to decide whether that individual can be trusted to pay the necessary monthly payments.


  • Lawyers – Background checks can give important data to lawyers to use in court. Data acquired is frequently used to confirm testimonies or refute them. It can likewise be used to decide a man’s reliability and credibility in court.


  • Government – Numerous administration documents are comprised of sensitive and confidential data. Before a government employee can access those documents, he or she should be proven trustworthy. Getting the needed security clearance requires a broad background check.

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5 Ways Pre-employment Background Check Companies Help the HRs in their Hiring Decision

selezione-personale-620x465Getting pre-employment background check companies help you in the hiring process is one way of securing the company’s future. As an HR personnel, you are in the task of choosing the best people that will surely contribute to the positive progress of the organization.



Here are five ways how pre-employment background check companies will help the business:

  • Verify information- Some people lie on their resume more than you think. This is why it’s important that you don’t simply believe in everything that’s written on their skills and qualifications. Conducting pre-employment background checks will help you check their honesty, because would you still trust them with a job when clearly they would lie to you to get what they want?


  • Avoid negligent hiring- Workplace accidents may happen and some people may sue you because they think it is your fault that you hire people who are incompetent in doing their job. For example, you hire a driver, not knowing in his past, he was a drunkard, diagnosed with alcohol and substance abuse. With your innocence of his records, you think that he is the right fit, until accidents happen. This is why you should take extra precautions and never skip pre-employment background screening.


  • Keep the work environment friendly and safe- It is one of the main tasks of HR personnel: to manage conflicts and reduce workplace tension. However, hiring one wrong person will surely make a big impact. Think about an employee with temper issues who always want the team to do things his way. This will surely cause troubles in the workplace.


  • You get the best person-Pre-employment background screening will help you get the right person for the job and someone who is fit for the tasks will surely give the best performance at work.


  • You do your job well- As an HR, when you get help from third-party pre-employment background check companies, you are secure that you did everything to protect the name and reputation of the organization that you work for. It also gives you a peace of mind that you didn’t just passively do your duties. Instead, you used all the possible ways to ensure that your company gets the best people because in order for an excellent company to continue its success, it must have excellent people behind it.

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