The Important Questions to Ask Background Check Vendors

question-marks-samxmeg-e-plus-getty-images-56a6f9e43df78cf772913af0Looking for the right company to hire among background check vendors is a critical process. You’re entrusting the vendor with the confidentiality and well-being of your employment procedure. Running with the wrong background check vendors can put your organization at risk of negligent hiring lawsuits, and switching vendors can be tedious. To spare you some time and enable you to employ the correct background check vendors here are some important questions to ask that will lead you closer to the right background check company that will cater all your needs.


How good is the customer service?

Regardless of how ideal a vendor’s answer or the system is, it’s feasible that you will require assistance from the seller eventually. Ask whether there will be different communications channels to communicate with the vendor. At the point when online communication isn’t adequate, is there a person you can reach for help and assistance?


How fast is the turnaround time?

Waiting around for screening results can slow down employment process and could cost you excellent candidates if ever that you can’t get the offer to them at the soonest time possible. Ask to what extent a normal background check will take to finish, and check whether it fits with your employing time period. Nonetheless, ensure the seller isn’t putting speed over quality.


What is the vendor’s level of adaptability?

Your association’s needs are not the same as any other person’s – and they may change after some time. You need a seller that can meet your special needs now and into what’s to come. Search for vendors that offer alternatives that can adjust to your requirements. Consider if there is are different packages of screening services that the company offer, as well as individual background checks, so you can pick just what you need for a given circumstance.


Is the system simple to use?

Each background screening interface will be somewhat unique, yet it’s critically the one you go with is easy to use. Request a quick demo of the item before you purchase. This will give you a thought of how the framework works and if ever that it sounds good to you.

How does the vendor handle information security?

With all the current digital security assaults happening, information security must be a top priority. You’ll be entering exceptionally confidential data like names, government social security numbers, and birthday events into the system. If there’s ever an information breach, your worker’s personal information could compromise.

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Why Hiring Managers Love Using Pre-employment Background Checks During the Hiring Process

imagesA lot of companies nowadays use background checks as a tool in choosing the perfect employees for their company. With background checks, specifically pre-employment background checks, companies can decide early on if an applicant is worthy of the position or not. A simple task can lead to a ripple of choices for the company, therefore it is important to make that choice early on. With pre-employment background checks, it is possible. It gives the company an edge in their choice of employees. It is also their first line of defense from negligent-hiring lawsuits, financial damages and underqualified employees.

Aside from giving them the edge in choosing the applicants, it also gives them the sense of security. How? Through criminal background checks. Criminal background checks are the most common forms of background check in pre-employment background checks. With criminal records, companies can see whether the applicant is a law-abiding citizen or not. They want to make sure that the company is safe and free from ruckus-causing employees who can ignite workplace conflicts as well as violence in the working environment. One wrong employee was all it takes to give a negative impact on a business. No company would want that.

Another reason why Hiring Managers love pre-employment background checks are the ease of choice on their part. Before, Hiring Managers have to sift through a ton of data and must perform a lot of calls and verifications per applicant. It is so tedious; it takes up almost half of their time. So that leaves them with half time to do other vital tasks. Hiring Managers are usually super busy, to the point that you can’t even disturb them, nor talk to them. With pre-employment background checks, they can easily perform these tasks with a single click. This single click displays all the necessary information they need to find out more about an applicant. This feature allows them to perform a multitude of tasks in a shorter time span, giving them time to perform other vital tasks.

Pre-employment background checks are a huge help in the process of employment and hiring for a company, allowing them to choose the perfect employee fit for the job. Not only is it easy to use, it is also accessible and effective. And that is the reason why Hiring Managers love using pre-employment background checks.

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet in Finding the Best Background Check Company

468397948Some employers don’t run employment background checks on each potential employee. This can cause financial damages that could affect the business in the long haul.  Running an extensive employment background check can limit hiring mistakes—and it doesn’t need to require a ton of investment, either. However, it’s insufficient to have a background check company as partner in hiring – you need the best and most accurate background check company. You should know that background check companies are not all the same. Finding the correct one for your business can be difficult – particularly in case you’re not acquainted with the intricate details of background screenings.

To help you in your decision, search for these essential factors when looking for the right background check company:

  • Accreditation, Membership and Certification– With regards to background checks, you need to guarantee the optimum precision and the highest level of quality. Search for a background check company that is accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). NAPBS Accreditation is a kind of accreditation that is only given to those who have achieved and reached the National Association of Professional Background Screeners standards on background screening. This kind of accreditation encompasses compliance, information security, consumer protection ethics and professionalism, ability to train and educate clients, quality and accuracy, and employees’ background check expertise. Knowing that only a few have passed this kind of inspection gives you the assurance that you are getting the best background check service and solution.


  • Customer Service– Background checks can be complicated. Search for a company with a strong reputation for committed, proficient service with clientele satisfaction, and discover how that will be executed. Discover a background check company that gives exceptional support to enable you to do background checks effectively and address any problems and difficulties that may emerge along the process.


  • Turnaround Time– Turnaround time is pivotal for background checks. Sixty-three percent of applicants keep searching for different employments while waiting to hear back on their background check. Managers remain to lose important applicants because of long waiting periods for background check results. Pick a background check company with a competitive turnaround time.


  • Precision– It is vital to understand that background checks can contain inaccurate data which may ignite issues. Ensure the organization you pick has a reputation for accurate reports and gives specific data on how it prepares its reports.

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How Pre-employment Background Check is the Answer to Hiring Issues

resignation-1It’s a given that each time a business needs to fill an open work position, there are a couple of steps that should be taken. The job advertisements should be distributed on the web with the goal that interested individuals can submit applications. The business at that point needs to filter through these applications, select qualified applicants, and set up interviews. Some employment comprises of telephone interviews followed after by personal interviews. Furthermore, the interviews give the business the data they need to make a sound hiring decision. However, the steps laid out above is missing one of the vital components of any employment screening process: the pre-employment background check.

The essential reason most businesses run pre-employment background checks are to uncover any criminal record in a candidate’s past. Some of the time, these criminal history place somebody as hazardous, problematic, dishonest, or generally not reasonable for employment. Other times, the charges are minor, outdated, or unimportant to the current task and will not affect the hiring decision. In any case, a business should have this data, keeping in mind the end goal to make the best hiring decision.

Aside from criminal history, some background checks will feature driving records, financial records, or other data. There are times when a driving record with various license suspensions, or a financial record filled with missed payments for debts will hold no bearing on a candidate’s capacity to perform the task. However, for positions that really include driving or the handling of cash, however, such data is totally important.

Pre-employment background check also keeps your clients and customers safe. Simply, a portion of the candidates you will meet in a pre-employment screening are risky. From violent criminals to sex offenders, there are people that you basically can’t be able to risk hiring. In any case, imagine a scenario in which you don’t think about the danger of enlisting those people. Consider the possibility that you enlist a sexual offender without running a background check, just to have that individual attack or assault one of your clients or one of your employees. You could be held responsible for such circumstances. So run the background check to shield your employees and clients from harm.

Lastly, pre-employment background check verifies educational background. Employment history isn’t the main thing you ought to be confirming around a candidate. Careful pre-employment background checks will likewise ensure the candidate being referred to, have the degrees and expertise they guarantee they have. Knowing this data can be tied in with affirming honesty.

Simply, you can’t be as thorough as possible in your hiring process without running a pre-employment background check to learn everything about candidate to help you with the employment choice. So unless you want to be doing the interview and other hiring steps again in a couple of months when your employment choice doesn’t work out well, run pre-employment background checks to ensure you’ve chosen the right hire.

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How Employment Background Checks Can Keep You from Legal Issues

7060Employment background checks have turned into the one of the standard steps in hiring employees for several good reasons. Employment background checks can’t foresee the future, yet can give hiring managers a better understanding of who they are hiring. It also keeps the company from committing costly errors, and enable them to stay away from a negligent hiring lawsuit.

Running a thorough employment background checks ought not to cost more than the representative’s first day of pay and can keep businesses from employing the wrong individuals from the beginning. It can shield their present workers and customers from potential theft and violence, as well as prevent conflicts in the work environment.

Negligent hiring lawsuits are one of the developing issues for companies today. Negligent hiring is found in circumstances where the employee who caused the damage, accident or injury during work had a warning on their record which appeared to have past incidents related to this activity. This record could have effortlessly been found by conducting an in-depth background check before hiring someone.

Employment background checks are the safety barrier that guards a company in any case or any unfortunate incident that may happen at work. Conducting a background check reduce the risks and keeps employers away from the responsibility that they shouldn’t bear. It lessens financial damages that may be incurred by lawsuits as well as the possibility of tainting the name of the company due to these disadvantageous circumstances.

Aside from that, employment background checks also contributes to maintaining the safety of  the other employees by screening the job applicants, hiring managers get to know their previous records and how it can affect the business and the workplace. Through background screening, they can avoid individuals that doesn’t fit with the work culture. More importantly, they can prevent the company from hiring those with behavioral issues that may ignite various conflicts that will cause low performance and a decline in profits. Employment background checks are beneficial in so many ways.

As you can see, it is important for a company to conduct employment background checks. Employment background checks are worth the cost, since they lessen the risk of financial damages by preventing lawsuits originating from unfortunate worker activities, high turnover, and terrible reputation. Employment background checks from a reliable and fully established organization is a sound business investment since it is helpful and beneficial in many ways.

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Factors to Recall When Choosing a Background Investigation Company

635-03457859As an employer or commercial business owner who is charged with choosing the exceptional candidates on your place of business, a background investigation company is one of the many companions you’ll rely upon to get the task performed properly. An excellent background investigation company will deliver short, correct, comprehensive reports using sound practices to mitigate potential risks and allow you to hire the best human people. Selecting a background investigation company generally involves a technique of inquiring for referrals or engaging in an internet search, reviewing the web sites of several companies, narrowing down the picks to a few that seem properly-applicable, then asking for fees from the top selections.

Regardless, there are numerous important factors to recall within the method of selecting a background investigation company.


  • Accreditation – Accreditation is the most important factor in a background investigation company. It is the proof of high standards in background checking. It ensures the customers that the company has met the standards of background checking, which is vital to customers and their needs. The most common accreditation for companies is NAPBS, an association that monitors and checks if the company is performing well and within standards.


  • Cost – Most companies offer their services at a high cost, due to several factors. But keep in mind that not everything that is expensive gives you the best output. Some companies offer services at a high cost, but fails to deliver the quality output that the customer deserves and has paid for. Look for reviews and recommendations to find which company delivers high quality output that is within the affordable budget.


  • Time – It is important to choose a company that values time, because time is of the essence. In background checking, time matters. Due to the fact that background check services contain a lot of data, searching through them and looking for specific data takes time. Yet, that is not a valid reason to the customers. The company must be fast in acquiring the needed data, because the customers need it for their urgent decisions.


  • Accuracy – Even with all the aforementioned factors combined are found in a company, it is all for nothing if the company does not deliver accurate results. Accuracy is vital in background checking, because if the data itself is inaccurate, it will mislead the hiring personnel, and therefore, it becomes a liability. Accuracy is an absolute requirement when choosing a company.

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Common Misconceptions about Employment Screening Service

misconceptionsIn spite of their significance in the hiring process, employment screening services are frequently subject to myths and misconceptions. A portion of the misconceptions comes from applicants. Others are harbored by employers. Most are due to the lack of fundamental understanding about the nature, process or laws encompassing employment screening services or background checks.

To wholly realize the significance of employment screening services, it is critical to expose the faulty judgments and understanding around background checks. Here are the most common ones:

  • Online Networking Profiles Are Off-Limits For Background Screening – This is a typical misinterpretation particularly among job candidates with upsetting online habits. They expect that scouts won’t look at their online networking profiles. Despite the fact that this may have been valid before, employers are presently sensitive about workers’ online conduct. They know this can affect their image somehow. As of now, most background checks concentrate on criminal records, education or past employment. However, hiring managers now request that background screening companies sift through candidates’ online networking profiles. Any faulty conduct, for example, oppressive or disrespectful posts and foul pictures or recordings can make them rethink their hiring choices.


  • A Criminal Record Means an Applicant can’t be Hired – Employers as well as job applicants have a tendency to have this misconception. Most hiring specialists think that by having a criminal record, an applicant shouldn’t be hired. Most job seekers likewise feel that a criminal record implies they won’t get the job. However, this could not be true all the time. For one thing, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) places certain limitations on when criminal records can be utilized to deny employment. One EEOC prerequisite is that the idea of conviction should straightforwardly influence the idea of the occupation. For example, a DUI may exclude somebody applying to be school driver, yet it can’t be justification for precluding a future bookkeeper.

  • All Employment Screening Companies give Similar Information – One of the greatest misconceptions about background screening is that there is a universal cloud of criminal history that businesses pull from to run employment screening services. In reality, there is a wide range of criminal history registries out there, scattered all through various urban areas, regions, and states all through the nation. Other data, from a person’s driving history of common court records, are comparatively scattered, which implies that one background check company may discover unexpected data in comparison to another. Diverse employers likewise utilize distinctive screening companies to run their background checks, and each company approaches the task a bit differently.

  • A Lot of Employers Out There Don’t Conduct Employment Screening Services – This statement may have been accurate a decade ago, yet today, it’s a hundred percent false. With the job market as clustered as it has been, and with businesses winding up plainly more aware of risks about hiring the wrong person and negligent-hiring lawsuits, you’d almost be unable to discover any business nowadays that doesn’t require a background screening.

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Background Check Services Myths and Facts

facts conceptBackground check services are getting to be as critical to the human resource personnel as the job application, resume, and interview. In spite of the fact that background check services are a critical part of the employment procedure, the process is spotted with numerous myths.

These myths are frequently a consequence of lack of the basic knowledge of the procedure, nature, and laws encompassing background screening services. Here are the top myths and the facts behind them that the HR department ought to know:

#1 Only Large Companies and Businesses need to Screen Job Applicants

Numerous private companies trust background checks are important for bigger organizations, however that fact is smaller organizations have more to lose. It is smarter to pay little expense for a background check than hazard thousands in harms, and months or years of priceless time.

#2 All the Information Hiring Managers Need about Someone is Online

It is trusted that background check services are pointless because of the huge data accessible on the web. Utilizing on the web and online networking quests can be dubious and represent certain dangers to an organization. There is a good chance that with an online search, you won’t discover all the data you need and it will open your company to a discrimination lawsuit.

#3 Background Screening Companies Provide the Same Information in the Background Check Report

It is a typical misguided judgment that each screening organization is the same, and therefore, the least expensive check is the best. There is no single database of criminal data accessible, and instant checks don’t exist. There are FCRA rules set up that organizations must take after; which means each organization should utilize similar guidelines. Notwithstanding, this is not the situation. On the chance that it appears to be unrealistic, it most likely is. Moving toward background screening in this form puts you at chance for a wrong check, an awful contract and even a lawsuit.

#4 Poor Credit History will Disqualify a Job Applicant

It has been one of the misconceptions that a bad credit cost someone his occupation. Credit typically is utilized for character purposes. However, most bosses don’t take your own money related circumstance into thought; rather, they are more worried about your past lining up with what you’ve let them know.

#5 Candidates Can’t Dispute Findings

It is uncommon yet it happens that with usual or common last names, the wrong person is found and detailed. Under the law, candidates are permitted to acquire a duplicate of their report and can even dispute findings. No business may prevent a job applicant of that.

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How to Find the Right Background Investigation Company for Your Needs

141111-serious-businessman-with-five-questions-lgAs an HR supervisor or entrepreneur who is in need of finding and choosing the best employee for your work environment, background investigation companies are the accomplices you’ll depend on to help you with the hiring process. The right organization among background investigation companies will convey fast, precise reports that will empower you to hire the best individuals during the first time of hiring.

Choosing a background investigation company ordinarily includes a procedure of requesting referrals or leading an online search, inspecting the sites of a few organizations, narrowing down the list to a couple of organization that seem appropriate, and looking for the reviews and comments of customers of your top choices.

Here are a few factors to consider in choosing a company or companies that will help you in your background check needs:

  • The Kind of Services they Offer– Choose a background investigation with a vast array of services so you won’t change the background check company when your background check needs change in the future. Look for those who offer individual and packaged background screening service.


  • Accreditation and Compliance– To be assured of the company’s credibility, choose one which is a member of both National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). One that is accredited with NAPBS holds the best and the most credible background screening standards. Other than that, compliance should also be on their priority list. The company should comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.


  • Precision– Errors will put your organization at risk. Choose a background check with proven track record of getting information for the first time. Look for reviews, comments and testimonials if the background investigation company makes precision on its top accuracy.


  • Turnaround Time– Does your business hire fast or do your company like to take their time in filling a vacant position? Select a company that produce results within your required time frame.


  • Cost– Choose a company that is within your price range which still promises quality and accurate outputs. Quality should never be sacrificed for costs.


  • Customer Service– Look for background investigation companies that are good at assessing your needs and in finding the necessarily solutions for those needs. Use client reviews to see a background screening company’s customer service.

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What Employee Backgrounds Reveal About Applicants

blogThe essential benefit of conducting an employee background check is that it makes the hiring process easier and better. Background screenings dishearten fakers, who may drop out to abstain from being humiliated, and uncovers dishonest candidates who brazen it out. An employee background check can spare your organization from a careless hiring lawsuit by getting rid of candidates with a past filled with brutality or substance abuse. Be that as it may, you should lead a background check carefully. Numerous parts of employee privacy are protected by law, and abusing a candidate’s rights may open you up to legal action.

Here are what you will discover about applicants when you perform employee backgrounds checks:

  • Criminal and Legal Records– Laws controlling criminal record verification for potential employees differ from state to state. It is recommended that employers should ask or hire a lawyer for guidance. You can’t accumulate arrest record data that are more than seven years old, despite the fact that it’s a matter of open record. You can however, in any case, scan for criminal convictions. Employee backgrounds checks can uncover data, for example, driving records, including an organization vehicle, lawsuits under seven years of age, sex offender information for at-risk employments, and county, state or federal convictions. Drug and liquor tests can recognize candidates with substance abuse or alcohol issues.


  • Educational Background and Job Experience– A background check confirms that the candidate really went to the schools recorded on his resume and that he did in actuality accomplish any degrees and licenses that he asserts. It likewise checks data about his past work experience – that he worked there, to what extent he worked there, how fulfilled his managers were with his performance, his occupation title, his pay and any professional success.


  • Financial Information– The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act protects a worker’s history of paid tax liens and any accumulations information that is more than seven years – if only you contract a consumer reporting organization to gather it. The FCRA additionally requires that you acquire an employee’s written consent before getting his credit report. A potential employee’s bankruptcy history might be incorporated in the background screening, yet take note of that, the federal law forbids discrimination potential workers who have filed for bankruptcy.


  • Identity– A background check may uncover that the applicant is applying for a position under a false name or identity. A background check may also check an applicant’s qualification to work in the United States.

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