Let’s Understand More about Background Checks

imagesEmployees or the applicants will always ask why they are always asked to fill out any background check services.  Maybe some of them are thinking that they not trustworthy enough for the company to go out of their way to conduct background check services on them.  Being asked to do it is a very good thing, which means the companies you’re working or applying with are professionals. Even though it is a good thing, employees and applicants should always know what they’re dealing with, how exactly the process works and what are their rights.

What are in Background Check Services?

The information that will show up if there was any background check services which includes the Social Media Profiles, Records of Properties, Address History, Phone Numbers, Relatives, Neighbors, criminal records and even Lawsuits of the person being checked.

How important is it?

Some people may think that background checks are irrelevant, but to the employers of major companies with high statuses or even a starting one at that point, they are a very big deal. The backbone of every company is their employees, which should always be trustworthy and loyal. If not, companies will always crumble left and right. Or even household employees, people won’t just trust a stranger and let them into their home, even if they say they are kind, caring people. You should always make sure the safety of your company or home, this is important and needs to conduct every time when hiring.

How Can Background Checks Secure your Business?

Employees should know how important this is. Most businesses have high standards. Limited resources are a challenge to them, they need to move fast when it comes to hiring, and applicants don’t come in and is immediately hired after coming in the door. Employees have to know that hiring people like them, adds more to the security of the business, even though they think they are a great candidate for the job. Fortunately, background check services are a thing, a very essential and effective way to secure safety and discover potential problems that could affect businesses.

How Do You Start Background Check Services?

Simple steps on starting background check services:

  • first, find a reputable or even an accredited provider.
  • after finding a good provider, run background check services to test it. Because this will help decide if the company will always give correct results.

If an employee puts himself on the employer’s shoes, neglecting to do background checks on future employees are always a risk the company will never want to take; they only want to do what’s best for their company.



All You Need to Know About Background Check Services for Daycare Centers


Background Check Services for Daycare Centers and Workers

Many parents of young children need to work all day with a specific motive to make a decent living. At the point when a parent or relative isn’t accessible to deal with kids during the day, parents frequently swing to daycare providers to tend to them. A childcare center can give children with fun and educational exercises, meals, and chances to cooperate with other children of a similar age.

Childcare Centers Should Run Background Checks on All Employees

Parents need to realize that their kids will be secure and safe when they are dropped off at a childcare center. They need to realize that the representatives who are entrusted with their kids know how to be responsible and don’t represent a threat to them.

Childcare providers have a duty to employ the best individuals for such an essential occupation. They have to ensure that the staff they hire that deals with children, won’t do anything to place them in danger.

Childcare providers should direct background checks on applicants before they are employed in any position. Any individual who works at a childcare center ought to experience a background check, regardless of the possibility that that individual isn’t directly associated with children. This includes educators, administrative staff, janitors, cafeteria workers, and maintenance staff who work in the building when kids are there.

Background Checks Prevent Lawsuits

Directing background checks before employing individuals can enable childcare managers to protect the kids in their care from harm and give peace of mind to the parents. It can likewise enable daycares from any expensive lawsuits. On the chance that a kid is harmed or abused by somebody with a criminal record and the childcare did not direct a background check during the employment procedure, the center could turn into the subject of a negligent hiring claim. The cost of a claim, regarding both cash and a harmed reputation, could make the childcare closed or out of business.

What Should Be Included in a Background Check

A background check ought to include a check of criminal databases to see whether a potential employee has a criminal record. Childcare managers ought to be particularly wary about procuring anybody with a record for child neglect, violent conduct or child abuse.

Contact a Well Established Background Check Company for Reliable Background Check Services, like Intelifi

The Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 2014 expects states to lead criminal background checks for all staff members at child care centers, regardless of the possibility that they don’t straightforwardly tend the children. On the chance that you run a childcare center and need to hire new workers, you should direct intensive background checks. This can guard the kids in your care, set their parents calm, and shield your childcare center from expensive lawsuits. Intelifi has helped organizations of different types over the United States lead background checks on potential employees.

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Why Hiring Managers Love Using Pre-employment Background Checks During the Hiring Process

imagesA lot of companies nowadays use background checks as a tool in choosing the perfect employees for their company. With background checks, specifically pre-employment background checks, companies can decide early on if an applicant is worthy of the position or not. A simple task can lead to a ripple of choices for the company, therefore it is important to make that choice early on. With pre-employment background checks, it is possible. It gives the company an edge in their choice of employees. It is also their first line of defense from negligent-hiring lawsuits, financial damages and underqualified employees.

Aside from giving them the edge in choosing the applicants, it also gives them the sense of security. How? Through criminal background checks. Criminal background checks are the most common forms of background check in pre-employment background checks. With criminal records, companies can see whether the applicant is a law-abiding citizen or not. They want to make sure that the company is safe and free from ruckus-causing employees who can ignite workplace conflicts as well as violence in the working environment. One wrong employee was all it takes to give a negative impact on a business. No company would want that.

Another reason why Hiring Managers love pre-employment background checks are the ease of choice on their part. Before, Hiring Managers have to sift through a ton of data and must perform a lot of calls and verifications per applicant. It is so tedious; it takes up almost half of their time. So that leaves them with half time to do other vital tasks. Hiring Managers are usually super busy, to the point that you can’t even disturb them, nor talk to them. With pre-employment background checks, they can easily perform these tasks with a single click. This single click displays all the necessary information they need to find out more about an applicant. This feature allows them to perform a multitude of tasks in a shorter time span, giving them time to perform other vital tasks.

Pre-employment background checks are a huge help in the process of employment and hiring for a company, allowing them to choose the perfect employee fit for the job. Not only is it easy to use, it is also accessible and effective. And that is the reason why Hiring Managers love using pre-employment background checks.

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How vital is a Pre-Employment Background Screening in a Hiring Decision?

Blogs 2Pre-employment background screening is not an indication of doubt or an intrusion of security; they are a vital step in finding the best employees and shielding your organization from the dangers that comes with unqualified and deceitful specialists.

There are various reasonable explanations behind conducting pre-employment background screening, beginning with the way that 10 percent of job candidates have criminal records, so the checks can prevent crimes and violent incidents from happening in your work environment. Next, studies show that 40 percent of the resumes you get contain inaccurate information or altered data, so performing background checks will provoke candidates to be up front and as honest as possible in their records and credentials.

Pre-employment background screening are beneficial in light of the fact that they enable employers to examine a candidate’s record and history aside from the data that’s on a resume or in an interview.

With regards to criminal background checks, they detail a candidate’s criminal past, regardless of the possibility that the offenses are relatively small, empowering organizations to eliminate applicants with a criminal past, if they are concerned with the violations that will adversely influence the organization, customers, or other employers.

Background check organizations lead criminal examinations on state and national levels. They also confirm past employment, including the candidate’s work history, dates of employment, work obligations, and the eligibility for rehire. They likewise confirm the candidate’s educational background.

The pre-employment background screening organizations can also perform credit reports, facilitate drug tests, and confirm someone online through their database to guarantee they have a legal right to work in the U.S.

The background check organizations can likewise check a candidate’s online social media profiles to guarantee they don’t have shocking pictures posted on their profiles or posts that have offensive content on their social networking sites. This will help the company in maintaining a good reputation.

As you can see, there are different important reasons why pre-employment background screening are vital and as well as the variety of information they collect. Most importantly, pre-employment background screening is worth the cost, since they lessen the risk of financial damages by preventing lawsuits originating from unfortunate worker activities, high turnover, and terrible reputation. Pre-employment background screening from a reliable and fully established organization is a sound business investment since it is helpful and beneficial in many ways.

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How to Improve the Hiring Process using Employment Background Checks

imagesEmployment background check is a compilation of a man’s commercial, criminal, and even financial records. Background checks are very normal, truth be told, some studies demonstrate that most of the employers expect employees to experience background checks before they are hired.

There are many reasons why employment background checks are usually utilized as a part of hiring process for a wide range of positions.

The business organization needs to ensure that all of the applicant’s provided information is true and accurate. About 40% of resumes can contain false or altered data, in this way, hiring managers need to guarantee that the quality of work and skills that they are getting from a worker is what they were provided. The company uses an employment background check to see if the employee really graduated from the school they claimed as well as affirm their work on their past employer(s) during the time stated on his resume.

These checks can likewise be utilized to shield businesses from liability issues — if their workers act poorly and cause unnecessary accidents, bosses can, in some cases, be considered in charge of carelessness, or negligence. For example, if a transport organization employs somebody with a poor driving record, they can be considered accountable if the driver gets into a crash; it is the transport organization’s duty to check the driving records of any applicant before employing.

Employment background checks give the Hiring Manager a better view of whom and what an applicant is. It helps them decide which person is the most qualified in the job at hand. It also helps them to avoid the wrong hire that may lead to tension in the workplace, poor performance of a team, or even conflicts and accidents in the work environment. A background check result helps HR personnel choose the right individual without any hesitation. It gives them more information than the given resume. Most importantly, it guides them to make the right hire that they will never regret. Employment background checks are a hiring manager’s tool and best friend in the pre-employment process.

Know however, that before a company conducts a background check, they must notify the employees and ask for their written consent. If ever an applicant is not hired because of something given in the background check result, they must also give a copy of the background check report to the applicant and inform them.

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Why Skipping Pre-employment Screening is Not a Good Idea

frustrated-and-stressed-business-woman-working-laptop-computer-in-modern-office_bmwkahh0_thumbnail-medium05Pre-employment screening is commonly a part of the present business environment, with almost every business utilizing some kind of background screening process in its hiring procedure. It’s not difficult to perceive why. A well-planned background screening project will more likely to lessen your financial costs in employment, as well as other financial risks. It will also reduce the likelihood of any unfortunate incidents in the workplace.

With the demand to get a job urgently, some of the applicants won’t be as honest as they should be, as they could be desperate to fill the vacant position. Background screening will enable your organization to be knowledgeable about the alarming red flags in their past and filter through the huge number of applicants regularly applying for the company’s job postings. Certain studies have shown that some applicants have lied on their resumes or occupation applications with an end goal to make themselves look appealing and most qualified to their employers.

The main thing you will see when you use a thorough pre-employment screening program is the quality of the workers that you have employed. Getting the right employee with the needed skills is always a struggle in almost every business, and qualified applicants with accurate information is also part of that struggle.

The reason that skipping a pre-employment screening will cost you time is the risks that comes with hiring the wrong person. An individual, with his inadequate skills and qualifications, or even his approach and attitude, can affect the overall performance of the company. Other than that, accidents may also occur if a person claims to know how to operate certain machinery that he doesn’t have any knowledge of. This will lead to health insurance costs, and another vacant position that will take another long and exhausting hiring process.

Other than that, a wrong hire can also give way to financial damages. If you fill a position with someone who you thought is honest and trustworthy, but unluckily, is not, then you some possible issues may arise. This can lead to theft, or even selling your confidential information and secrets to your rival company.

More importantly, you maintain the safety and security of your employees that leads to better performance. Keeping your workers safe is a part of your responsibility and it is vital that you always bear that in mind when you are hiring new employees.


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What’s New about Background Screening?

whatsnewBackground screening is an HR’s best friend. Not only does it identify people with false qualifications and skills in their resumes, it also verifies an applicant’s attributes and abilities, and gives the hiring manager a preview of a person’s past records. More importantly, it protects an organization from hiring a criminal.

There are many questions that people ask about background check. There’s the process, compliance, and other policy-related subjects that comes with it. There’s also other questions, like what kind of background check should we use, and which third-party background check company should we ask for service. Aside from that, there’s the background check pricing, which makes a lot of HR’s wonder if they can get the best deal of their chosen background check service.

One thing for sure is that, background checks have been proven to help HR’s decide on one of the most vital tasks given to him: picking the right candidate, and saving the company from financial damages and workplace issues. With this, we can say that it’s worth the cost.

So what’s new about background check? Well, the first thing to know is that, most of the HR nowadays go past the criminal background check. Criminal background check is the most popular and most used screening tool used by a Hiring Manager. This is because criminal records play a big part in choosing the future employee.  However, other background tools were also used in addition to criminal background check, like social security and identity checks. They also chose to include drug-related screening and education verification. So remember, go beyond the criminal background check.

Another trending subject is conducting a post-hire background screening. Often times, background checks are associated with the pre-hiring process. However, we should also keep in mind that current employees may create some risks especially that most employees rely on a self-reporting policy if they are convicted for a crime. You can trust all your employees to turn themselves in and say that they have done something illegal.  This is why post-hire background checks are currently used today.

Lastly, compliance still continues as a hot topic, along with the continuous change of rules, regulations, and guidelines that may affect background check over the years. This is why it’s important to hire a fully-established third-party background screening provider like Intelifi. With 10 years of experience and efficiency in the industry, they can give you the best and most accurate results in compliance to the industry’s strictest standards.

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Why Tenant Screening is Important

tips-tenant-screening-300x215If you are a realtor, a property manager, or a landlord, one of the most essential things that you should bear in mind is the importance of tenant screening. If you assess a tenant without further investigation, it might lead to loss due to property damage, unpaid rental and court costs linked with eviction. This is why it is a must do step before accepting tenants. By using tenant screening services, you will be able to know a person’s identity, credit, criminal, eviction, bankruptcy, liens and judgments, and others. By knowing these things, it will help you in your decision in finding high quality renters.

One importance of tenant screening is the verification of information that your tenants supplied. This will help you realize if your tenant is trustworthy or not. If the tenant screening results doesn’t match with the rental application, then clearly, your possible tenant is lying or hiding something from you.

Another advantage is that you lower the possible risks that your tenant may incur in the future. By knowing a tenant’s past record and behavior, you can conclude and visualize his future actions. What you know in an applicant’s history will help you discover noticeable issues. Other than that, tenant screening reports will help you know if the applicant can afford your unit and if he can pay on time. It will also decrease the possibility of managing evictions and other unknown issues in the future.

Tenant screening services also gives you an easier process of rental applications. It eliminates the stressful and time-consuming paperwork and procedures that comes with the application process. It also gives you all the right information necessary for you to decide which tenant to accept easily. It saves you both time and money.

Lastly, your current tenants have the right to a safe, enjoyable and stress-free environment. Tenants who often cause misbehavior and misconduct may ignite problems and push away current tenants. Evicting rude and offensive tenants are too much work on your part and are also expensive. Therefore, tenant screening is not only beneficial to you, but also to your tenants’ neighborhood.

However, you should know the right screening protocols in your tenant background checks. A good and beneficial tenant screening report will most likely include at least a criminal record, a credit score, an eviction history, if there is any, and sexual offenses. By getting an applicant’s criminal record, you will ensure the safety of the renters in the neighborhood.  A good credit score is one of the indications of a potential renter because they pay on time. An eviction history helps you to get to know the past problems that may reoccur in the future. Sexual offenses records help you determine and decline tenants with that history. They might become a threat to the current tenants if they are allowed to rent a unit in the place.


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Why HRs Should Look Beyond the Resume

shutterstock_171780488HR personnel are the gateway between an applicant and the company. They are responsible for one of the toughest decisions to make. By letting an individual work inside their facility, they are giving them the trust that they will act as they expected and work as they should. They will give them the power to handle confidential information, as well as the company’s secrets of its success. One thing about how the HR searches for the right employee for the job is sifting through application letters and resumes. However, should the next level or stage rely solely on the resume contents? Below are reasons on why HR’s should look beyond the resumes.

  • A resume doesn’t tell everything- One thing you have to consider is the reality that some people are not honest. If lying will get them the job, they are mostly to lie about it, like all the skills that they say they have. You cannot test their skills by just trusting that a piece of paper is telling you the truth.


  • Ask References- One of the best things to know about a person is to ask their previous employee or professional references about them. If there is something wrong or something that cannot be explained well by your applicant, then maybe his references may give some clarity to it.


  • Research online- A LinkedIn profile, personal blog, Instagram and Facebook account tell a lot about a person. We live in a world where everything is usually stated online. By looking at his profile, especially on job-related sites, he is less likely to give false information, especially if he thinks that most people online can tell and see if he is not honest about his given information.


  • Interview- By giving efficient interviews, you will able to see through someone in a transparent way if he is somewhat questionable. You will see through his gestures if he is lying or not and you will be able to evaluate his communication skills.


  • Background Check- The most important step that any HR should never skip or neglect is the employee background checks. Through background check, you may have an insight on a person’s record- this may also include his criminal records and past records. Employee background checks are one of the most important process that would not only help you see beyond the resume, it would also save the company  from all the possible risks that comes with hiring someone unworthy of the job.

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Pre-Employment Screening for workplace safety

Workplace safety


Given the human and money related expenses of business related injuries, averting these accidents and working environment security is a major ordeal for any business. Notwithstanding, for managers in businesses that place especially overwhelming physical requests on specialists, those worries are fundamental. Workers in more physically unpleasant occupations – heath care, warehousing, utilities, oil and gas production, law authorization or development, for example – are, by nature of their occupations, at higher hazard for accidents than the normal office employee. This, obviously, places their bosses at more serious danger of confronting the costs related and legitimate results for those accidents.

At the point when occupations have extreme physical complications, requiring a specific level of wellness during the pre-employment screening, quality, and deftness to perform, utilizing pre work Physical Abilities Testing to assess potential new contracts is shrewd. This type of testing offers bosses the capacity to impartially assess hopefuls’ physical execution as they oversee errands or capacities that will be anticipated from them in these employments. This testing empowers sound procuring choices by guaranteeing that planned new contracts are very much coordinated to their positions as far as physical capacities, ready to perform securely and proficiently in the work environment.

Since employees who have demonstrated their physical capacity to deal with their occupations before setting foot in the work environment are at lower danger of harm, Physical Abilities checks builds work environment wellbeing. This testing, thusly, lessens specialists’ remuneration costs, since a more secure work environment implies less harm claims, and less claims implies lower laborers’ pay costs.

Chances that the company is considering physical capability testing as a major aspect of the pre-employment screening process, there are a couple of things that employers have to think about consistence issues also. To begin with, physical capacity tests can’t be utilized as a general screening instrument for all candidates. Or maybe, they ought to just be managed as a post offer screening instrument for genuine occupation competitors. As indicated by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) rules, a business may just demand examinations that are therapeutic in nature after a restrictive offer of work has been reached out to a worker. The succession of the test is imperative, in light of the fact that most exhaustive, powerful physical capacities tests do have viewpoints that are thought to be medicinal trying under government business directions.


Recruiters can utilize post offer pre-employment screening to expand general work environment security. They simply should make certain that their testing projects are in accordance with government standards. This is most effortlessly done by picking a trustworthy, experienced pre-employment screening companies who offers programs altered to the particular needs, requests and conditions display in every working environment.

The best example of a reliable company is www.intelifi.com/technology/emerge/. Visit their website for complete details.