Importance of Background Check for the Employers and Employees

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Background checks are an integral part of employment in this modern age. Having knowledge about a certain individual prior to hiring them allows you to make appropriate decisions based on your company’s needs. That is why HR personnel need to perform background checks on the applicants who wish to work for their company.

But, aside from finding the right hire that comes with the pre-employment background check. There are also other reasons why having background checks are vital to any business. Even though if employees have been already accepted and now an integral member of the company, it is crucial to keep track of the employees. Employee backgrounds differ from company to company. One company’s employee backgrounds differ from another company’s employee backgrounds. Getting to know your employees more allows you to bond with them on a deeper level, thus improving workplace atmosphere, thereby improving drastically your company’s performance.

As an employee, you should also know that a background check is also of your advantage. Through background checks, your employee ensures that they give you the best teammates to work on a project. They provide a safe environment that less likely produce conflicts and disagreements. They assure you that all your coworkers will voluntarily abide by the company’s laws and regulations. Other than that, they guarantee that all their employees will maintain the core values of a company so that they continue to uphold the standards of your workplace. It would also be of your benefit if the place where you work holds the highest reputation because it continues the legacy that comes with its name.

Through background checking both the employer and the employee gain something. Both of them benefit from the advantages that come with conducting background checks in the office. However, the HR personnel should not just hire and ask services from people who do not share the same passion in giving the best quality of service. They should also get the best background check services offered and Intelifi holds the same passion.

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Checking Employee Backgrounds

To re-emphasize all agencies who check employee backgrounds are all licensed and to do the checking of employee backgrounds, because of employment. If checking employee backgrounds will show actions which can potentially harm and injure people receiving the company’s services, the company is not hiring the person.

employee-clipart-free-employee-clipart-1.jpgThe purpose of checking employee backgrounds is to assure to the possible extent that potential employees are unlikely to harm people physically, psychologically and financially. A license may not contract or use people with criminal records which show behavior and actions that can potentially harm people, searched through either criminal records check or criminal background checks. Statutory note and regulations require two types of background checks, criminal background checks, and former employer background checks.

Following these requirements, the company or the employer should not depend on this one.  The employer should comply and be familiar with all the statutes and laws cited and other regulations that need reports of neglect and abuse incidents. A serious violation of these regulations is when a license fails to comply with a basic safety and health standard.

Checking Employee Backgrounds

The information on employee backgrounds is essential to companies that need new employees. They need the license to send a request to get references from recent employers. The least information on employee backgrounds, they can get from employers are histories of physical abuse. Good judgment is good enough, the license requires to dig deeper and check all references.

Checking Criminal Backgrounds

Companies will pay for the cost of checking the state criminal records in the employee backgrounds, or the agencies private background checks for searching the potential employee backgrounds. For companies that use the agencies to conduct background checks, they will conduct background checks in all the states which the company has the reason to know the potential employee has stayed and worked in the past 7 years.

In all the checks in employee backgrounds required, companies can ask for further checking of potential employee backgrounds. Other pre-employment screening allowed like drug tests and credit reports, inquiring to original source documentation. All companies need to have internal rules and policies that will guide their hiring process and practices relating to employees and applicants with documented history of criminal records especially if the criminal records denote conviction for felony crimes.

The purpose of checking employee backgrounds is to protect people supported by companies and their staff. But this makes companies responsible for obtaining and weighing information to decide whether or not hiring the applicant is the right decision. Companies have responsibilities to acquire former employer information and criminal records, but there is no formula in what kind of information companies need in making employment decisions. All the hiring decisions depend on information from checking employee backgrounds. But every time an employer checks employee background and it shows something negative and the company decides to hire them, the reasons should all be contained in the applicant’s record.

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