What You Should Do on your Job Interview

blogFinding a job nowadays is not that easy. You have to undergo a lot of process, employment background check, and submit requirements in order for you to get hired. The employers can also be tough than you might think, they have their own criteria when it comes to evaluating an applicant. But here are the most common criteria that have points when interviewing an applicant:

Greet the Hiring Managers Right

They say first “impressions last”, yes for some it is. But, the first impression is important. It’s a way in establishing a rapport with them.  Do not get nervous, overcome it. Do not think of your past interviews and employment background check results. This is a new one, greet the hiring manager with a bright smile on your face and the right amount of confidence. A subtle handshake and a confident eye contact will surely help you win points at the start of the interview.

Get there Early than the Expected Time

Punctuality is one of the most important qualities that the employer like in an applicant or employees. The time of your arrival will be evaluated by the hiring manager, if you are late it will probably cause a negative impression. But, reaching the venue 10 minutes or earlier before the scheduled time shows your eagerness towards the vacant position.  It will also get you an overview of the place, giving a time to practice and get ready for the interview or examinations.

Get Properly Dressed

Another criteria that will create an impression on the hiring manager is how you dress yourself. Good grooming, hygiene, right outfit and dressing neatly will help you score points in the interview. But having the opposite will turn off the hiring manager. Avoid bright colors, uncomfortable clothes that you might keep adjusting from time to time. It will distract the hiring managers during the interview.

Appropriate Body Language

One of the most important criteria is your body language, the way you move will be judged once you enter the company premises.  They might judge you on the way you walk, talk, your posture, if you have unnecessary movements. They will be assessing your nonverbal communication points in different ways, such as maintaining an eye contact or leaning back comfortably in the chair while being interviewed. Remember that these small things in mind and never appear too casual. Be confident enough of who you are and what you can bring them if given the opportunity.


You Should Have a Positive Attitude

Eliminate all the negative attitude that you bear, such as answering negatively. If you are being asked a question if you can do a job, answer them honestly if you can do it or not. But do not answer them in a closed ended answer, answer them that you can learn and be good at it in the future. You should have a positive attitude towards the job.


Remember, it is like selling a product. Show them why they should choose you. What are the traits, skills and knowledge that you have that other applicants are lacking. Also, if you perfect these five criteria, it will give you a high possibility of getting hired.


Tips about Employment Background Checks you Wish you Knew Before

240_F_133013347_99U2Bf3nnE6pfSoF1l53ZCgWh8dkTTxTEmployment background checks have become so popular in this age of technology when it comes to seeking an employee’s record, whether it is personal or criminal, or educational or professional. Searching for a candidate’s or an employee’s record via background checks has become an important part in our society, especially on the part of the HR.

Many people nowadays perform background checks on persons they wish to search on, without knowing the ways that can make their search much faster. This is vital on the part of the HR, the company department that is always jam-packed with things to do. Making their process faster, even if for a small amount, means a lot to them. Here are some tips that you may have already known, or not, which makes background checks much faster, especially employment background checks.

  • Search directly to the point – Admit it, we have a habit of searching too vaguely. But with background checking, that should not be the case. Since the search covers every single person that has a record, the search will take a long time. By being straight to the point when searching, you narrow down the results, making searches much easier.

  • Use search filters – As mentioned in the previous bullet, background check services check every single person within the place or city or state specified. As such, it will take a lot of time just to finish the search. By using search filters, such as age, distinguishable details, and the like, it will be easier to pinpoint the exact person you’re looking for, saving precious time to be used for other tasks.

  • Focus on what data is needed – Since the information that is displayed about the person to be searched is detailed, it is important to avoid reading entirely all his records. Some people have a tendency to read everything about that person, including those that are irrelevant to what is needed. Employment background checks must focus on the individual’s important details, not on unnecessary details such as age, height, weight, and the like.

Background checks are completely helpful and reliable when it comes to information displayed and accuracy. But take note that not all background check companies, especially those that focus on employment background checks as their main service can be completely trusted. For such tasks, what you need is a company that not only focuses on the said service, but also delivers accurate and legit data. Intelifi is one such company.

Intelifi is a background check company that is proven to be reliable and trustworthy, mainly because of the positive reviews amongst their customers and clients. If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable company, Intelifi is the one for you.

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Importance of Background Check for the Employers and Employees

Elegant leader

Background checks are an integral part of employment in this modern age. Having knowledge about a certain individual prior to hiring them allows you to make appropriate decisions based on your company’s needs. That is why HR personnel need to perform background checks on the applicants who wish to work for their company.

But, aside from finding the right hire that comes with the pre-employment background check. There are also other reasons why having background checks are vital to any business. Even though if employees have been already accepted and now an integral member of the company, it is crucial to keep track of the employees. Employee backgrounds differ from company to company. One company’s employee backgrounds differ from another company’s employee backgrounds. Getting to know your employees more allows you to bond with them on a deeper level, thus improving workplace atmosphere, thereby improving drastically your company’s performance.

As an employee, you should also know that a background check is also of your advantage. Through background checks, your employee ensures that they give you the best teammates to work on a project. They provide a safe environment that less likely produce conflicts and disagreements. They assure you that all your coworkers will voluntarily abide by the company’s laws and regulations. Other than that, they guarantee that all their employees will maintain the core values of a company so that they continue to uphold the standards of your workplace. It would also be of your benefit if the place where you work holds the highest reputation because it continues the legacy that comes with its name.

Through background checking both the employer and the employee gain something. Both of them benefit from the advantages that come with conducting background checks in the office. However, the HR personnel should not just hire and ask services from people who do not share the same passion in giving the best quality of service. They should also get the best background check services offered and Intelifi holds the same passion.

Intelifi is a company committed to giving you the best results when it comes to background checks. With their easy to use custom-made software Emerge, a background check is not that difficult anymore. They give you fast & accurate background checks online, safe, secure & easy applicant tracking software. All of which are NAPBS Accredited & FCRA Compliant. What more can you ask for?

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What Qualities Should Human Resources Look For in Applicants

When screening applicants, HR personnel should not just look at the skills and qualifications laid in the resume. They should also get to know the candidates on a personal level through the interview and throw questions that will give them an insight as to which person would fit for the company’s culture, team structure and management style. Here are a few qualities on what a Human Resource person should look for:

  • Team player– Sure, it’s important that a person knows how to work alone. But it is also essential to find someone who can work well with a team. The ability to coordinate and function smoothly with other coworkers in a project is a must have quality of your future employee.
  • Fast Learner– One of the best qualities an employee should have is the ability to catch up and learn new trends in a fast-paced environment.
  • Trustworthy– You should hire someone whom you are certain will give his loyalty to the company and would not, in any way, sell or distribute confidential data. This one may be easy to miss because a person’s honesty is hard to see on his resume unless you go through employment background checks. Employment background check is a process by which you verify the truthfulness of the applicant’s data and more than that, you get to look for his past records.
  • Passion and Enthusiasm – This pertains to his dedication to do well in his job. Those who are passionate about their work often brings success to the company because their priority is not getting the salary, but doing their best in the field of work that they love.
  • Potential– This means that you can envision the person to work long-term because of the possible future that he can achieve with his skills.
  • Creativity– With the never-ending innovation and advancement in technology, you should hire someone who isn’t just qualified, but someone who is filled with new ideas. In our modern age, you can’t expect to stay on top without making new changes. And where can you get those kinds of people? By hiring someone who knows how to think outside the box.
  • Positive Attitude– All companies need employees who know how to withstand criticism. You need someone who is optimistic in dealing with problems at work. People with a positive point of view will surely do their best until the last minute without complains.
  • Respect to other people– Sure, someone did meet those skill standards, but did he meet the attitude standard? If he can get the work done, but he would cause trouble in the company, maybe you should think twice before hiring him.
  • Discipline– You cannot tolerate someone who is always late or someone who doesn’t follow instructions and fails to meet the given deadline. This is also where employment background checks come in again, you shouldn’t hire someone who has a negative record with his previous employers.
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Effects of Technology to Employment



healthcare-technology-8-04-2015Technology Innovation isn’t simply something everybody is utilizing to complete work and to remain associated. It’s additionally affecting how bosses select incredible ability and how awesome ability finds the correct boss. Many selecting patterns from years venture that either new innovation will affect enrolling, or that present innovation enlisting patterns will remain a major ordeal in the coming year. The following are our four greatest ways innovation has affected enrolling. The fascinating thing about selecting and innovation is that everything cooperates. You can fundamentally work with each of these in a storehouse.

Social Media Recruitment

Despite the fact that social selecting isn’t new, or even another pattern, there are a couple of online networking strategies that will turn out to be more famous in 2014 and past. These incorporate video meeting and considering a competitor’s online networking profiles as a major aspect of the application, rather than an approach to screen applicants. Maybe the most vital approach to utilize online networking in selecting is to utilize it as a referral source. More than 30% of organizations saw an expansion in their referral hopefuls once occupied with social selecting, and referral competitors are frequently the ones who stick around longer and perform better in their positions.

Job and Career Websites

This part of selecting and innovation isn’t new. Work sheets are more than 15 years of age, and profession pages were conceivable as far back as organizations could set up a site. Be that as it may, innovation presented after occupation sheets and profession pages have changed how to utilize these selecting apparatuses adequately. Versatile enrolling directs that profession pages should be streamlined for portable, and that positions posted on occupation sheets and vocation pages should be shared via web-based networking media moreover. Online networking sharing means the message can be gotten to through versatile, for example, somebody checking their Twitter channel on their telephone. A candidate following framework can measure what number of resumes got through the occupation board, versus a referral or web-based social networking source.

Background Checks

Candidate following frameworks can be the most accommodating, or the most pernicious, innovative effect on enrolling. Everything relies on upon who you inquire. Spotters and contracting chiefs may state it’s an awesome apparatus for checking each one of those resumes and finding matches, while work searchers may think the background checks for employment only damages their odds by not considering the resume on an individual premise. In light of this, a background checks for employment can be best utilized by applying a prepared procuring eye with the innovation. Without a doubt, the background checks for employment is great at helping an organization meet consistent rules, however it’s bad at perusing PDF continues or confirming that “expert experience” or “vocation accomplishments” could mean the competitor’s work involvement.

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Employment Background Checks Misconceptions

elearning-misconceptionsApplicants who have recently been interviewed by a company for employment has been probably asked for consent to conduct routine background checks on them. Background Checks in Pre-Employment are important to do in order to avoid the risks and it has been a pivotal part of the hiring process. Many applicants still think about countless background checks misconceptions and how it really works.

If you are still thinking about getting a job, you should probably get these kinds of misconceptions out of your head before you go to your next job interview.

Background Checks Can Be Controlled and Changed with Great References.

Your employment chances could definitely go up if you hand over professional references in your job interview, but references are only one small part of employment background checks. Even if your references praise you are almost perfect, it does not mean the rest of the background checking will stop. They will still check other information about you like credit history, criminal history, etc.

All Companies Who Do Background Checking Share the Same Information.

A giant storage in the center of the earth where all the information about every person on the planet is unfortunately is just figures of imagination, but in reality, there are a few registries out there scattered through cities, counties and states throughout different countries. Information like driving history to court records are also scattered, which means employment background checks are different from other search and every firm does it in a different way.

Job Applicants Have No Power to Fight Against Employment Background Checks Results.

If you got disqualified from a job because of something in your employment background check results, you have the right to ask why you were disqualified. Your employer needs to give you a copy of the background check results that was the reason for your disqualification and they are also required to give you a letter of their decision. This kind of information won’t increase your chances to get a job, but it will still alert you about false information that comes up in your background check, so you can fix it before your next job interview.

Some Employers Do Not Run Employment Background Checks.

Yes, it was true. But now days, the job market is fairly crowded as it’s ever been and cautious employers are more focused on the lawsuits and threat. It won’t be easy for you to find a good job today that doesn’t require any sort of employment background checks.

Remember these misconceptions before you go on a job interview and you won’t be nervous about being background checked again.

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Background Checks 101

Employment background checks revolve around information of people who can result in negative reports that have unfavorable outcomes for a lot of applicants. These reasons make legislation that will protect the right of job applicants and employees and make sure that the information revolving in employment background checks are both right and recordable.

business-woman-unhappy-with-mans-workA lot of employment background checks based on people’s names that can generate results that don’t even belong to the applicant being searched. The most common names are more likely to have duplicate or unrelated retrieved. There records taken out by comparing other identifiable personal information like the birth place or date of birth. There is always a risk of misidentification when there are billions and billions of people walking around in the universe. But rules still exists to protect applicants by providing ways to correct any mistakes and dispute the processes and ways.

What is Fair Credit Reporting Act?

Fair Credit Reporting Act is the main piece of legislation that controls employment background checks, but this act applies to more than just credit reports. It has any and all information being reported to employers by the ones who provides employment background checks.

Employment background checks are also known as consumer reports or investigative consumer reports which differ on the type of information being searched. The act requires employers to take a few steps that include consent and notice before conducting employment background checks; the act also set the specific process and ways followed by employers when they take adverse action against applicants like denying them employment, promotion or terminating their employment.

The legal landscape of industries of employment background checks will always evolve and a lot of states have made their own legislation to regulate the purpose of using employment background checks in employment like ban the box legislation which has been the topics heavily debated in the recent years.

Ban the Box

Ban the box are laws that prevent employers from including check boxes on job applications that will ask applicants if they have convictions of any crimes. The purpose of these laws is to give applicants and employees with criminal records, a fair chance at interview for a job. Ban the box do not prevent employers from running criminal employment background checks in the hiring process once the potential employee got their interview or being considered for a job.

There are a lot of states that passed this law and there a lot more being expected to pass it in the future, whatever the people’s opinions are. Employers must check the laws within their jurisdiction and they can still consider removing all the questions about criminal conviction from their job application forms.

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Reasons to Use Accredited Background Check Companies

lawsuitA lot of companies have paid millions and millions of dollars to settle lawsuits in the unprecedented rise of employment background checks and law violations in employment background checks. With a lot of legislation popping up as expected in 2016, the legal landscape set to become more complex. Like the risks of committing violations when conducting employment background checks is possibly becoming even bigger.

Should companies suspend employment background checks so they can avoid legal sanctions? No, of course not, Employment background checks are important in the hiring process and conducting them is a must.

Why Do Companies Get Lawsuits?

First, lawsuits related employment background checks are from one source which is selecting the wrong kind of companies who do employment background checks. Using the right companies who do employment background checks leads to legal problems in two ways.

Some employment background checks companies commit violations when they conduct employment background checks. In many cases, when companies who had contracted they are the ones who will face legal action. In other words, companies who do employment background checks commit violations while their clients take the fall.

Like some firms who do employment background checks do not verify their results. They don’t cross check to make sure that the result of their employment background checks is correct. Most of them return false information of their employment background checks. When companies make drastic and wrong decisions on the basis of the false information, they end up getting the lawsuits.

The second way is that some firms who do employment background checks do not tell their clients on compliance issues, the best firms who do employment background checks are usually up to the latest legal requirements for jurisdictions. They send their clients with tips they can use to make sure their compliance. Some firms even refuse to do employment background checks unless their clients are following legal stipulations. Unfortunately, not all firms do this. A lot leave their clients in legal wormholes and set them up to commit legal violations

The point is that hiring the wrong firms to do employment background checks is the major reasons why companies end up with legal problems. The first step in avoiding legal problems is by hiring the right firms to do employment background checks.

The problem is how can companies see which ones are the right firms who do employment background checks from the bad ones. There is a foolproof method of judging whether a firm is the right one to conduct employment background checks. This is by asking whether they have accreditation or not.

What Is An Accreditation?

NAPBS is the body that brings together different firms who offers services for employment background checks. Its goal is to promote the best practices in the industry of employment background checks.

What Are The Benefits?

Hiring accredited firms offers certain benefits, after selecting from a composed cloud of less than 10 percent of firms who do employment background checks.


For a firm to obtain accreditation, it needs to show the capacity to show right information of their employment background checks. Therefore, companies who contracted with an accredited firm can rest assure that they will get the most accurate report of their employment background checks as possible.

Data Protection and Privacy

The accreditation process has a thorough information security audit. This includes data security password protocols, electronic access controls, record destruction and physical security which are all auditing aspects. Before firms have accreditation, it must show the capacity to secure their client’s data safely. This assurance is great for companies who need employment background checks, from the recent data breaches.

Hiring accredited firms who do employment background checks is the best decision any company or human resources can make in 2016, if companies intent to enjoy the full benefits of employment background checks, they must make sure that they hire a firm who have accreditation. Otherwise, they are setting their companies for legal problems.

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Background Checks: Dos and Don’ts

Thumb up down voting buttonsA good pre-employment screening policy will make sure that a company will both take a rounded, correct and balanced view of an applicant’s background. There are some things that will help companies get the most from their background checks.

What to Do

Verify the Identity of Applicants

Identity authentication is the key to the pre-employment screening process. Verifying is the applicant saying who they say they are should always be the first part. A lot of pre-employment screenings are ineffective if even the applicant’s basic details are not correct. Applicants may hide their criminal records or other information by changing addresses or leaving a gap. If the applicant is new to the country, their records of earlier residences in other countries thorough background checks will check it.

Check Qualifications

Using third parties to confirm an applicant’s qualification can make sure that the legal and industry requirements met.

Employers need to thorough pre-employment screening on the applicants they are hiring and make sure that they have relevant certification before taking them on and have proof that they took the right paths years down the line.

Add Criminal Records on Pre-Employment Screening Process

Criminal records highlight a minor offense like a penalty for speeding. Situations like this, employers can make their decision in hiring, a lot of serious convictions even if it can bring an impact on the job they applied for and bring applicants’ integrity into question.

Appropriate ways should be implemented to prevent any risks that will harm other staff or the status of the company.

Develop a Pre-Employment Screening Policy

Pre-employment screening significantly cut the harmful threat of a bad hiring decision, this pre-employment screening, which is an ongoing strategy, can play an important part in fighting employment fraud and providing valuable information into the background of the workforce. Pre-employment screening is enabling companies to find change in an applicant’s circumstances to make assessments of the risks they might pose. Just as pre-employment screening at the application part can detect rouge applicants. An ongoing vetting process can also bring up those staff that is the most vulnerable in committing fraud crimes against the company they work in.

What Not to Do

Underestimating Reputation Risks

The status of companies can seriously be compromised if the misdemeanor of one of their employees leaked to the public and it could be avoided through proper pre-employment screening procedures. This is always the case in companies working in a sector that deals with customer-facing environments like call centers and the companies that deals with sensitive data. Those who are hiring staff in these jobs that has a great responsibility have to make sure that integrity of their staff or face consequences.  Companies can be fined if they fail to apply proper pre-employment screening.

Data Protection as a Reason for Not Using Pre-Employment Screening

When talking about pre-employment screening of potential employees, there is some confusion around the sector of data privacy, human rights law and employment. There is no excuse in companies who fail to apply data protection legislation. Companies need to make sure that at the application stage, potential employees are aware of the pre-employment screening policies and other specific check being used.

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Employment Background Checks are the Crucial Kind of Checks

Employment background checks are one of the most important checks, employers need to easily confirm an applicant’s past work experience and it also shows applicants who falsify information which is one of the most common areas. Reports say that there was a discrepancy rate of at least 27 percent in the employment background histories based on more than 290 thousand employment verification conducted in the last months of 2014.

Conduct employment background checks and look into an applicant’s past work history that can show insight into their stability and loyalty to their job and employer. Employers compare the applicant’s claims on their applications with the real results of the employment background checks reported by the background check company hired by the employer.

Employment background checks will verify:
• The start and end of job dates
• Titles the applicant held
• The applicant’s salary
• Their job duties
• And the reason for their termination and rehire eligibility

Conducting Employment Background Checks

wordEmployers must get the applicant’s permission before conducting employment background checks. The applicant can decline permission to contact any employers from previous employment. But applicants can still be asked for permission to offer documents to prove their employment, but same goes to previous employers who cannot be contacted especially those who are no longer in business. Employment background checks will verify previous employment based on the clients’ guidelines.

At least 5 years of verified employment history preferred by clients while others prefer to see the last two verified employers of the applicant. The company should decide what is and what isn’t reasonable for the industry. There are 86 percent of applicants exposed by the results of employment background checks because of the misrepresentation on their résumés

What is the Importance of Employment Background Checks?

Some applicant will have gaps and blanks in their employment history for several reasons; it can include maternity leaves, incarceration, returning to school or the pursuit of their own business. Some applicant wants to cover these blanks and gaps by extending the start and end of the dates of their earlier jobs while some falsify their titles to get a higher pay.
Conducting employment background checks will give valuable information in their background about the applicant, their work habits, attitude and integrity, with the rapid growth of the economy, employers are in the world of competitive job market that is increasing every year. It is also effective and right part in managing the known integrity of the employee base of the company.

Working with the leading provider of employment background checks will offer help for employers to conduct employment background checks on applicants that will match the required work experience for the offered job.

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