The Ultimate Cheat Sheet in Finding the Best Background Check Company

468397948Some employers don’t run employment background checks on each potential employee. This can cause financial damages that could affect the business in the long haul.  Running an extensive employment background check can limit hiring mistakes—and it doesn’t need to require a ton of investment, either. However, it’s insufficient to have a background check company as partner in hiring – you need the best and most accurate background check company. You should know that background check companies are not all the same. Finding the correct one for your business can be difficult – particularly in case you’re not acquainted with the intricate details of background screenings.

To help you in your decision, search for these essential factors when looking for the right background check company:

  • Accreditation, Membership and Certification– With regards to background checks, you need to guarantee the optimum precision and the highest level of quality. Search for a background check company that is accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). NAPBS Accreditation is a kind of accreditation that is only given to those who have achieved and reached the National Association of Professional Background Screeners standards on background screening. This kind of accreditation encompasses compliance, information security, consumer protection ethics and professionalism, ability to train and educate clients, quality and accuracy, and employees’ background check expertise. Knowing that only a few have passed this kind of inspection gives you the assurance that you are getting the best background check service and solution.


  • Customer Service– Background checks can be complicated. Search for a company with a strong reputation for committed, proficient service with clientele satisfaction, and discover how that will be executed. Discover a background check company that gives exceptional support to enable you to do background checks effectively and address any problems and difficulties that may emerge along the process.


  • Turnaround Time– Turnaround time is pivotal for background checks. Sixty-three percent of applicants keep searching for different employments while waiting to hear back on their background check. Managers remain to lose important applicants because of long waiting periods for background check results. Pick a background check company with a competitive turnaround time.


  • Precision– It is vital to understand that background checks can contain inaccurate data which may ignite issues. Ensure the organization you pick has a reputation for accurate reports and gives specific data on how it prepares its reports.

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How Corporate Background Check Companies Help HRs have the Best Hiring Decision

AAEAAQAAAAAAAA2MAAAAJDQ1MjM3ODVkLWRlZDUtNGE4Ny1iMTZiLTg5OWQwYTQ1MDliZQMany have wondered why background checks are a part of the applicant screening during the hiring process. Background checks are tools that help HR in knowing more about a certain person so he could make the best decision and the company can hire the right person. More than the typical information that an HR personnel can see on a candidate’s resume, background check results have more precise and wide array of legally available data. This is why corporate background check companies are needed by the HR. They give them the service necessary to make the best hiring choice possible. Below are some benefits that HR gain from background screening:

  • A grasp of a person’s whole identityCorporate background check companies retrieve information that they know will help the hiring manager to see the beyond a person’s façade when they are applying for a job. By using background check, they get the see a clearer picture of what someone is and decide if he is capable as well as qualified to perform well on the job at hand.


  • An instrument for verification– The pressure to land a person’s dream job might push him to lie about big or small details in his resume. It may be about his previous experience, education and his skills. Desperation has pushed many people to do things such as lying and cheating. Background screening is one way of comparing a person’s true record to his given information. The results will tell if he is an honest person or a liar for some reasons.


  • A history library of some sortCorporate background check companies are like libraries where HR’s can get a limited amount of data from a person’s past. Limited because there are only data that are considered legally to be accessed in line with the government’s law and regulations. Background screening can provide criminal records, warrant of arrests, credit details, vehicles owned, and many other important information.


  • A key to an excellent employee– Background screening is proven to be an HR’s partner in getting the excellent employee that the company deserves. Through each specific information, they get to weigh in and compare and select the ones with the greatest potential of performing well in the given job. A key to have an excellent employee is to hire an excellent person.

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What Sets Apart the Great Managers from Others

woman-leader-manager-head-of-team-silhouette-largeGreat managers have the ability to change the game. They are the ones who can turn an unlikely office situation around. Contrary to what employees used to believe, great managers are not the same. They have their own unique ways in handling their subordinates.  They are fully aware that not all individuals have the same way and manner in approaching issues and problems regarding their work; thus what they do is assess everyone and help them to be better. They provide training, coaching, and other events and activities that will help the employees improve their skills and manage their differences.

One thing that great managers do is they select the best person for the job. They do not simply depend on the amount of experience an individual has; rather, they seek for persons with the talent needed. These talents are divided into three categories: striving, thinking, and relating. Striving is the drive and desire to achieve things and put his potential into action. Thinking is often related to a person’s personality and focus. Discipline, on the other hand, is their ability to work with other team members smoothly. This means that he is empathic toward others and has the ability to be sensitive to individual differences. Aside from talent, great managers find the best applicants by conducting background checks. With the help of background check companies, managers know more than what they usually see in an applicant. They see his records and what kind of person he is before. By knowing this, it will help him in his decision-making to find the best applicant.

Other than selecting the best person, they also set the right expectations which often lead to right outcomes. Great managers know how to supervise employees without making their team members feel stupid. They know that they don’t need to constantly check on their employees. They give them the right amount of trust that each member will determine the right way to reach his objectives, which draws out his unique talents and abilities.

Great managers don’t point out all the time a person’s weakness and shortcomings. They focus on strengths when motivating an individual. They recognize that each employee has their own distinct strength that will help the managers to work on his weaknesses. For example, if a person loves routine, then send him repetitive tasks that will work out his weakness.  By doing this, managers motivate employees without them feeling inadequate and inferior.

Lastly, great managers know how to find the right person for each job. They know what task each person should be assigned to what will help that person grow. They aren’t there simply for the company’s success; rather, they are also there for their employees’ improvement as well.


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Child-Related Background Check Services

child-1298137_960_720Every day, children across countries come into contact with a lot of businesses and organizations like malls, schools, childcare centers and hospitals. The implementation and development of policies and legislation that provides for the background check services of people who will work or volunteer in child related work and organizations is an important tactic for creating and maintaining organizations for the safety of the children.

Most states have introduced legislation on providing for child related background check services or who are working towards such legislation. This legislation will show the broad categories of child-related employment where employers, employees, and volunteers need to fulfill background check services requirements. There are important differences all over jurisdictions about the type of background check services that are in place, what records are being checks and who needs to undergo such procedures.

Child Safety Policy Development and Professional Registration

Adding to the child-related legislation in employment, all states have legislation that needs people who want to register in certain jobs to undergo background check services for criminal records and offences. This means that even in jurisdictions when employment legislation related with children does not exist and there are still requirements for people who are working in certain jobs to undergo background check services, due to background check services as part of the application requirements, certain people are exempt from the requirements of those who are working with children.

Organizations created their own policies that need employees and volunteers to undergo criminal record checks. These policies exist as a substitute for relevant legislation to as well as a relevant act, state police offer criminal history checks to people and organizations who needs police checks for employment, voluntary work and anything relation to job licensing or registration process.

Who Needs to Undergo Background Check Services for Child Safety?

In all jurisdictions related to child employment, background check services legislation is mandatory for certain people to engage in jobs like education and child protection, childcare, child and family welfare, entertainment, health and recreation and religious instruction to meet the certain requirements.

Background check services help to prevent people with known history of criminal, abusive and violent behavior from gaining access to children or other vulnerable people through organizations and companies. But, background check services alone is not enough, limited to identifying known predators and perpetrators and they need coupled thorough background check, interviews, policy development for the safety of the children and their environment and robust accountability frameworks for responding to accusations and allegations.

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Pre-Employment Screening Software

employee-drinking-coffee-while-reading-the-newspaper_1149-189When you receive the sheer number of applicants for your job openings, do you get overwhelmed? Today, it might seem like all the good applicants are lost under the stacks of unqualified job applicants, which is where pre-employment screening software comes in. It can give you a pre-employment screening process that will let you find potential employees that are qualified for your job positions. Here are scenarios that will give light to some questions so employers have an easier time in the pre-employment screening process:

Job Qualifications: Can They Read My Job Ad?

Since there are a lot of applicants and only a few jobs, there are job applicants who will go with the shotgun approach in applying for jobs. They will apply for any job they will see, even if they are over or under qualified for it. But pre-employment screening software allows you to ask applicants questions based on the job they are applying for. Pre-employment screening questions allows you to see all the answers for all the job applicants for that job in a table that sorts on your own, choosing and rank and archive some applicants until you have your own list of applicants who are all qualified for your company.

Cognitive Skills: Will Applicants Understand The Job?

Even if applicants went to the excellent school and had the sharpest education does not mean they are not dull when it comes to performing the jobs you give them. Sometime hiring applicants for jobs that they are simply too quick for them and they leave because of boredom. Pre-employment screening software can give fully integrated cognitive skill assessments that will help employers better to compare potential employees against each other as well as to the company’s current top performing employees.

Behavioral Traits: Will Applicants Do The Job The Way It Is Asked?

There are some cases that employers accept applicants that they think will help their company rise but later find out that even if they had the right  experiences, great education and shows excellence in the interview does not mean they are hardworking or a top performer. Assessing behavioral traits can help you understand what makes someone hardworking or a top performer and what makes someone bad in their work performance and show which is better before hiring them.

Always take in mind that before buying pre-employment screening software, ask the provider first for a live demo and show you how it will work as a part of your pre-employment screening process.

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Ethics in Using the Internet as a Part of Pre-Employment Screening

A trend growing inside the business world and market place today, to use search engines and social media networking sites as a part of pre-employment screening program, Employers are always the ones who are responsible for the actions and incidents that their employees may make and they want to know information about them as much as possible before investing money, time and training required to merge them into their respective companies.

ethics-980x505Nearly half of the resumes submitted to employers contain factual errors, so it is understandable why employers conduct pre-employment screening as a side of caution. And employment fraud and theft cost retail business billions of dollars every year and companies spend 2 million dollars every year from workplace violence incidents. Negligent hiring lawsuits are rising against companies and employers when their employees commit workplace violence, which increased the necessity for employers to conduct pre-employment screening on potential employees and some of the companies have gone to the conclusion to go to the internet to find all the information available of their applicants. But even if it is important for companies and employer to know the people they are about to hire, it is very unethical to depend on information just sitting on the internet as a part of pre-employment screening when deciding which applicant to hire.

Pre-employment Screening

Background checks are generally for criminal records, drug screening verifying employment and education backgrounds and resume accuracy. But in 2006 a lot of employers started to use background checks as pre-employment screening to verify employment history.71 percent of employers are conducting pre-employment screening which resulted to the Fair Credit Report Act to lay down a law that will require employers to send notifications and permissions of the applicant in question to get access to their information. Although information is easily found on the internet, social networking and search engine results doesn’t generally focus on this information.

Social Media Networking Sites

At least 26 percent of hiring managers and employers have used search engines to research the profiles of their potential applicants while 12 percent said that they have used social media networking websites. Facebook is one of the common sites used for these searches as a part of their pre-employment screening, Facebook is a social media site that originally limited to the college community but now it has been open for the public, while Facebook has a lot of different controls which allows any user to limit or block the viewing of their own profiles, a lot of users are not taking advantage of these features leaving them vulnerable to public searches conducted by employers.

Consequences of Searching the Internet

At least half of the applicants are on result of search engines and two-thirds are on social media sites that declined employment because of the information found on their profiles on the said sites. Other than theses said concerns, these websites are not valid and it is not verified of the information found is the true identity of the applicant responsible. There is no personal connection when employers scan through the profiles of their potential applicant in the internet unlike the interview process, and the chance there was a misuse of the information or it was taken out of context.

Discrimination, accepted all over the world as unethical even if it is unconsciously done. Judging the book by its cover is wrong that may lead to receive incorrect and irrelevant information. Applicants are not accepted from jobs that they can exceed and be successful at. By using information from the internet as a part of pre-employment screening to screen out potential applicants which makes companies act unethically by denying them opportunities to talk and get to know them personally based on information that has little bearing of their abilities to succeed at the job offered.

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Background Checking Before Marrying


 Stories that may have come up in the news, rumors spreading about these kinds of stories and maybe it just happened to someone you know. Someone fell in love and found their soul mate and they got married and only then they found out about their spouse’s past. A criminal record that has sexual abuse or their spouse has another family and kept it a secret.

Как-не-дать-ревности-испортить-ваши-отношения.jpgIf you had thought about getting married or you are already engaged, you may want to consider hiring background check companies and conduct a search on your soon-to-be spouse. Background checks are not mandatory. But if you have doubts and you suspected something about them that is not right, or you just want to make sure that you are marrying someone who they say they are, then hire background check companies that will help you find information on your partner. But you still need to know what kind of information background checks can give you and how to get one.

Kinds of Information When Background Checks Are Conducted

There are different kinds of information you might want to know about your partner. And to know this you have to hire background check companies that will conduct the search for the information you need. Some information is easy to find and some are not.

  • Divorces and Marriages

Was your soon-to-be-spouse married before? Did they get divorced? How many marriages and divorces did they have? These are the kinds of important questions you might be asking yourself and it is one of the main reasons for conducting background checks.  Bigamy might be a problem when you got married when your spouse isn’t divorced to his/her wife or husband. Marriage and divorce records are always open to the public and can usually be found in county offices or courthouses but in some places, these kinds of records are confidential and you or even background check companies are not able to access them.

  • Criminal Records

Criminal History can also be a concern to you, finding out that you married a convicted criminal for the bad kinds of arrests like sexual and spousal abuse or drug trafficking. Your Soon-To-Be spouse may have a second plan on why they are marrying you which will be unfortunate. Hiring background Check Companies may able to help you with a background check that will spare you from a lot of unhappiness.

  • Getting the Information

If you have an idea of where your partner was born, if your partner married or divorced and also had criminal records you can go to that place and conduct a search yourself. a lot of records are already stored digitally, but there are still many records that is paper-based, files in shelves, boxes or filing cabinets. This is why background check companies like Intelifi Technology Screenings helps clients to gather all the information on the person and do all the hard work for you.

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Legal Aspects of Choosing Background Check and Background Check Companies


These are advice for customers to consult their employment when finding the right kind of background check companies.

Background Checking for Employment Purposes.

Almost all companies hire background check companies that will conduct some type of background search, which often includes one or more of the checks like criminal records checking, reference checking and past employment verification.

Adverse Selection.

Companies mostly uses with background checks to check applicants, companies that don’t do background checking are attracting higher percentages of people with adverse kinds of records. Adverse Selection refers to these phenomenon of companies that do not use background check companies to screen and that attracts an applicant pool that has a higher percentage of criminal records or other will generate problematic issues in their background.

The Result of a Typical Background Check.

Conducted by background check companies and used to help show whether or not a person is telling the truth to questions on an employment application, which includes if they have criminal records and in what they stated on their résumé. Depending of the potential employer’s preferences and goals, background checking is both basic and comprehensive. On the average, 10 percent of the time, they add a felony or a misdemeanor on an applicant’s background check report. With respect to non-criminal searches, the background check may show discrepancies between the reported and real dates of employment, degrees and job titles.

Background Checks with The Best Results.

The goals and the budget of the employer will depend how great the results will be. But that is not the only reason, Foundation of an employment background checks are generally criminal record searches. Which is a real part to protect their workforce and prevent against negligent claims when it comes to hiring. Searching county court-house where the person being searched is living in is an industry best practice. A lot of database searches would be applied to find other jurisdictions in where it will be advisable to search the applicable courthouse and where federal level criminal records can also be searched. Motor Vehicle Records, Drug Testing and Educational and Employment Verification are other screening options.

Costs to Conduct Background Checks.

Background Checks ordered for background check companies like Intelifi Technology Screening range from a few dollars which will find addresses to hundreds of dollars for the more extensive searches. The typical packages ranges from 30 Dollars for the basic criminal searches to a hundreds to packages that has more comprehensive searches as well as verification for employment and motor vehicle record searches.

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Using Background Checks to Build a Dependable Workforce

A report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a small increase in jobs are making our ascent a slow and painful one out of this recession. There are still so many displaced workers while the increase in the economic stability is creating jobs. If you are one of the employers who has abilities to hire potential employees in this market, you are very lucky.

An advice will refresh them on how to weed out the ones with a less than desirable traits and histories and spot those who are leaving out or adding false information and in the end, may cost you a lot of money. If you are thinking of digging into resumes of potential employees, or hiring companies that offer background check services and to avoid finding the truth the hard way.

These are the facts to know to improve your process of hiring and build the best workplace for your business.

  • 53% of applicants list false information of their documents while some employees are hiding more than just a gap in their work experience.
  •  Screening and Background Checks Services can help minimized decisions that cause bad hiring decisions and protect your brand and company from devastating you or your employees are a possible victim of theft, death, negligence lawsuits for your company and cause of closure of your company.

How Do Can You Fill Successfully Your Job Position Without Losing Anything in The End?

  • Set Up a Screening Process
    Create standard forms that will tell the applicants of the background check services you will use, all the necessary information that you will need and to make sure that all the applicants accept and acknowledge the notification you have given.
  • Set Up to Do Background Checks
    If you don’t already have one, find a provider that does background check services, something that is fast like a two or three-day turnaround and the provider should always be a national provider.

Why Are These Background Checks and Pre-Screening of Employees Necessary?
There are a few factors that will help potential issues with employees which include unemployment where there is a difference in percentage in specific industries like construction and professional and business services, which reports that over 1 million are still looking for work.

  • Drug Abuse
    10 and 20 Percent of died on job tests and was positive for the abuse of alcohol and other drugs. Drug abusers have doubled their cost than their drug-free counterparts in worker compensation claims, they are much less productive which is up to 13 percent less than non-abusers. There are 3 times in a year where abusers change their jobs.
  • Theft
    Retailers lost 15.9 Billion in 2008 for employees who steal from their employer at least once and employment theft can occur businesses to fail.
  • Violence
    There were 5,840 fatalities occurred in 2006 while at the workplace, which 13 percent were caused by violence in the workplace. And businesses see violent incidents at least once in their workplace per year.
  • Litigious Employees
    Retaliation and Race Discrimination are the most common, which has more than 70,000 kinds of charges, other claims of discrimination will be about sex, religion, and disability.

How to Efficiently Screen Potential Employees

  • Create a checklist that will compare job expectations, interviews and mostly, both the applicants.
  • Ask what the applicant will be expecting from your company
  • Necessary forms will be filled out by the applicants
  • Employees are less likely to have problems that can cause their termination if they have already been screened.

Background check services of a provider cannot completely help you in protecting your company, but it provides an extra level of protection against bad hiring decisions that can cost them millions and millions to replace employees and buying out lawsuits if something caused their termination.

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Every Employer’s Tools for Background Checking Potential Employees


Diy And New Technologies

Finding the perfect candidate for the current job in your company is worthwhile even when hiring takes a long time. Employers should know tools found useful like on how to handle screening, tests, background check companies, etc.

  • Behavior Profiles

Behavior is one of the most important aspect in the hiring process. All Humans are different and wired differently. There are mathematical equations created to know why and how humans behave in certain ways. Running a behavior profile can tell you how your potential employee will respond and act in a lot of environments. They are free to do and call tell you a lot of things.

  • Interview Tests

The use of hands-on tests is to figure out the duties and tasks for the job, this can confirm the potential employee has the skills that the company has required. such as if it’s a video editing job, have the potential employee actually edit a video. Score their editing skills and add them to the rest of your interview pile of data.  This helps separate the ones who actually knows something and the ones who only use their mouths just to get a job.

  • Creativity Tests

Give your potential employee something to do with before you begin the interview. This task is less about how well they did it, and more about what they created and the stories behind it. Some companies love creativity and a sense of originality which is essential to all companies and its employees.

  • Background Check Companies

These companies are the most essential tool of all. Background Check Companies are the ones who searches potential employee’s background information, by just looking at someone you can’t really know what kind of person they are. They will give you the complete results of your potential employee’s histories, like addresses, residences. if they have one, criminal records, their violent history, and other information. So companies often use their skills to make sure their safety and status.

  • Personality Profiles

Get every potential employee fill out a personality profile for some exact specifications for the job that you are hiring them for. It wonderfully works out and it takes out those guesses whether if these applicants have the right personalities for particular jobs.

  • Aptitude and Attitude Assessments

Evaluating how much potential employees would be committed to the jobs is very important as much as their skill set. The best way you can gauge the attitude part of the assessment is by questioning them when you start the interview, like “What are your expectations from this job?”. The potential employee will have an unbiased mindset towards the role, and it will help you decide easily if it fits your needs as an employer or not.

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