What do Companies Should Avoid at all Costs

businessman-thinkingImagine a scenario where you are the CEO of a company. You have a lot of employees working as a team on different divisions, all working harmoniously. Then, out of nowhere, fights, arguments, and all kinds of conflicts arise out of nowhere. What do you do?

First and foremost, we should take a look at the possible reasons why the scenario mentioned above happened. There are a lot of factors that could have caused the incidents to happen. But, to keep things simple, let us cite four reasons why. Here are the reasons why the scenario could have possibly happened and why companies should avoid them at all costs:


  • Miscommunication– in every organization or relationship, whether it is parent to child, mother to father, mother to children, your girlfriend or boyfriend, your workmates, classmates, friends, or any random person, we should always communicate properly to avoid conflicts. Conflicts arise simply because both parties fail to communicate properly. If both express their thoughts and feelings in a non-intrusive and calm way, surely there will be a peaceful consensus, thus avoiding conflict.

  • Stress – when we talk about stress, it covers a lot of terms and meanings that it differs from person to person. People may perceive something as stressful, while others may not. We all have our own stressors that are unique to us. That is the reason why we should do our best to avoid being the stressor to anyone, because disrupting the peace and concentration of an employee is a bad move.


  • Poor Employment Screening Services – screening your employees is a vital part of maintaining peace and order in your company. You should always keep track of your employees’ progress, failures and achievements to push them in achieving their maximum potential. Employment screening services allows you to monitor each employee’s progress, lets you know what their achievements are, and failures that might impact the company. To make them effective, avoid criticizing their failures, encourage them in achieving goals, and reward them for their progress and successes.

  • HR not fulfilling their duties – Human resource department plays an important role in the company. They serve as the filter to the company whenever applicants try to enter and be a part of the company. Employment screening services are needed to ensure that the applicant who wishes to join the company will be checked and verified beforehand.

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Why HR’s Should Look for the Best Background Check Companies

The Human Resource departments are the gateway for a business to get the best employee. HR employees are one of the hardworking people that fuel the company with the best talent and skills to reach the deadline and goals every time. They are the one in charge of planning for training, and creating a satisfying work environment for the employees. They are in charge for resolving conflicts between individuals who hold diverse ideas and perspectives and they have one of the most difficult tasks, which is finding the right person for a vacant job. How hard is it? Well, it’s like more than a hundred pieces is scattered on the floor and they need just the one missing piece to complete a whole jigsaw puzzle.

Have you ever wondered why do they go through all the trouble of posting job ads, sifting through all the resumes and conducting interviews? Then you must know that the hiring process is like a contest; the best one wins. There are elimination processes, only to work their way to the most qualified people for the job. One of the elimination processes that most applicants will go through is the pre-employment background check. By not neglecting this step, the HR will surely know that the applicants are not hiding anything from them or pretending to be something that they aren’t. Background checking is like a filter that gives way to the best possible employees to the final process.

Why is it important to find the best background check companies

Well, it is simple. In order to get the correct result, you must use the right instrument. The same concept applies in background checking. To get the optimal result, you must also trust the best. Many background check companies will give you so little about someone, with their limited ways. However, companies like Intelifi will give you all that you need to know about someone in line with the rules and regulations of background checking.

Intelifi is not just your ordinary background checking company, it is one of the best background check companies that you can find. With their vision to provide high quality background checking for recruiters and their recognition for the need for critical decision-making information in today’s business environment, Intelifi is committed to provide you background checks with absolute clarity. With their custom-made software Emerge, created for ease of use, background checking is only a few clicks away.

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Top Qualities a Human Resource Manager Should Have

how-to-be-more-confidentHuman Resources is a field that helps employees reach their greatest potential and helps businesses reach their company success. Almost all industries have an HR department. This department is in charge of performance management, safety, wellness, benefits, training of employees. They play an important role in in managing people in the workplace and if they do their best in their job, it will bring a great impact in the company success. Part of an HR responsibility is to select the best candidate during employment. These include looking at the resume, scheduling interviews and verifying the qualifications and the truthfulness of the employee’s resume. This is where background check companies come in, they give services that will help an HR pick out the right applicant.

However, it’s not just about choosing the right candidate; it should also be about being the best HR manager, and have the qualities that make them excel at their work. Read on to find out what attributes an HR Manager should have:

Leadership– Oftentimes, employees look for answers to HR Managers. They should know how to lead people, especially during difficult times in the company. They should learn how to balance being a friendly presence and running and taking control of the office matters smoothly. 

Expertise– HR Manages should also know all the things that they should know about the company. They should be skilled in during the hiring companies, and knowledgeable about the company policies and guidelines. 

Organization– HR managements should know how to be organized with their time and their files. Handling a lot of people is hard enough, so they must know how to make time for the priorities of the company. 

Ethics– In many ways, HR serves as the judge and counselor between conflicts in employees so they should know how to act correctly by keeping confidential information and following policies. They should earn the trust of their employees so they could do their job effectively.

Communication– HR professionals should know how to communicate to their company’s executive officers, managers, and all levels and kinds of employee. They have to be good in writing and even in public speaking, no matter how many people are there. They should sound convincing, caring and believable. 

Problem Solving– For a company to flourish, the HR department should ensure that the employees with many differences as individuals will work smoothly as a team to reach their goals. 

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Top Interview Questions that Human Resources should Ask

ask-question-faceThe Human Resources is responsible for getting to know every employee through an interview. A few questions will determine who is likely to be hired. These questions should not just challenge the applicants, but it should also shed some light on their personality. How they work, what they know and who they are. Here are some top employment questions that a human resource personnel should ask to an applicant:

  • Why did you leave your previous employer?

Learning the reasons why he left his previous company will give you some insight on what kind of person he is. Did he leave because he couldn’t handle the pressure or criticism? Did he leave because his previous employer can’t give him what he deserve? Surely there is an answer. However, know that an applicant may sugarcoat the truth. This is where employment screening services come in. They show the accuracy of his answer by looking at his past records.

  • Why should we hire you?

This question gives him the chance to tell you his skills and how prepared he is to take the job. You also get the summary of his qualifications and maybe he’ll tell you also how he helped his previous company if ever he wasn’t unemployed before.

  • Why are you the best choice for this role?

By asking this, you will know what sets apart this candidate from the other applicants. You will know his strengths and how competitive he is.

  • What is the toughest situation you’ve been through and how did you handle it?

His answer will give away how he handles deadlines, pressure, and criticism. This will tell you what his attitude and perspective are in times of dilemma.

  • Where can you see yourself in the next five years?

Through this question you get to take a peek in his ambition and see if there is a spark of a visionary in his eyes. It’s not about the answers that he speaks, but how he says those things that will tell you if he will do his best for your company or not.

Hopefully, these will bring some insight on the HR personnel and he would see someone who has honest answers from those who have rehearsed answers.

However, remember that it shouldn’t end with the interviews. Employment screening services are also tools to help evaluate future employees. You gain honest data that will help you compare and give the position to the most qualified applicants. This step will help you pick a future employee who will be helpful at work and who will maintain the integrity of your company.

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Pre-Employment Screening Critical Checks


Background-Check-iStock_000033517046SmallAffirming an occupation competitor’s past work experience is a standout among the most essential pre-employment screening process a business can direct. It likewise speaks to a standout among the most well-known zones where a candidate may misrepresent data. As indicated by a HireRight research, in the United States there was a 27 percent disparity rate pre-employment screening histories in light of a vast amount of work checks it directed in the most recent six months of 2014. Investigating an applicant’s past work history can uncover understanding into their occupation security and reliability to a business. Bosses ought to analyze what a competitor asserts on their résumé with the genuine data announced by a foundation screening organization.

Checks can affirm:

  • Work begin and end dates
  • Titles held
  • Compensation
  • Work obligations
  • The purpose behind end (in a few states) and rehire qualification
  • Directing a Verification

To start with, bosses must acquire authorization from a competitor before leading a work check. Applicants can deny authorization to contact a past business, yet they can now be made a request to give documentation, such as, a pay stub, other duty archive to prove their work. The same is applied when a business can’t be achieved, such as, those that are no longer in business. Foundation screening organizations check past work in light of its customer’s rules. A few customers favor that five years of business history is confirmed, while others lean toward that the last two managers are checked. Your association ought to figure out what is sensible for your industry.

Why This Check is Important

A few applicants may have crevices in their business history for an assortment of reasons. These reasons can incorporate maternity leave, quest for their own private venture, coming back to class or imprisonment. A few applicants might need to cover these crevices by amplifying their past occupation’s begin and end dates. A few applicants may likewise misrepresent higher titles to use higher pay. Directing business confirmation can give significant foundation about a potential representative’s work propensities, mentality and honesty. With the economy quickly picking up steam, bosses are finding an undeniably aggressive employment showcase. Leading work checks are a powerful and exact part in encouraging the trustworthiness of your worker base. Working with a main foundation screening supplier can help businesses vet competitors that match the business’ required work understanding for the position.

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Effective Nanny Hiring

Treat your nanny as your own worker

Numerous mothers will gloat about how their babysitter resembles family, that their caretaker adores their infant as though it were hers. Be that as it may, here’s the truth: your babysitter is paid to deal with your child. She may truly like her employment, however in the event that you quit paying her, she will clear out. This is the main fundamental you should disguise so you are set up to ask the correct inquiries while employing.

In the corporate world, a potential contract wouldn’t be affronted if made a request to submit to a medication test or a mental appraisal and other requirements during the pre-employment screening. While enlisting a parental figure for your youngster, why in the world would the verifying procedure not be at any rate as strenuous? Actually, it should be more strenuous.

You’re not attempting to make a companion. You’re employing somebody to deal with your infant. Meet in like manner. Try not to ask driving inquiries that allude to the correct answer. Ask open-finished inquiries and tune in to the real answers. Stay objective, and don’t concentrate on whether you’re putting on a show of being amiable.

Hold your babysitter to higher standard. 

When you first contact your potential babysitter, do as such via telephone, and solicit her to rundown all from her past employments and to name every last bit of her references. Record it all. In the event that you call her in for a meeting — and on the grounds that you invest energy with her on the telephone it does not mean you that you have a commitment to do as such — request that she round out a vocation application that inquires:

  • Name/all names by which she has been known
  • Address/all telephone numbers
  • Other occupants at the deliver and their relationship to her.
  • Name of companion/accomplice/ex with whom she has youngsters
  • Names/periods of her youngsters. In the event that under 18, who deals with them? In the event that more than 18, where are they?
  • Every work amid her grown-up life in addition to a boss’ name.
  • All tyke mind employments in addition to references.

Presently you can contrast her application with the notes you went up against your telephone call. Since reality just comes in one form, any disparity is a warning with respect to her uprightness. You can likewise take a gander at her answers as a window into her life — who’s in it, and is there dramatization? By what method will you feel if her furious ex calls your home requesting to converse with her? You can likewise perceive how her own particular youngsters are getting along. Do the grown-up youngsters work? In the event that she has youthful kids in childcare, will you feel remorseful realizing that she is at your home furnishing your infant with a one-on-one experience? Will you think about whether she feels regretful? In the event that she has a child at home, will you think about how she will have the vitality to deal with yours? It’s each mother’s right to incidentally slack off, however you ought to expect more from the individual you are paying to deal with your child.

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Protect your Company Starting with Background Check Companies

Gather Essential Information

Pre-employment screening can be viewed as a first line of guard for recruiters to secure their organization, workers and resources. In the event that they don’t have a screening program and use a background check benefit from a reliable background check company, they should consider. Background checks can give employers the data to settle on brilliant choices. They help the organization alleviate chance for hopeful practices, for example, criminal efforts, misrepresentation, theft and manhandle. In the event that fulfilled the correct way, pre-employment individual screening help with shielding the business from careless procuring.

There are many background check companies that give screening administrations to confirm that potential representatives or volunteers have the required uprightness and aptitudes for a position. It’s imperative to research an applicant or representative altogether and assess the data employers get from a background check company. On the off chance that a pre-employment individual screening ought to uncover that a worker is unfit for the occupation the employer’s association can be held obligated. Ensure the data companies use to choose or deny an individual hopeful depends on reality and that it is pertinent to the position being connected for.

Running a Pre-employment screening can help companies know who they’re contracting. recruiters would prefer not to discover sometime later a man is unfit after they invested the efforts procuring and preparing, for it could be an exorbitant error. While the degree and strategy for pre-employment record check can contrast between organizations, the reason continues as before, to enlist the most qualified competitors.

The best technique for safeguard is a reliable background check from a good background check company, which comprises of all the vital screening parts that are imperative and identify with the employment duties, execution, capabilities, or level of contribution inside the employer’s organization. Note that workers have protection rights that can be legitimately upheld when pre-employment individual checks are not led inside the laws that administer work screening.

The business needs to get an arrival on their optimal venture and moderate potential lawful and money related exposures. Directing personal investigations on potential representatives using a record verification administration is a noteworthy piece of the business procedure. Regardless of whether they’re new to business screening or as of now have a program set up to run pre-employment personal check on candidate’s, it’s imperative the employers have a strong and steady arrangement. Recall that, they don’t have boundless rights to dive into a worker’s experience or individual life, thus employers have to recognize what they may or may not be able to when directing a pre-employment screening.

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Effects of Technology to Employment



healthcare-technology-8-04-2015Technology Innovation isn’t simply something everybody is utilizing to complete work and to remain associated. It’s additionally affecting how bosses select incredible ability and how awesome ability finds the correct boss. Many selecting patterns from years venture that either new innovation will affect enrolling, or that present innovation enlisting patterns will remain a major ordeal in the coming year. The following are our four greatest ways innovation has affected enrolling. The fascinating thing about selecting and innovation is that everything cooperates. You can fundamentally work with each of these in a storehouse.

Social Media Recruitment

Despite the fact that social selecting isn’t new, or even another pattern, there are a couple of online networking strategies that will turn out to be more famous in 2014 and past. These incorporate video meeting and considering a competitor’s online networking profiles as a major aspect of the application, rather than an approach to screen applicants. Maybe the most vital approach to utilize online networking in selecting is to utilize it as a referral source. More than 30% of organizations saw an expansion in their referral hopefuls once occupied with social selecting, and referral competitors are frequently the ones who stick around longer and perform better in their positions.

Job and Career Websites

This part of selecting and innovation isn’t new. Work sheets are more than 15 years of age, and profession pages were conceivable as far back as organizations could set up a site. Be that as it may, innovation presented after occupation sheets and profession pages have changed how to utilize these selecting apparatuses adequately. Versatile enrolling directs that profession pages should be streamlined for portable, and that positions posted on occupation sheets and vocation pages should be shared via web-based networking media moreover. Online networking sharing means the message can be gotten to through versatile, for example, somebody checking their Twitter channel on their telephone. A candidate following framework can measure what number of resumes got through the occupation board, versus a referral or web-based social networking source.

Background Checks

Candidate following frameworks can be the most accommodating, or the most pernicious, innovative effect on enrolling. Everything relies on upon who you inquire. Spotters and contracting chiefs may state it’s an awesome apparatus for checking each one of those resumes and finding matches, while work searchers may think the background checks for employment only damages their odds by not considering the resume on an individual premise. In light of this, a background checks for employment can be best utilized by applying a prepared procuring eye with the innovation. Without a doubt, the background checks for employment is great at helping an organization meet consistent rules, however it’s bad at perusing PDF continues or confirming that “expert experience” or “vocation accomplishments” could mean the competitor’s work involvement.

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Reliable Pre-Employment Screening


newstaffThere are hundreds or maybe thousands of companies hiring daily, and there are also tons of people looking and hoping to be hired for the job. However, due to the number of applicants, a lot of stress accumulates to the job of the human resources team, especially during the pre-employment screening. What Is pre-employment screening? According to Wikipedia.org, Pre-employment screening refers to the process of investigating the backgrounds of potential employees and is commonly used to verify the accuracy of an applicant’s claims as well as to discover any possible criminal historyworkers compensation claims, or employer sanctions”.

Process Time of Pre-Employment Screening

A pre-business screening is not a simple procedure. A full and exact photo of a candidate’s history may call for seeking numerous databases, all of which require particular data to produce a quality outcome. This broad research may stress a few managers, as they need to employ a qualified competitor as quickly as time permits.

This may be the reason some foundation screening organizations guarantee brings about as meager as 24 to 48 hours. Others guarantee a total report in three days. There are even web looks that certification moment satisfaction, giving you a rundown quickly in the wake of clicking a catch.

These brisk record verifications may give rapid outcomes, however there is a remote possibility that the data is exact. These quick quests tend to get to databases that are not upgraded every now and again, which implies the appropriate responses you get don’t build the latest picture of your candidate’s past.

Importance of Pre-Employment Screening

Here are a few good examples of the importance of pre-employment screening referenced from linkedin.com:

  • Focuses on criminal history – The essential reason most bosses run pre-business record verifications is to hail any criminal feelings in a candidate’s past. Now and again, these criminal accusations place somebody as risky, inconsistent, deceitful, or generally not reasonable for procuring.
  • Marks down previous violations that can affect an individual’s performance – Notwithstanding criminal history, some individual verifications will highlight driving records, financial records, or other data. Valid, there are times when a spotty driving record with various permit suspensions, or a financial record full of missed installments and obligation, will hold no bearing on a candidate’s capacity to play out the current task.
  • Avoids company liabilities – by running pre-employment screening, companies prevent hiring irresponsible people that might cause accidents and hold the company responsible for the damage.

Assurance in hiring the right person – Simply, you can’t be as intensive as conceivable without running a pre-employment screening to learn however much around a candidate as could reasonably be expected.

Reliable Pre-Employment Screening

There are hundreds of pre-employment screening services out in the market, however, employers should be choosing the most reliable, and one of the most reliable companies out there is intelifi. Visit www.intelifi.com/technology/emerge/ For complete details.



Criminal Record Free Applicants: Screening for Quality


Hiring Additional Employees

what-should-human-resource-departments-and-hiring-managers-change-about-how-they-hire-if-they-want-to-capitalize-on-a-shrinking-applicant-pool_2332_40133536_0_14112302_500Business and unemployment are the main factors behind financial development and stagnation of the economy. On a national scale, unemployment rates influence consumer trust in a range of ways, including the need to make purchases. As an entrepreneur, you can influence your area’s economy by procuring extra laborers, the length of your employing is in light of buyer response to your organization’s items and administrations.

Benefits of Hiring Employees

  • Increased Consumer Spending – Job openings offer chances for formerly jobless or under-employed personnel to upsurge take salaries and improve their financial responsibilities. Improved employee paychecks leads to a higher rate of consumer expenditure, which welfares other industries who hinge on consumer sales to keep them alive and to pay their merchants. Enlisting extra workers for private venture can accomplish these effects on a little scale and increment the cash coursing in the commercial center. This prompts to a more beneficial general nearby economy and permits more organizations to flourish.
  • Stimulating Economic Growth – Once a great amount of joblessness occurs locally or nationally, economic development struggles. Buyers spare more cash and commit less to spending outside of the absolute minimums, for example, sustenance, sanctuary and overhauling obligations. Contracting extra workers for your independent company fortifies financial development on a little scale as a repercussion of confined increments in shopper spending. The more cash purchasers spend on merchandise and enterprises, the more accessible capital your organization and others in the range need to create bigger product offerings and administration offerings.

Screening the Applicants

Now we know how important adding employees are, it would be best to know how to screen them and how background check companies can help with the screening process.

Interviews are frequently the most critical part of the employing procedure. Are they ready? It is safe to say that they are demonstrating encouragement? Do they deal with themselves? One system that is not utilized regularly is to work with the potential worker for 60 minutes or so for the lowest pay permitted by law. Experience a portion of the errands to check whether the occupation is a solid match. This is one method for getting criticism with respect to if it’s an occupation will appreciate. The procuring and preparing procedure can cost a considerable measure of cash. Frequently individuals don’t recognize what they’ll be doing throughout the day consistently.

With the assistance of background check companies, screening will be easier, reliable and faster. Visit www.intelifi.com/services for more details.