Qualities that You Will Know From Applicants through Employee Backgrounds

8When screening applicants, HR personnel should not just look at the skills and qualifications laid in the resume. They should also get to know the candidates on a personal level through the interview and throw questions that will give them an insight as to which person would fit for the company’s culture, team structure and management style. Other than that they should know the employee backgrounds through employment screening. Here are some of the qualities of a person that they will know based on the background check results:

  • Honesty– You can see an applicant’s honesty if a person’s employee backgrounds result is the same as the information that he has provided them. Honest people are hard to find these days. Getting a person who is not pretentious or a people-pleaser will be a refreshing in your company. You will receive opinions that doesn’t always go with the flow and that is something good, since some new ideas are often good ideas.


  • Trustworthiness– You should hire someone whom you are certain will give his loyalty to the company and would not, in any way, sell or distribute confidential data. This one may be easy to miss because a person’s honesty is hard to see on his resume unless you go through employment backgrounds check.


  • Integrity– A person’s integrity is measured when he will not try to fool those around him by cheating or lying to them. He is up front with his opinion and he knows how to abide by the company’s rules. Looking for a person’s criminal record during a background check is one way of checking someone’s integrity, because if he doesn’t like to follow the law, what makes you think that he’ll follow your company’s rules and regulations?


  • Discipline– Someone is disciplined when you can see that in his employee backgrounds he hasn’t done anything foolish enough to ruin his reputation. Discipline takes a lot of practice and patience. To be able to do the right things even if it’s not what you want is really admirable.


  • Attitude– Someone’s attitude is a big deal because aside from skills, it affects every person in the same room with him. To be able to have a harmonious relationship with his teammates, he must have the right perspective. Attitude is something that is hard to be changed, that’s why it’s necessary that you choose the person with the appropriate attitude for the company.

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Rules about Employment Screening Services that You Should Know

rules-700x400Background checks are an integral part of employment in this modern age. Having knowledge about a certain individual prior to hiring them allows you to make appropriate decisions based on your company’s needs. That is why HR personnel need to perform a background check and use employment screening services on the applicants who wish to work for their company. However, before using third-party employment screening services, they must first know the laws in line with background screening.

  • EEOC– the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says that background check reports can be used in making hiring decisions, and is often beneficial for companies to consider in making evaluation criteria. However, companies should also take into account the gravity of any past criminal records. They should think if their past criminal offenses will affect or not their ability to perform efficiently the job on hand. Evaluation criteria should be put into writing, it helps the HR to avoid deciding based on personal bias.


  • FTC– the Federal Trade Commission is the one that enforces the FCRA. They have provisions before companies use the information extracted. They require the company to tell the applicant or employee that they might use the information for decisions about his or her employment. They also require the company to tell the applicant or employee of his or her right to a description of the nature and scope of the investigation before generating a report about the applicant or employee.


  • FCRA– the Fair Credit Reporting Act regulates the accuracy of credit reports. Credit reports contain information about a person’s credit, bill repayment history, and the status of his credit accounts. In relation to background checks, employers or companies that wish to use credit reports to check their applicants must follow a specific set of procedures. First, they need the applicant’s permission. Second, the company must first tell the applicant how their credit report will be used. Third, the company must not, under any circumstances, misuse the applicant’s information. Fourth, the company must give the applicant a copy of their credit report if the company decides to reject the applicant. Lastly, the company must give the applicant an opportunity to dispute the information that was contained within the report before making any final decision.

Background checks are powerful tools for helping the companies in finding the best candidates and applicants fit for the job descriptions they need. It is also a powerful tool for maintaining and cleaning the office of unneeded employees or employees that might affect the company as a whole. But, in order to get the best of what the company needs, the tool must be accurate and effective. Intelifi offers employment screening services that are proven and tested by many customers and companies who have tried and were happy with their employees.

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Things to Bear in Mind when Conducting Pre-Employment Screening

27387489 - young girl with question mark on a gray backgroundPre-employment screening is a crucial step for the HR to take. Compared to posting job ads and combing through numerous resumes, it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. Pre-employment screening is a tiring and complicated step in the hiring process. However, nowadays, technology has given us the ability to make tasks easier. The labor to conduct pre-employment background check is made easier through the help of third party background check companies and background screening software like Emerge by Intelifi. But still, the Hiring personnel must have prior knowledge about pre-employment screening and must know these 5 things before proceeding to perform a pre-employment screening to the applicants:

  • Treat Every Applicant Fairly- As an HR, you must not be biased to someone and discriminate any candidate on the basis of his race, religion, sex, color, disability, or national origin. Follow completely the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) guidelines when conducting a background check. Make decisions based on facts and information you have gathered to prevent discrimination issues.
  • Don’t Forget to Inform the Applicant- In line with the FCRA, you are required to inform applicants that they are going to undergo a background check. All background check verification needs a written consent from the job applicant.
  • Give a Copy of Background Check Report to the Candidate- You should give the applicants a copy of their right when conducting a background check under the Fair Reporting Act because it is instructed by the law to do so. This helps the candidates know completely about their rights and gives the opportunity to voice out any inaccuracies that is part of the report. Other than that, a copy of a background check report must also be provided, as well as a letter telling that adverse actions must be taken.
  • Don’t Skip Federal Search- Federal crimes like fraud, kidnapping, bank robbery, embezzlement and more may not be reflected in the county, state, or national searches. Conducting a federal search is the best way to identify applicants involved in federal crimes.
  • Discard Background Check Results Securely- It is demanded by law that you should discard securely all the background check results that you have received during the pre-employment screening. However, this must be done securely so that the information in the report cannot be misused, read or reconstructed. These reports can be shredded, pulverized, burned or suitably destroyed to prevent any misuse.

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Avoid These Mistakes in Background Checks with Applicant Tracking Software

linkedin-mistakesWith the rise of background checks in organizations and companies, it would only be essential that they get the most accurate and complete results in background checks. It is important to the HR, since it is one step that will lead them closer to the perfect candidate for the job vacancy.


Here are a few common mistakes and errors that Hiring managers must avoid in performing background checks with the help of applicant tracking software:

  • Aliases or people with common names– With many people having the same name and aliases, it’s important that you double check and verify someone’s location too. It’s because a certain someone might have the same name in a different place. So, double checking the information that the applicant provided is important.


  • Misreading handwriting in original information, typos, search mistakes– Someone’s data might be wrong because the input is wrong. It is vital that you check carefully the name and other data that will be given as an input so the results will be correct.


  • Looking only for criminal records– One of the most common mistakes that HR make when conducting background checks is not going beyond the criminal records. Background checks are there to help you find some who are perfect with the workplace culture. It is also important that you verify his skills and educational background.


  • Ignoring the legal requirements– Conducting background checks should always be in line with the law and regulations. Third-party companies they ask for help should also have accreditation for background checking like the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) accreditation. Accreditation is important since being accredited guarantees that the background check company has reached the background screening standards.


  • Identity Theft– When an applicant has all the right information from another person that he used in his resume, it is difficult to know that he is conducting identity theft since applicant screening are there to gather more information regarding someone’s given data. It is not used to know who is trying to replace someone or steal someone’s identity.


  • Long turnover time- A background check should just be easy to conduct and results should be quick to be retrieved or accessed. However, some companies have very long turnover time which is a huge problem. This is why using an applicant tracking software became the new trend in background screening. They are efficient to use, results are there in just a few clicks and filters and the database can store huge amount of data. Choosing an applicant tracking software is now one of the best background check choice out there.

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5 Ways Pre-employment Background Check Companies Help the HRs in their Hiring Decision

selezione-personale-620x465Getting pre-employment background check companies help you in the hiring process is one way of securing the company’s future. As an HR personnel, you are in the task of choosing the best people that will surely contribute to the positive progress of the organization.



Here are five ways how pre-employment background check companies will help the business:

  • Verify information- Some people lie on their resume more than you think. This is why it’s important that you don’t simply believe in everything that’s written on their skills and qualifications. Conducting pre-employment background checks will help you check their honesty, because would you still trust them with a job when clearly they would lie to you to get what they want?


  • Avoid negligent hiring- Workplace accidents may happen and some people may sue you because they think it is your fault that you hire people who are incompetent in doing their job. For example, you hire a driver, not knowing in his past, he was a drunkard, diagnosed with alcohol and substance abuse. With your innocence of his records, you think that he is the right fit, until accidents happen. This is why you should take extra precautions and never skip pre-employment background screening.


  • Keep the work environment friendly and safe- It is one of the main tasks of HR personnel: to manage conflicts and reduce workplace tension. However, hiring one wrong person will surely make a big impact. Think about an employee with temper issues who always want the team to do things his way. This will surely cause troubles in the workplace.


  • You get the best person-Pre-employment background screening will help you get the right person for the job and someone who is fit for the tasks will surely give the best performance at work.


  • You do your job well- As an HR, when you get help from third-party pre-employment background check companies, you are secure that you did everything to protect the name and reputation of the organization that you work for. It also gives you a peace of mind that you didn’t just passively do your duties. Instead, you used all the possible ways to ensure that your company gets the best people because in order for an excellent company to continue its success, it must have excellent people behind it.

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Guaranteed No Stress Employment Background Checks

stress-free-officeOne of the most vital steps during the hiring process that an HR professional should never forget is the pre-employment background check. So what are background checks, you might ask. Background screening is the way of a Hiring Manager to get to know more a person in addition to the information written in his resume. It is a test upon which an applicant’s honesty will be measured because background checks verify all the information an applicant has provided.

Background checks are often done to know a person’s criminal record and many other data that might affect an applicant’s ability to perform the job. For example, if a potential candidate is previously involved in money laundering and the job offered is by a financial firm, then his past records will surely affect his chances to be hired. This is why background screening is necessary. A person may never tell you things like this about his past, but legal records never lie.

Background checks are stressful you might say. No. Background checks were time consuming and exhausting years ago. But now, with the use of technology, background checks have never been easier. In fact background check services are so easy that you might even get the result that you wanted with just a few minutes. There are many background check software and with their wide database storage, millions of data can be accessed with just a few clicks.

One thing to be considered however is the reputation and the reliability of the third-party background check company who will help you with their services. NAPBS accredited background screening companies are what you should be looking for. A company that has an accreditation from the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, surely upholds the ethical business standards, compliance with Federal regulation and all states and equal employment opportunity laws created to protect consumers.

A NAPBS accredited background screening companies will surely take the stress away from your background check process because it has reached the level of quality needed to give the most accurate background check results. Accreditation is important because it ensures that the service provided will not disappoint the consumers. Other than that, the rigorous audit and accreditation process by the NAPBS is not easily obtained. This is why it’s important that companies and HR professionals only choose those who have reached and gained the proper background screening accreditation like Intelifi.


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Tips about Employment Background Checks you Wish you Knew Before

240_F_133013347_99U2Bf3nnE6pfSoF1l53ZCgWh8dkTTxTEmployment background checks have become so popular in this age of technology when it comes to seeking an employee’s record, whether it is personal or criminal, or educational or professional. Searching for a candidate’s or an employee’s record via background checks has become an important part in our society, especially on the part of the HR.

Many people nowadays perform background checks on persons they wish to search on, without knowing the ways that can make their search much faster. This is vital on the part of the HR, the company department that is always jam-packed with things to do. Making their process faster, even if for a small amount, means a lot to them. Here are some tips that you may have already known, or not, which makes background checks much faster, especially employment background checks.

  • Search directly to the point – Admit it, we have a habit of searching too vaguely. But with background checking, that should not be the case. Since the search covers every single person that has a record, the search will take a long time. By being straight to the point when searching, you narrow down the results, making searches much easier.

  • Use search filters – As mentioned in the previous bullet, background check services check every single person within the place or city or state specified. As such, it will take a lot of time just to finish the search. By using search filters, such as age, distinguishable details, and the like, it will be easier to pinpoint the exact person you’re looking for, saving precious time to be used for other tasks.

  • Focus on what data is needed – Since the information that is displayed about the person to be searched is detailed, it is important to avoid reading entirely all his records. Some people have a tendency to read everything about that person, including those that are irrelevant to what is needed. Employment background checks must focus on the individual’s important details, not on unnecessary details such as age, height, weight, and the like.

Background checks are completely helpful and reliable when it comes to information displayed and accuracy. But take note that not all background check companies, especially those that focus on employment background checks as their main service can be completely trusted. For such tasks, what you need is a company that not only focuses on the said service, but also delivers accurate and legit data. Intelifi is one such company.

Intelifi is a background check company that is proven to be reliable and trustworthy, mainly because of the positive reviews amongst their customers and clients. If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable company, Intelifi is the one for you.

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A Surprising Tool that Will Help HRs in Pre-employment Screening Process

a11y-toolsHR personnel are busy people. They have huge tasks and responsibilities in their respective companies. They are the ones who carry the burden of managing teams and employees. It should be their forte to create safe and friendly workplace environments. In addition, they also research various strategies to help each worker to improve his performance. Aside from handling conflicts in the workplace, they are also in charge of deciding which applicant is the best fit. However, with too much work to do, this becomes a difficult job to them. There’s no doubt that pre-employment screening is their best friend.

Pre-employment screening is a way that HR can verify an applicant’s information, specifically his education and qualifications. Aside from that, pre-employment background check also provides criminal records such as warrants and involvement in crimes, employment, education, credit history, motor vehicle, and license record checks. With pre-employment screening, they can find out more about a candidate aside from the usual resume and interview process. This really helps the HR since it filters and narrows down the number of applicants, which would likely make it to the final interview.

Contrary to some background check myths, conducting a pre-employment screening is easy. It is not time consuming and exhausting. New trends and technologies have paved ways to improve the way we can perform a background check. With the continuous advancement in information technology, we can perform background checks with less hassle.

Emerge, for example, is a software by Intelifi  – an established background check company. This software is a powerful tool in performing pre-employment screening since through this software, results are available in a few clicks. Their wide database storage will surely give you the information that you’re looking for. However, results and information that are not in line with the laws and regulations in conducting background checks are not retrievable. Only those that can be legally obtained will be available.

There is a reason why some information cannot be retrieved. It is because of the breach of privacy. Revealing everything about that person nullifies him of his right to privacy, a right that every person has. If you reveal all information about a person, that is a violation of human rights. That is why, for legal and safety reasons, some information cannot be displayed or obtained using the said software.

Using software to conduct a pre-employment screening will surely ease the job of HR professionals. It is recommended that they use software that are both reliable and accurate. Intelifi’s Emerge will surely be on the top choices.

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What Great Managers Do Differently

5-Things-The-Best-Boss-I-Ever-Had-Taught-Me-About-Being-A-Great-Manager-And-Leader-e1461649838180Aside from posting job advertisements, sifting through numerous numbers of resume, scheduling interviews and reading results from accurate background screening, HR personnel and managers carry other responsibilities.  It is also in their line of work to help make a friendly work environment, resolve and avoid conflicts in the office and build stronger teams. But what do great managers have or do that sets them apart from other managers?

Great managers have an amazing way in motivating employees to bring out the best in them and excel in their performance. This begins by building strong and open relationship between the employees and giving them a conducive environment good for fostering their skills and abilities. They create a work friendly office culture that sets the tone and balance between work, play and enjoyment.

They have good control of office situations and most importantly, their team respects them. They have an open channel of communication in case someone wants to give comments and suggestions regarding office and team-related decisions. Before resolving conflicts, they put aside their personal bias and listen carefully and attentively to both sides. They look for the core of the problem so that it may be addressed and that they may learn lessons in order to avoid it from happen again.

Great managers are not perfect, but they know how to lead and how to handle their employees well. They have strategies for helping individuals upgrade their skills to the needed job standard without making them feel incompetent or stupid. They provide seminars, training and workshop that will not just benefit employees on gaining new knowledge, but will also help them in developing strong teams who believe in the abilities of each member.

More than that, great managers know how to reward the hard work of each person. They make them feel that their work plays an important role in the company’s progress and made them believe that they contribute to the success achieved by the organization. They know how to compensate those who excel at their jobs in order for them to maintain their performance.

Lastly, great managers see the potential behind a person. He doesn’t just base his decision on what is written in someone’s cover letter and resume. He has the gift of knowing if a person will be one of the most valuable employees of the company in the future. Through his analysis and observation from interviews and accurate background screening results, he has the vision and ability in turning a person into an excellent person and employee.

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How to Handle Conflict in the Workplace

conflictConflicts in the workplace are inevitable, the only way we can do is to handle them correctly. Issues at work like conflicts arise because different individuals have different ways on how to approach a job or a problem which everyone might not agree with. Some may result in fights and aggression, which only makes the situation worse without really addressing the root cause of the problem.

This is why HR personnel need to know the following strategies in conflict resolution:

  • When hiring people conduct background checks- It may be another costly procedure, but with the right background investigation company, you will hire the best professionals. By knowing their records and past, you will prevent possible conflicts from individuals who used to have workplace issues with their previous job.
  • Create strong relationships from the beginning- One of the key in handling workplace issues is to establish good working relationships between your employees. By having a strong relationship foundation within your coworkers is a way in gaining open communication and respect when conflicts arise.
  • Stay on the facts- Your personal bias may cloud your judgment and push you to see the situation in a completely different way. Learn to know the truth behind the problem first.
  • Avoid politics- One of the reasons why problems come up at work is the existence of office politics. It will only cause negativity and office gossip which will fuel problems at work. Learn to avoid it.
  • Ask a third party to help you resolve the problem- When two individuals fight, it is only necessary to ask rational judgment from a third individual who will give you enlightenment on how the problem started and how it escalated to the present situation. A third party person may give you objective suggestions and help you come up with a solution to end the issues between the two particular parties.
  • Be a good listener- Before you take sides and start resolving the issue, you must be able to listen to both stories and arguments. In order to be a good communicator, you must be a good listener first. By avoiding preconceived notions, you are showing respect to both sides.
  • Make it a win-win situation- Even when two persons don’t agree with each other, there are things that they commonly want to happen. It could only be called an effective conflict resolution if it is a win-win situation for both sides. By creating this favorably outcome, you will be able to make working relationships stronger and beneficial.


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