Different Kinds of Background Checks

Background Checks are the information that will show up when conducted by background check companies, which includes the Social Media Profiles, Records of Properties, Address History, Phone Numbers, Relatives, Neighbors lawsuits and criminal records of the person being checked out.

Background Check Companies. They are the ones who are hired by people to secure safety upon their brand and businesses. They put their time, effort, man power and other resources so that clients know the people they are hiring.

There are several kinds of background checks, they are mostly used to find out when an individual or a company has criminal records, embellished applications and even just knowing if they are safe to hire. Some background checks are used to save money and cheap, they take different approach on background checks.


Here are the kinds of background checks:

  • Complete Background Checks

Employers are finding out that it’s no longer sufficient to conduct simple criminal background checks to protect their status and assets. An applicant’s character has more than one facet not just criminal history but also employment, education, licenses verification, their skills, experiences and workplace attitude and behavior. Employers are recommended to conduct at least basic searches for all the staff and other additional searches for the needs of the employer and the applicant who will fill the position.

  • Personalized Background Checks

Fixed packages might seem ideal but in reality they actually mean that the employer pays for the kinds of the searched that is not needed and the ones that were actually needed. The best background check companies help employers choose the searches that will be included in their background checks. They find a way to meet the employer’s budget and needs.

  • Real Criminal Record Checks

Criminal Databases are so incomplete and out of date. There are holes in the coverage in completeness, time and accuracy. What, when and how information are included greatly varies for both the commercial compilers and the government reporting agencies. If any hits from the database must be verified with the proper jurisdiction and should be compliant with the Fair Credit Report Act and other similar state laws.

  • Comprehensive Criminal Record Checks

Records is in the courts are not shared. Each of the criminal records repository contains different types of record and covers different time periods, geographic areas. Some criminal record types and jurisdictions needs to be searched depending on the employer and the job position the applicant will be filling.

Accredited and Unaccredited Background Check Companies

The participation of background check companies in the industry accreditation programs are important to indicate the company’s attitude and if they have the best industry practices.

NAPBS or National Association of Professional Background Screeners have the mission to promote business practices that are ethical, also to promote compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and gather awareness on the issues related to protection of the consumer and their privacy rights within the background screening industry. Self-Policing is the membership in the association.

Background checks are an area where buyers should be careful in which the mentality of you will get something based on what you paid for applies. Background checks are an investment which is very important to employers. Employers carefully consider who they trust to help secure the safety of the company with this critical business function.

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Knowing the Law When It Comes To Background Checking


The rules around background checks and background check companies are established by the national government of each country, subdivisions, states, cities and counties.

law.jpgMost background check companies are very familiar with the screening laws in the territories which they are operating in. If you are trying to do your own screenings on your own, you need to be careful about complying with the laws in your jurisdiction.

Fair Credit Reporting Act is a federal law that is governing background check companies and background screening. The act has many rules about bureaus for credit-reporting, such as the limit on being allowed to go back in order to report and check on an applicant’s credit history. You should still follow a few important rules when conducting credit checks, even when if you are using credit-reporting agencies to do your screening.  Here are a few rules to follow:

  • A written consent should be obtained from the applicants and current employees before viewing their credit reports.
  • A summary of applicants and employees’ rights must be provided by their Employer, which is under the FCRA before taking an action against them based on a credit report. Applicants can dispute incomplete information with the credit-reporting agency after they have been disqualified based on the negative information in a background check report.
  • You can do background checks by yourself but background check companies have staffs to research state laws and makes sure that they are in continual compliance. Background Check Companies has a lot of competition and has low prices these days; you are better off putting your ultimate decisions on a third party.

Background check companies have been popping up left and right which is hard to be in that kind of economy these days and background checks are always increasing due to computerizing of vital records.

Some Background Check Companies are so full of confidence that if they don’t find anything on an individual, then the report will be few if it doesn’t have anything negative. This is a No Hit, No Fee kind of deal.  In some states, there are rules that employers cannot ask their applicants to reveal their Social Media Passwords.

Always check social media networks and you might be surprised on what kind of thing you will find, a survey revealed that employers review their applicants based only on their social networking activities before placing a job offer and some say they reject candidates with just finding out results of that search. Always ask background check companies if they include social media networks in their screening packages.

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How to Know if Background Check Companies Are Accredited


Some people often do not know how background check companies work, and how often companies like these are supposed to be accredited by NAPBS which is an organization which provides Background Check Companies like Intelifi Technology Screening with more opportunities and to network with other Background Check Companies. Clients who will use companies for background checking should know how to spot Accredited Background Check Companies.


Why is Accreditation so important?
Accreditations are these important seals of approval that companies should be looking for when they are choosing Background Check Companies to hire. It is the only way in the field that proves the procedures of a provide are compliant with above average practices and affirms expertise. Without these accreditations, Background Check Companies commit violations when they are conducting background checks, they don’t verify their search results or check if their background checks are accurate.

This will lead to background check-related lawsuits and the ones who contracted them will face legal action or will take the fall. That is why hiring unaccredited background check companies is the main reason why they end up in legal problems which is why millions of dollars are being wasted to just settle and there is no loophole in these kinds of problem once the company gets caught.

Now, what are they supposed to do? Should companies cancel and suspend their background checks in order to avoid these bad companies and avoid lawsuits and legal actions? Of course not! Even though for some people, it’s hard to know which is which. But these background check companies are still very important part of the hiring process. It is a must.

Things to know if background check companies you plan to hire are accredited.
First, Background Check Companies should be secured before dealing into several agencies.

The National Association of Professional Background Screeners offers an accreditation program for Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRA’s) situated in the US.
Background Check Companies/Services reports, which are ordered as customer reports are at present controlled at both the government and state level.
To wind up certify, a CRA must pass a thorough location review, which will be directed by a free examining firm, of its system and arrangements as they identify with basic areas of the Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program.
This information will help guide people and future clients of Background Check Companies to locate good firms to hire.

Why do people need to hire Accredited Background Check Companies?
Even though all Background Check Companies always talk about how their work are all about quality, but these accredited firms are the ones who exceeds standards and expectations, and are willing to put in time, effort and resources.

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Why Need Background Check Companies Be Accredited by NAPBS

What is NAPBS?
The NAPBS is a professional organization that aims to provide background screening companies with resources and educational opportunities, as well as provide professionals involved in this industry with an opportunity to network with fellow Background Check Companies.

What are their Functions?

  •  Promoting fair practice and ethics in the background screening industry
  • Ensuring that all members comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  •  Raising awareness about privacy rights of potential tenants and employees.
  • Advocating industry issues with local, state and national lawmakers and promoting education and discussion among the various members.


Reasons to use an NAPBS Accredited Firm for Background Check 

Background Check Companies always talk about how they are committed to quality, but aren’t willing to put in money, man power, time, effort and resources to actually earn their accreditation.

1. Accredited Firms and Background Check Companies are always committed to quality.
2. They operate standards above all others. Accredited firms or background check companies always meets or exceeds their best practice. This part is straight forward. If the firm was no good, it had to implement a better way.
3. They take concerns about Security and Privacy seriously. It is easy to make promises about protection on privacy. And even having the best IT Team and the latest technology is only half the work.
4. Accredited Background Check Companies are focus on compliance. You should know the regulations when you order background checks. Accreditation means Background Check Companies understands their legal responsibilities and duties.

Intelifi Technology Screening is a member of the (NAPBS) National Association of Professional Background Screeners. which means that their company will be consulting with their partners on how to improve this industry and taking part in important industry decisions and learning first hand of the best new resources available for their clients.
Intelifi has created a guide on How to Know if Your Background Check Services is NAPBS Accredited. First, Background Check Companies should be secured before dealing into several agencies.

The National Association of Professional Background Screeners offers an accreditation program for Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRA’s) situated in the US.
Background Check Companies/Services reports, which are ordered as customer reports are at present controlled at both the government and state level.

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Keys to Being a Successful Recruiter

bigstock-Happy-Successful-Business-Peop-62232689-1140x300Identifying the best practices and processes for recruitment is one of the many concerns of employment hiring teams. Making sure you know the inclusion of your job as a recruiter is one of the basic keys to being a successful recruiter. Aside from ensuring that your company has a good reputation when it comes to management-employee relations, it is necessary that you package the vacant position as amiable and gratifying as possible. Some of the important keys to be successful in choosing the best candidate for a position are as follow:

  • Conduct job posting

As an employer, you cannot expect candidates to submit applications if you did not perform your task to post position vacancies on different outlets. In today’s era, it is essential that your company, with the aid of your social media specialist, conduct job postings online and offline. There are several job posting sites you may visit and partner with in order to make sure you reach more individuals depending on your location.

  • Conduct a resume solicitation and selection

You may now ask candidates to submit their resumes online together with their letter of intent. Doing so, allows you to have many applicants with easier access to their information. Using online application as a process of resume solicitation allows your company to easily submit information to background check companies for verification of data submitted by candidates.

  • Conduct a background check

There are a lot of background check companies offering services that allow you to confirm details about your candidates and see if they present risk to your company. Through background checks, you will be able to scrutinize the work history, financial records, as well as the criminal status of your candidates. This also allows you to determine whether your candidate is responsible enough in keeping their public records correct and updated.

  • Conduct a reference check

As an employer, it is your duty to contact at least two of the candidate’s references. This differs from the verification conducted by background check companies for this process highlights the disposition of your candidate in his or her previous workplace or working environment. Learning from their previous bosses, co-workers or even personal references, could be of great help as this process allows you, as an employer, to know more about your candidate’s character and rate their people skills. Most importantly, you can verify the information given to you by your candidates by simply asking the individuals in their reference list.

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How to Know if Your Background Check Services is NAPBS Accredited

Background check services should be secured before dealing into several agencies. The National Association of Professional Background Screeners offers an accreditation program for Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRA’s) situated in the United States of America. Administered by strict and intensive experts, the Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program (BSAAP) has turned into a generally perceived seal of endorsement that conveys national acknowledgment to an employment background screening-partnered association for its dedication to brilliance, responsibility and high expert measures.

Every year, U.S. bosses, associations, and legislative offices demand numerous shopper reports to help with basic business choices including pre-employment screening. Background check services reports, which are ordered as customer reports are at present controlled at both the government and state level. Since its commencement, the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) has trusted that there is a solid requirement for a solitary durable industry standard and in this manner made the Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program (BSAAP).

The NAPBS Background Screening Credentialing Council (BSCC) directs the application handle and is the administering accreditation body that will guarantee the background screening associations looking for accreditation meet or surpass a quantifiable standard of ability. To wind up certify, a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) must pass a thorough on location review, directed by a free examining firm, of its arrangements and systems as they identify with six basic areas of the Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program (BSAAP):

  •  Consumer Protection’ includes standards for the Information Security Policy; Intrusion, Detection and Response; Consumer Disputes; Data Security; Database Criminal Records; Stored Data Security; Password Protocol; Electronic Access Control; Physical Security; Unauthorized Browsing; Consumer Information Privacy Policy; Record Destruction and Sensitive Data Masking.
  • Legal Compliance’ includes standards for the Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA); Designated Compliance Person(s); Integrity; State Consumer Reporting Laws; State Implemented DPPA Compliance; Prescribed Notices; and Certification from Client.
  • Client Education’ comprises standards for the Client Required Documents; Adverse Action; Client Legal Responsibilities; Truth in Advertising; Legal Counsel; Understanding Consumer Reports; and Information Protection.
  • Product Standards’ contains standards for the Errors and Omissions Coverage; Public Record Researcher Agreement; Vetting Requirement; Public Record Researcher Certification; Information Security; Identification Confirmation; Auditing Procedures; and Jurisdictional Knowledge.
  • Service Standards’ take in standards for the Outsourced Verification Services; Verification Accuracy; Diploma Mills; Procedural Disclosures; Verification Databases; Use of Stored Data; Current Employment; Documentation of Verification Attempts; Conflicting Data; Professional Conduct; and Authorized Recipient.
  • General Business Practices’ includes standards for the Character; Insurance; Consumer Credentialing; Document Management; Client Credentialing; Vendor Credentialing; Visitor Security; Employee Certification; Worker Training; Employee Criminal History; Quality Assurance; and Certification.

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How Can We Make Background Check Faster

Choosing for the right background check companies that will conduct the investigation will not just give you the right records but probably can do it in a shortest period of time. You’ve made a special effort to select, conduct interview and tight down your hiring choice to maybe a couple of skilled applicants just to have the rewards for so much hard work conveyed to an alarming halt with a delay background check. An extensive personal investigation can be a standout amongst the most disappointing parts of the employing process. As indicated by the latest report, over portion of company owners say that their biggest screening test is the time it takes to finish a background check.

While some background check companies are delayed because of backlogs at the region or state repository, different cases may be created by off base or missing data. There are numerous jurisdictions that are late bouncing on the computerized bandwagon. These jurisdictions still depend basically on paper records and a court assistant who will filter through them to recover the results.

There are various screening providers that are not digitally incorporated with courthouses to get records. Rather, they depend heavily on physically sending court runners to the larger part of jurisdictions to recover criminal record results. In the event that a court runner has an especially huge workload or is working in a region with awful climate, it can mean untimely delays for bosses who are anticipating the outcomes.These absolutely aren’t the main contributing elements to turnaround times, however they are the most well-known.

Here are things that employers can do to diminish the recurrence of these delays.

  • Choose the right provider
 One of the greatest mistakes managers make while selecting a background screening provider is constructing their choice only in light of expense without considering turnaround time. Dollar amount rapidly heightens when you figure the loss of profitability and expanded time to contract. Employers ought to likewise select a provider that is exceptionally coordinated specifically with courthouses to get speedier criminal record check results.
  • Choose for online
 Use your supplier’s online candidate collection procedure as as often as expected. However, work with your provider to recognize where their procedure is not requesting all required data. Set up a procedure to gather in parallel so there would be no time delay. A web ordering procedure can essentially lessen record verification delays.
  • Create a list and check it twice
 If you submit directly to your provider, have an agenda on hand by and review it before sending a request to your screening company. Take a couple of minutes to guarantee that the applicant has incorporated the fundamental data so that the screening company like Intelifi will have all that it needs to perform the background check.

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Why Do Employers Conduct a Background Checks?

Employers generally don’t expect that individuals applying for employments are lying on their resumes and job applications but to make certain before settling on a definite conclusion, you can ask help from background check companies. Background check is a final step taken by employers to guarantee a sound hiring decision and protect the business from various potential dangers. Here are some reasons why business owners perform background checks.

  • Job Competence

For some employers, a background check is a dependable method for confirming cases made by employment seekers during the hiring procedure. With a tight job market, the appeal of exaggerating educational capabilities or upgrading work histories, for instance, can develop. As a future representative, wouldn’t you feel more guaranteed in realizing that your colleagues have been screened to guarantee they are met all requirements for the occupations they hold?

  • Workplace Safety

Bosses face certain obligations regarding their employees’ welfare, and in addition for the safety of clients, sellers and guests. For instance, if an employer hires somebody who hurts another representative, the business may face claims for negligent hiring if, for instance, the employer had sensible cause to believe that the worker may be unsafe to others or the employer neglected to direct a sensible investigation to find whether the worker is unfit for the position or may hurt others.

  • Workplace Theft

Employers are aware that most business theft today is performed by insiders. A background check can help employers to settle on insightful and educated hiring choices to decrease their danger of theft.

  • Honesty and Integrity

A confirmed misstatement or fabrication made by a candidate during the hiring procedure frequently is sufficient for an employer to question the applicant’s genuineness or integrity and possibly exclude them from a job.

To check the importance to employers of approving candidate credentials, look no further than the very public examples of CEOs and high-profile professors and coaches that overstated their credentials, only to bring harm to the status of the employers that failed to perform a background check on them.

The Bottom Line

Organizational reputations have dependably been an incredible worry to bosses, as the most highly regarded organizations can draw in the best qualified specialists. Background checks help employers protect their reputations by making more secure workplaces staffed by qualified representatives.

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Reliable and Affordable Background Check Companies

Background check companies are sources in getting essential data yet you should be watchful in picking the reliable one since you have to get the precise information. Google does not have answers to all inquiries, particularly when it’s about criminal and other government records of a US subject. Other than maybe a couple obsolete online networking profiles, you are not going to discover much data around an individual’s activity, criminal or police records.

There are reliable background check companies that offer you some assistance with digging more profound and fish out a few hidden police records. Intelifi is a definitive site with regards to drilling into government records and discovering data that even escapes Google. It is an aggregation site that has access to each accessible traffic, arrest and criminal records of a huge number of US occupants. The site gathers every one of the records and posts them online for the overall population to seek. These records have been made accessible for the public by the US government.

Intelifi likewise offers data on the local sex offenders when you look for data. Along these lines, you will become acquainted with about the local sex offenders in your neighborhood and even the precise area where they currently live. This may sound frightening however this data will prove to be useful when you are moving to another region. It gives a definitive sneak peek into background data of all US nationals.

Background check companies can access these records within seconds and after that can seek as well as check any number of records relating to their family, friends and neighbors. You will effectively become acquainted with whether the individual has a dim past or not which would inevitably help you and your family stays safe by taking safety measures.

During earlier period if you needed to research an individual’s arrest record, you needed to travel the distance to the particular province court office and present a formal application with them. This included a few authority methods that took days or even weeks. Nonetheless, background check companies offer the required services that help you to sidestep the repetitive authority systems.

Not just will you have the capacity to profit the criminal records yet other general background data like telephone numbers, date of birth, past locations and licenses held by the person. You may even become acquainted with about the approximate wage level of the individual and satellite pictures of the locations where he lived.

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How to Make More Background Checks By Doing Less

Getting reputable and effective background check companies are important for background investigation. It may sound usual but be certain on trusting people before doing transactions.

If you think it isn’t important to perform a background investigation, consider what may happen to your business if you contract the wrong individual. You could end up with a representative who steals from you, your different workers or your clients. The wrong representative might end up being savage and in the event that you didn’t do your persistence, you could be sued for negligent hiring.

Luckily, doing background check isn’t difficult, particularly in case you’re contracting background check companies to do it for you. Here are tips on how to perform more background check by doing less.

  • Grab the best background check company

The third party for the investigation is essential to create the easiest, fastest and effective background check. Be informed about the company that you’ll work with. Make sure that they can do what you want and flexible for any changes. Intelifi can comply with your demands and can give precise and accurate information.

  • Careful with the credit checks

Remember that a few administrators in states and in Congress are thinking about bills that would restrain the use of credit checks for employers. So in case you’re going to request a credit check, ensure you have a justifiable reason.

In the event that you do end up running one, have a procedure set up to handle any awful news. A negative mark on a credit report does not mean the candidate isn’t a good fit for the employment. And ensure that when you begin the procedure, all data that you need are all accumulated.

  • Be consistent

One of the less demanding approaches to get the objective of an employment discrimination lawsuit is the point at which a few applications get one sort of treatment in their personal investigation, and others don’t. The more predictable you are with your procedure for doing personal investigations, the more improbable anybody can get irate and come after you.

It’s fine to do a credit check on the upper management job opening however not the telemarketer, but rather everybody applying for the upper management position better gets a credit check. To save much of your money and time, be consistent as well on asking standard information that you need to complete the investigation.

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