The Role of HR when it Comes to Handling Employee Relationship


A company’s success lies within the relationship of his employees. An organization won’t work when the people who should bring success to the company does not work harmoniously with each other. It will never progress and reach its triumph when the members of a team do not trust or believe in each other’s skills and abilities. However, in order for them to have trust with each other, they must get along well and be comfortable in working with one another.

It is the responsibility of a human resource professional to bind employees together. By this we mean helping them cooperate with each other smoothly and not forcibly. It is always the HR’s task to help them work amicably on every project that requires teamwork. In line with that, it is fitting to say that HR professionals should conduct events and activities that will help the employees increase their productivity, and at the same time help them to get along with each other.  Some people are always used to working alone that they do not usually interact with their coworkers and teammates in more than a casual kind of way. It is the HR’s duty to bridge the awkward gap between two or more people who work together. It is his job to help teams work smoothly towards their goal. Other than conducting events and activities, these could be also be addressed by having them eat together for lunch or celebrate a successful project as a group.

A healthy competition is also an important part of the company’s environment. By giving rewards or incentives to the workers who excel and do their best, everyone will strive individually and as a team to give your organization results that exceeds your expectations. It will also help them learn ways in dealing with deadlines and handling group problems, as well as learning techniques for a more productive result.

Other than that, an HR should help employees feel satisfied and happy in their job responsibilities. He must assure them that the company gives them the best benefits that he can get. In addition, maintain the company’s safe and friendly environment for the employees should be one of the HR professionals’ top priorities. This is why we should also know that the foundation of having a safe and friendly workplace is hiring the right person for the job. This must not depend solely on the skills; rather, it must also depend on his past records. This is where a background check comes in. By asking help from accredited background check companies in the process of hiring employees, it will prevent us from hiring applicants whose records will threaten the safe, friendly and productive work environment that maintained. 


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Why HR’s Should Look for the Best Background Check Companies

The Human Resource departments are the gateway for a business to get the best employee. HR employees are one of the hardworking people that fuel the company with the best talent and skills to reach the deadline and goals every time. They are the one in charge of planning for training, and creating a satisfying work environment for the employees. They are in charge for resolving conflicts between individuals who hold diverse ideas and perspectives and they have one of the most difficult tasks, which is finding the right person for a vacant job. How hard is it? Well, it’s like more than a hundred pieces is scattered on the floor and they need just the one missing piece to complete a whole jigsaw puzzle.

Have you ever wondered why do they go through all the trouble of posting job ads, sifting through all the resumes and conducting interviews? Then you must know that the hiring process is like a contest; the best one wins. There are elimination processes, only to work their way to the most qualified people for the job. One of the elimination processes that most applicants will go through is the pre-employment background check. By not neglecting this step, the HR will surely know that the applicants are not hiding anything from them or pretending to be something that they aren’t. Background checking is like a filter that gives way to the best possible employees to the final process.

Why is it important to find the best background check companies

Well, it is simple. In order to get the correct result, you must use the right instrument. The same concept applies in background checking. To get the optimal result, you must also trust the best. Many background check companies will give you so little about someone, with their limited ways. However, companies like Intelifi will give you all that you need to know about someone in line with the rules and regulations of background checking.

Intelifi is not just your ordinary background checking company, it is one of the best background check companies that you can find. With their vision to provide high quality background checking for recruiters and their recognition for the need for critical decision-making information in today’s business environment, Intelifi is committed to provide you background checks with absolute clarity. With their custom-made software Emerge, created for ease of use, background checking is only a few clicks away.

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Reasons  Why You Should Run a Background Check Before Dating

Running a background check whether it is through google or through a company that offers background check services before a first date can appear somewhat obtrusive. Discovering individual points of interest, or even individual written work can feel excessively close, particularly on the off chance that you haven’t been out on the town yet. However, a fast Google hunt can likewise uncover essential, already withheld data, including a robbery allegation or a mystery critical other. Still, would it be a good idea for someone so curious about their date, or is it a gigantic attack of security?

In case you’re the sort who needs to know everything about a first date, including where they grew up and their school real, finding an outsider online isn’t too troublesome.

Here’s a speedy instructional exercise: Simply Google all that you know on the double, and the future date is certain to fly up. Consolidate their school, main residence, work, current area and name, and a Facebook page will undoubtedly show up. As a last resort, put their telephone number into Facebook’s hunt bar and a profile will show up, giving you their last name. In less than five minutes, you will know who you’re dating.

“I completely Google search each and every date before I go out. Once in a while I wish I wouldn’t, on account of I make musings in my mind about who I think they are before I meet them. Yet, I’ve seen one an excessive number of Dateline specials, and I don’t trust individuals any longer. I’ll regularly do the Googling before a first date is even set. I’ve unmatched myself from individuals in the wake of seeing their Facebook or Twitter accounts,” one single stated in an interview, clarifying that she had likewise already unmatched with somebody in the wake of finding their political perspectives.

No one is to blame for the reason why people would want to run a background check on their potential date. With all the crime scenes that happen every day, people are now becoming extra careful in every move and choice they make. It is safe to say that a background check is really worth a try, though it is debatable that it may take away the thrill of the first date, but it ensures an individual’s safety.

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Advantages of Pre-employment Screening

A lot of occupation candidates give erroneous data and its percentage is at roughly 52%. It’s not astonishing that more than 65% of organizations run to companies that offer pre-employment screening services to catch white lies and reveal criminal history. Ensure the employers are contracting a decent worker.

Employ Qualified Individuals 

AA010126The primary advantage of pre-employment screening is to guarantee that the individual employers contract is dependable. Numerous candidates put forth false details on their employment application or resume to give themselves an upper hand. Regularly adulterated proclamations are generally identified with instruction or past businesses. Business history misrepresentation may incorporate bogus lengths of work, wrong purposes behind takeoff and fake employment titles/obligations at organizations that don’t exist. A few candidates may likewise incorporate degrees or accreditation that were never finished. 

For the business, this can convert into contracting a person that needs experience and abilities to effectively perform work undertakings, prompting to high separation rates and a poor organization picture. A Good pre-employment screening service confirm a candidate’s degree, GPA, work history and references to help employers enlist qualified people.

Secure Workplace Safety 

Safeguard your organization from working environment brutality and burglary by checking criminal background history on candidates and representative. A background check reports are complete and can incorporate searches through district, state, and government databases to get any past offense submitted in the most recent seven years. 

Shield Your Company from Careless Hiring 

Managers should be aware of who they’re hiring. This implies to businesses, it can also be considered dependable on the off-chance that they don’t take part in due ingenuity to legitimately screen their specialists. This is particularly essential for high hazard positions that include collaboration with kids or assets. Positions that require driving ought to likewise be joined by a driving record examination which can be requested as on

Support a Drug Free Workplace 

Liquor and medication mishandled can make a huge wellbeing risk in the working environment and can bring about lower representative profitability. Executing a reasonable and predictable medication testing strategy inside the work environment dissuades representatives from mishandling liquor and medications and helps organizations contract dependable candidates. In today’s hiring process, it is always optimal to utilize pre-employment screening services. Employers should keep in mind that employees are one of the most essential assets of a business.

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Reliable Pre-Employment Screening


newstaffThere are hundreds or maybe thousands of companies hiring daily, and there are also tons of people looking and hoping to be hired for the job. However, due to the number of applicants, a lot of stress accumulates to the job of the human resources team, especially during the pre-employment screening. What Is pre-employment screening? According to, Pre-employment screening refers to the process of investigating the backgrounds of potential employees and is commonly used to verify the accuracy of an applicant’s claims as well as to discover any possible criminal historyworkers compensation claims, or employer sanctions”.

Process Time of Pre-Employment Screening

A pre-business screening is not a simple procedure. A full and exact photo of a candidate’s history may call for seeking numerous databases, all of which require particular data to produce a quality outcome. This broad research may stress a few managers, as they need to employ a qualified competitor as quickly as time permits.

This may be the reason some foundation screening organizations guarantee brings about as meager as 24 to 48 hours. Others guarantee a total report in three days. There are even web looks that certification moment satisfaction, giving you a rundown quickly in the wake of clicking a catch.

These brisk record verifications may give rapid outcomes, however there is a remote possibility that the data is exact. These quick quests tend to get to databases that are not upgraded every now and again, which implies the appropriate responses you get don’t build the latest picture of your candidate’s past.

Importance of Pre-Employment Screening

Here are a few good examples of the importance of pre-employment screening referenced from

  • Focuses on criminal history – The essential reason most bosses run pre-business record verifications is to hail any criminal feelings in a candidate’s past. Now and again, these criminal accusations place somebody as risky, inconsistent, deceitful, or generally not reasonable for procuring.
  • Marks down previous violations that can affect an individual’s performance – Notwithstanding criminal history, some individual verifications will highlight driving records, financial records, or other data. Valid, there are times when a spotty driving record with various permit suspensions, or a financial record full of missed installments and obligation, will hold no bearing on a candidate’s capacity to play out the current task.
  • Avoids company liabilities – by running pre-employment screening, companies prevent hiring irresponsible people that might cause accidents and hold the company responsible for the damage.

Assurance in hiring the right person – Simply, you can’t be as intensive as conceivable without running a pre-employment screening to learn however much around a candidate as could reasonably be expected.

Reliable Pre-Employment Screening

There are hundreds of pre-employment screening services out in the market, however, employers should be choosing the most reliable, and one of the most reliable companies out there is intelifi. Visit For complete details.



Worrying about Background Checks

If you have been offered a great job with a great company, that kind of offer is attached to background check services. You have nothing to worry about if you don’t have any criminal records, but what if you didn’t list an employer where you only worked for six months. Do you have to worry? Is this something that can harm any job offers in the future?

Types of Background Checks

o-stressed-employee-facebookThere are usually two types of background check services. The first one is a reference check which is a check made by the employer or the human resources staff by calling the previous employers that you listed in your job application or résumé so that they can conform to the exact dates of employment and your salary. Your potential employer will ask your former supervisors and references about your weaknesses and strengths and your work performance.

The second type of background check services is more about your personally and less about your work history. These background check services are mostly done by firms and agencies hired by your potential employer. This includes information about your credit, criminal record history and it will be thoroughly checked depending on the level of the job being offered to you. If the job available is dealing with finance, your potential employer will likely conduct any kind of background check services to know if you have any crime that involves money or if you have a bad credit.

Workplace violence is also a concern for employers, as well as preventing sexual predators and child molesters who apply for jobs that deal with women, children and others who are vulnerable. If you were not accepted because of the information based on the background check services report, it is the employer’s duty to let you know, but you also have the right to correct any inaccuracy from the background check services report.

 Temporary Jobs Not Included In Background Check Services

If you omitted a small job that was temporary and it didn’t show up in your background check services or reference checks, make it clear to your potential employer that you omitted a reference to this, unless they changed your employment dates. If you call it as a temporary assignment, it is actually not a big deal and the chances are that you would have clarified all the information that needs clarification in your job application process.

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Dealing with Background Checks

nnpr0kyrh0atactddsl80gEmployees will always ask why they are always asked to fill out any background check services. Are they not trustworthy enough for the company to go out of their way to conduct background check services on them?

No need to worry! Being asked to do it is a very good thing, which means the companies you’re interviewing with are professionals. Even though it is a good thing, employees should always know what they’re dealing with and how exactly it does work.

  • What are in Background Check Services?

It is the information that will show up if there were any background check services which includes the Social Media Profiles, Records of Properties, Address History, Phone Numbers, Relatives, Neighbors and even Lawsuits of the person being checked.

  • Why Is It Such a Big Deal?

Maybe it’s not as important as what you think, but to employers of major companies with high statuses or even a starting one at that point, they are a very big deal. The backbone of every company is their employees, which should always be trustworthy and loyal. If not, companies will always crumble left and right.

Even household employees, people won’t just trust a stranger and let them into their home, even if they say they are kind, caring people. You should always make sure the safety of your company or home, this is important and needs to conduct every time when hiring.

  • Protecting a Business

Employees should know how important this is. Businesses have high standards, mostly. Limited resources are a challenge to them, they need to move fast when it comes to hiring, and applicants don’t come in and is immediately hired after coming in the door. Employees have to know that hiring people like them, it adds more to the security risk bar even though they think they are a great candidate for the job. Fortunately, background check services are a thing, a very essential and effective way to secure safety and discover potential problems that could affect businesses.

How Do You Start Background Check Services?

Simple steps on starting background check services:

  • first, find a reputable or even an accredited provider.
  • second, after finding a good provider, run background check services to test it. Because this will help decide if the company will always give correct results.

If an employee puts himself on the employer’s shoes, neglecting to do background checks on future employees are always a risk the company will never want to take; they only want to do what’s best for their company.

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What to Expect in Pre-Employment Screening

“This is an offer that is contingent upon completion of a respectable and successful pre-employment screening.”

 The sentence that you see above is often heard when you receive a job offer. So does it work and what do what are the things you should expect when uncovered?

89693158Leaving a short-term job, not putting it on their résumés and not mentioning that they don’t have the said job anymore will leave many people concerned and it will show up in a pre-employment screening. This is very unlikely, it’s not like your life is open for all to see. Remember that your résumé is a marketing document and you are not required or put anything negative on them, but if asked to write a list of all the jobs, you should do as asked.  Dishonesty is one of the reasons for being fired from a job if you don’t.

What Can We Expect?

  • Criminal Records

This is always the first on the list for employers. What kind of crimes, how many counts and what are the possibilities that they might do it again? All of these depend among the different state laws. Along the pre-employment screening process, it will put together a document that will explain what exactly happened and supported by the evidence. But don’t write up your version of the events that happened, we also have to include court documents. Employers who put too much emphasis on criminal backgrounds are also being checked, so expect employers to have some considerations.

  • Education

Don’t lie about your educational attainment and never fake your certificates and diploma. Even if you are short on credits because your employer will always find out about it.  Library Fines and other things that can cause a denial of your claim that you received a degree from that school, so fines and other things that need to clear up before you apply for a job. The Public Records includes most Certifications and licenses, they are easy to verify. You can’t just go claiming your driver’s license was not revoked or it hasn’t expired yet.

  • References

Employers can do more that confirm dates of services and titles which many people think this is the only things employers check. Employers can search your electronic trail, which they always do. Any Social Media Posts like tweets, comments, picture and videos that are on the internet are easy to find. Always clear your electronic trail that might affect your application process before applying. . Always work hard and don’t burn bridges.

  • Military, Medical, Driving Records, Bankruptcies, Drug Testing, and Credit Checks 

These are also found in a complete pre-employment screening. If pre-employment screening contingency is a part of the job offer, this is what applicants can expect. Start cleaning up your records if you know you are going to have problems with these sections. Old convictions can also surface in many kinds of cases.

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Background Check Services: Saving a Company from Adverse Consequences


Background check services consist of a process of investigating the credentials of potential employees to make sure that companies are hiring the right people for the available jobs, including a range of verification for potential job employees.

Potential Risks Companies Face

Depending on the current employee’s job in the company and on the nature of the company, the company will face a range of risks that will probably be avoided by conducting background check services.

  • Financial Loss
  • Operational Risk
  • Damage of Status

A Comprehensive Solutionarrow_down_stickman_falling_1600_clr_2737

Companies may differ in size and location, which may need different types of background check services. A range of solutions developed that is entirely customized to meet the companies needs form pre-employment screening, background checks to interviews. With the understanding and years of experience about what kind of factors will impose a risk for a company, targeted checks performed will not only lower the risk for companies but also for their stakeholders.

Advantages of Background Check Services

  • Integrity

Background check services make the company’s ethics strong; it is part of the insider threat management to enforce the ethics and integrity policies and guidelines.

  • Ethical Climate Enhancement

Background check services will help enhance a positive ethical culture within the company where their employees share the company’s values. A positive ethical climate will add to the employee’s motivation that is self-enforcing and results into a responsible culture in the company.

  • Trust

Employers will prevent potential issue through background check services. This leads to increasing the trust among all the employees and from regulatory people as well as with the shareholders and stakeholders.

The Basic Background Check Services Process

Carried out in close discussions with the employer’s hiring department in the company, the process shows the flow of a typical background check service.

  • Recruiting

First, the process starts like any proper hiring process, with the potential employee’s ideal profile by the employer’s hiring department.

  • Application

Application is where the selecting starts, all those potential employees that will fit right in and with the desired profile, for whom the company may want to start the process of a background check service.

  • Opening of Background Check Services

When the employer receives the personal details of the potential employees, the third-party firm will start first a conflict check, make sure that they will help the employer and figure out what’s the right approach in performing their background checks.

  • Information Gathering

The firm will gather documentation in scope required for the background check services process.

  • Interview

The interview process is either done by the company or the third-party firm to clarify any gaps or uncovered issues and to find any concerns for the company.

  • The Firm’s Report

The findings of their background check services sent to the employer in a comprehensive report, helping the company to make the right choice.

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Benefits of Background Check Services

Employers face a lot of challenges in the human resources sector. Hiring the perfect employee for the right job uses one of the most crucial and difficult challenges which became more difficult with a very mobile workforce and a global economy. Employers won’t be able to rely on just the interviews in making the right hiring decision, which is where background check services come in. Background check services include processes like pre-employment screening that allows employers to check and verify information about an applicant like their education, their job history and their performance. Pre-employment screening also reveals the most important information about the applicant’s behavior and if they had any substance abuse, bankruptcies, criminal convictions, civil litigation, their credit history and driving records.

Better Applicants Will Lead to Better Employees

Happy teamworkEmployers who use background check services as a part of their hiring process realize a lot of important benefits; there is a general improvement in the quality of potential employees, which leads to better workers and a workplace with high productivity and low turnover. For instance, pre-employment screening discourages bad applicants from applying, however, others will be more likely to honestly represent themselves.

51 percent of all résumés have inaccuracies and discrepancies in employment, performance and educational achievements. But it is also important to take in mind that announcement will encourage applicants that are high risk with criminal backgrounds to drop themselves, which will save money and time in the hiring process. However, the announcement does not discourage applicants who are qualified and knows that pre-employment screening will not show any significant problems.

Drug Testing and Pre-Employment Screening

When companies began implementing pre-employment screening and drug testing in 1980s, drug users lose confidence from applying at companies who conducted the pre-employment screening and drug tests. Drug users can only apply for companies who don’t utilize drug tests. Deploying pre-employment screening will offer the same discouragement and impact with the growth of companies using pre-employment screening and those who do not will have high risks in their companies and will be a pariah for applicants with violent behaviors or other behaviors that will cause problems.

The Return on Investment for Utilizing Background Checks Services

The return of investment for utilizing background check services is easily realized in a reduction in turnover. Utilizing background check services helps prevent hiring employees who will become a future problem and a turnover statistic. The cost of background check services is less than a single employee’s pay per day; the long-term benefits of quality and productivity are recognized now than a fast hard dollar return.

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