The Ultimate Cheat Sheet in Finding the Best Background Check Company

468397948Some employers don’t run employment background checks on each potential employee. This can cause financial damages that could affect the business in the long haul.  Running an extensive employment background check can limit hiring mistakes—and it doesn’t need to require a ton of investment, either. However, it’s insufficient to have a background check company as partner in hiring – you need the best and most accurate background check company. You should know that background check companies are not all the same. Finding the correct one for your business can be difficult – particularly in case you’re not acquainted with the intricate details of background screenings.

To help you in your decision, search for these essential factors when looking for the right background check company:

  • Accreditation, Membership and Certification– With regards to background checks, you need to guarantee the optimum precision and the highest level of quality. Search for a background check company that is accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). NAPBS Accreditation is a kind of accreditation that is only given to those who have achieved and reached the National Association of Professional Background Screeners standards on background screening. This kind of accreditation encompasses compliance, information security, consumer protection ethics and professionalism, ability to train and educate clients, quality and accuracy, and employees’ background check expertise. Knowing that only a few have passed this kind of inspection gives you the assurance that you are getting the best background check service and solution.


  • Customer Service– Background checks can be complicated. Search for a company with a strong reputation for committed, proficient service with clientele satisfaction, and discover how that will be executed. Discover a background check company that gives exceptional support to enable you to do background checks effectively and address any problems and difficulties that may emerge along the process.


  • Turnaround Time– Turnaround time is pivotal for background checks. Sixty-three percent of applicants keep searching for different employments while waiting to hear back on their background check. Managers remain to lose important applicants because of long waiting periods for background check results. Pick a background check company with a competitive turnaround time.


  • Precision– It is vital to understand that background checks can contain inaccurate data which may ignite issues. Ensure the organization you pick has a reputation for accurate reports and gives specific data on how it prepares its reports.

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What Sets Apart the Great Managers from Others

woman-leader-manager-head-of-team-silhouette-largeGreat managers have the ability to change the game. They are the ones who can turn an unlikely office situation around. Contrary to what employees used to believe, great managers are not the same. They have their own unique ways in handling their subordinates.  They are fully aware that not all individuals have the same way and manner in approaching issues and problems regarding their work; thus what they do is assess everyone and help them to be better. They provide training, coaching, and other events and activities that will help the employees improve their skills and manage their differences.

One thing that great managers do is they select the best person for the job. They do not simply depend on the amount of experience an individual has; rather, they seek for persons with the talent needed. These talents are divided into three categories: striving, thinking, and relating. Striving is the drive and desire to achieve things and put his potential into action. Thinking is often related to a person’s personality and focus. Discipline, on the other hand, is their ability to work with other team members smoothly. This means that he is empathic toward others and has the ability to be sensitive to individual differences. Aside from talent, great managers find the best applicants by conducting background checks. With the help of background check companies, managers know more than what they usually see in an applicant. They see his records and what kind of person he is before. By knowing this, it will help him in his decision-making to find the best applicant.

Other than selecting the best person, they also set the right expectations which often lead to right outcomes. Great managers know how to supervise employees without making their team members feel stupid. They know that they don’t need to constantly check on their employees. They give them the right amount of trust that each member will determine the right way to reach his objectives, which draws out his unique talents and abilities.

Great managers don’t point out all the time a person’s weakness and shortcomings. They focus on strengths when motivating an individual. They recognize that each employee has their own distinct strength that will help the managers to work on his weaknesses. For example, if a person loves routine, then send him repetitive tasks that will work out his weakness.  By doing this, managers motivate employees without them feeling inadequate and inferior.

Lastly, great managers know how to find the right person for each job. They know what task each person should be assigned to what will help that person grow. They aren’t there simply for the company’s success; rather, they are also there for their employees’ improvement as well.


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Top Qualities a Human Resource Manager Should Have

how-to-be-more-confidentHuman Resources is a field that helps employees reach their greatest potential and helps businesses reach their company success. Almost all industries have an HR department. This department is in charge of performance management, safety, wellness, benefits, training of employees. They play an important role in in managing people in the workplace and if they do their best in their job, it will bring a great impact in the company success. Part of an HR responsibility is to select the best candidate during employment. These include looking at the resume, scheduling interviews and verifying the qualifications and the truthfulness of the employee’s resume. This is where background check companies come in, they give services that will help an HR pick out the right applicant.

However, it’s not just about choosing the right candidate; it should also be about being the best HR manager, and have the qualities that make them excel at their work. Read on to find out what attributes an HR Manager should have:

Leadership– Oftentimes, employees look for answers to HR Managers. They should know how to lead people, especially during difficult times in the company. They should learn how to balance being a friendly presence and running and taking control of the office matters smoothly. 

Expertise– HR Manages should also know all the things that they should know about the company. They should be skilled in during the hiring companies, and knowledgeable about the company policies and guidelines. 

Organization– HR managements should know how to be organized with their time and their files. Handling a lot of people is hard enough, so they must know how to make time for the priorities of the company. 

Ethics– In many ways, HR serves as the judge and counselor between conflicts in employees so they should know how to act correctly by keeping confidential information and following policies. They should earn the trust of their employees so they could do their job effectively.

Communication– HR professionals should know how to communicate to their company’s executive officers, managers, and all levels and kinds of employee. They have to be good in writing and even in public speaking, no matter how many people are there. They should sound convincing, caring and believable. 

Problem Solving– For a company to flourish, the HR department should ensure that the employees with many differences as individuals will work smoothly as a team to reach their goals. 

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Protect your Company Starting with Background Check Companies

Gather Essential Information

Pre-employment screening can be viewed as a first line of guard for recruiters to secure their organization, workers and resources. In the event that they don’t have a screening program and use a background check benefit from a reliable background check company, they should consider. Background checks can give employers the data to settle on brilliant choices. They help the organization alleviate chance for hopeful practices, for example, criminal efforts, misrepresentation, theft and manhandle. In the event that fulfilled the correct way, pre-employment individual screening help with shielding the business from careless procuring.

There are many background check companies that give screening administrations to confirm that potential representatives or volunteers have the required uprightness and aptitudes for a position. It’s imperative to research an applicant or representative altogether and assess the data employers get from a background check company. On the off chance that a pre-employment individual screening ought to uncover that a worker is unfit for the occupation the employer’s association can be held obligated. Ensure the data companies use to choose or deny an individual hopeful depends on reality and that it is pertinent to the position being connected for.

Running a Pre-employment screening can help companies know who they’re contracting. recruiters would prefer not to discover sometime later a man is unfit after they invested the efforts procuring and preparing, for it could be an exorbitant error. While the degree and strategy for pre-employment record check can contrast between organizations, the reason continues as before, to enlist the most qualified competitors.

The best technique for safeguard is a reliable background check from a good background check company, which comprises of all the vital screening parts that are imperative and identify with the employment duties, execution, capabilities, or level of contribution inside the employer’s organization. Note that workers have protection rights that can be legitimately upheld when pre-employment individual checks are not led inside the laws that administer work screening.

The business needs to get an arrival on their optimal venture and moderate potential lawful and money related exposures. Directing personal investigations on potential representatives using a record verification administration is a noteworthy piece of the business procedure. Regardless of whether they’re new to business screening or as of now have a program set up to run pre-employment personal check on candidate’s, it’s imperative the employers have a strong and steady arrangement. Recall that, they don’t have boundless rights to dive into a worker’s experience or individual life, thus employers have to recognize what they may or may not be able to when directing a pre-employment screening.

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Criminal Record Free Applicants: Screening for Quality


Hiring Additional Employees

what-should-human-resource-departments-and-hiring-managers-change-about-how-they-hire-if-they-want-to-capitalize-on-a-shrinking-applicant-pool_2332_40133536_0_14112302_500Business and unemployment are the main factors behind financial development and stagnation of the economy. On a national scale, unemployment rates influence consumer trust in a range of ways, including the need to make purchases. As an entrepreneur, you can influence your area’s economy by procuring extra laborers, the length of your employing is in light of buyer response to your organization’s items and administrations.

Benefits of Hiring Employees

  • Increased Consumer Spending – Job openings offer chances for formerly jobless or under-employed personnel to upsurge take salaries and improve their financial responsibilities. Improved employee paychecks leads to a higher rate of consumer expenditure, which welfares other industries who hinge on consumer sales to keep them alive and to pay their merchants. Enlisting extra workers for private venture can accomplish these effects on a little scale and increment the cash coursing in the commercial center. This prompts to a more beneficial general nearby economy and permits more organizations to flourish.
  • Stimulating Economic Growth – Once a great amount of joblessness occurs locally or nationally, economic development struggles. Buyers spare more cash and commit less to spending outside of the absolute minimums, for example, sustenance, sanctuary and overhauling obligations. Contracting extra workers for your independent company fortifies financial development on a little scale as a repercussion of confined increments in shopper spending. The more cash purchasers spend on merchandise and enterprises, the more accessible capital your organization and others in the range need to create bigger product offerings and administration offerings.

Screening the Applicants

Now we know how important adding employees are, it would be best to know how to screen them and how background check companies can help with the screening process.

Interviews are frequently the most critical part of the employing procedure. Are they ready? It is safe to say that they are demonstrating encouragement? Do they deal with themselves? One system that is not utilized regularly is to work with the potential worker for 60 minutes or so for the lowest pay permitted by law. Experience a portion of the errands to check whether the occupation is a solid match. This is one method for getting criticism with respect to if it’s an occupation will appreciate. The procuring and preparing procedure can cost a considerable measure of cash. Frequently individuals don’t recognize what they’ll be doing throughout the day consistently.

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School Safety Through Background Check Companies


depositphotos_10733013_l1The phrase “Education is the key to success” is one of the most overused motivational quote. The quote is very accurate; life would be harder for an uneducated person, they are easily deceived and controlled by the well-educated, and usually think that money is the answer to everything. This is why parents work as hard as they can to afford putting their children in to schools that can provide quality education. With all the efforts that people do to earn for schooling, it is just fair that the school provide them with quality education, as well as a comfortable and safe environment.

School Safety

It is a big relief for the family of the student knowing that the school they are going to is safe. However, how can people know that the school is really safe? Is it by simply seeing high fences at the school? Here is a short list to observe and remember when looking around at a school of interest:

  • Presence of security and maintenance personnel – upon entering and wandering around the campus, it would be good to observe if the security and maintenance personnel are quite dynamic. Knowing that these people are attentive is a sign that the school is well maintained and guarded.
  • Well maintained facilities and utilities – the slight malfunction of utilities in the school can be really dangerous to a person’s safety. Making sure that the facilities and utilities are at a mint condition is also a must.
  • Employees are screened by background check companiesthe school is just a building, it won’t be productive without its employees, especially teachers. They should be able to deliver safe and quality education, an institution must make sure that their teachers are equipped with exceptional teaching skill and also screened by background check companies.

Background Check Companies

What are background check companies? Background check companies provide broad screening solutions to clients. These companies do the background checking of a certain person for the client; they search online databases and visit courthouses to verify or look for criminal records. Here are some specific types of screening done by background check companies presented by

  • Misdemeanor and felony criminal records searches at the county, state and national levels
  • Sex-offender status searches
  • Social Security number traces and validations
  • Employment verifications
  • Education verifications
  • Professional license verifications
  • Reference checks
  • Credit report checks
  • Civil records checks
  • Motor vehicle records checks
  • Military records verifications
  • Workers’ compensation history searches
  • Health care sanction checks

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Choosing Background Check Companies

hrThese days, when you read publications about management or human resources, it is impossible not to see articles about the “war on talent”. The management for talent has become the ideal mantra in creating competitive advantage for companies of all kinds in our economic marketplace.

The focus employers have one tablet every time they hire new applicants, especially for management, technical and high valued jobs; many important things riding on the hiring decisions of the employer. There is a lot of success for companies that hire good employees, but hiring bad employees may cost companies a lot more than status or money.

Bad Hires Cost Companies

Companies who have reports of making bad hires lost tens of thousands of dollars in their financial cost, 29 percent of German employers have reported that they lost at least 80,000 dollars due to hiring mistakes. Making bad hires can have several consequences across a company; the costs are high when you add strained clients and employee relation, missed opportunities of sales, legal issues and resources for hiring and training new applicants.

There are reports that employers have insufficient information that contributed to the employer’s bad hiring decisions and failure to check an applicant’s references which is one-third of the problem, lacking in information on applicants and their background and experiences.

Background Check Companies

Background check companies and their pre-employment screening serves as a critical role in finding information that the employers need to make a good hire. The pre-employment screening includes background checks. Background checks provide information that can help employers make the right hiring decisions, but if done poorly, it will have a negative Impact to their company.

All background check companies are not created equally. The right background check companies will help employers build effective pre-employment screening program will cut negligent risks in hiring, builds a more productive workforce and safer and will support the company’s overall strategic goals.

It is important to also note that background check companies have evolved where 95 percent of employers conducting pre-employment screening which is now mainstream. The background checks companies and its industry have now reached their tipping point where everybody knows all about it.

Background check companies and its industry have been laid by Politicians, advocacy groups, and lawmakers as the cause of unemployment. They are pushing a legislation that will cut the use of background checks for employment purposes and reduction of the use of criminal records as a barrier in employment.

Selection of Provider

To help companies select background check companies that have the proper practices, ways and processes in place to make sure that the information’s accuracy provided is high.

In general, this means background check companies are complying with applicable governing laws, demonstrating excellence in protecting personal consumer data based on best practices and having accreditation established by NAPBS or the National Association of Professional Background Screeners.

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Background Checking Before Marrying


 Stories that may have come up in the news, rumors spreading about these kinds of stories and maybe it just happened to someone you know. Someone fell in love and found their soul mate and they got married and only then they found out about their spouse’s past. A criminal record that has sexual abuse or their spouse has another family and kept it a secret.

Как-не-дать-ревности-испортить-ваши-отношения.jpgIf you had thought about getting married or you are already engaged, you may want to consider hiring background check companies and conduct a search on your soon-to-be spouse. Background checks are not mandatory. But if you have doubts and you suspected something about them that is not right, or you just want to make sure that you are marrying someone who they say they are, then hire background check companies that will help you find information on your partner. But you still need to know what kind of information background checks can give you and how to get one.

Kinds of Information When Background Checks Are Conducted

There are different kinds of information you might want to know about your partner. And to know this you have to hire background check companies that will conduct the search for the information you need. Some information is easy to find and some are not.

  • Divorces and Marriages

Was your soon-to-be-spouse married before? Did they get divorced? How many marriages and divorces did they have? These are the kinds of important questions you might be asking yourself and it is one of the main reasons for conducting background checks.  Bigamy might be a problem when you got married when your spouse isn’t divorced to his/her wife or husband. Marriage and divorce records are always open to the public and can usually be found in county offices or courthouses but in some places, these kinds of records are confidential and you or even background check companies are not able to access them.

  • Criminal Records

Criminal History can also be a concern to you, finding out that you married a convicted criminal for the bad kinds of arrests like sexual and spousal abuse or drug trafficking. Your Soon-To-Be spouse may have a second plan on why they are marrying you which will be unfortunate. Hiring background Check Companies may able to help you with a background check that will spare you from a lot of unhappiness.

  • Getting the Information

If you have an idea of where your partner was born, if your partner married or divorced and also had criminal records you can go to that place and conduct a search yourself. a lot of records are already stored digitally, but there are still many records that is paper-based, files in shelves, boxes or filing cabinets. This is why background check companies like Intelifi Technology Screenings helps clients to gather all the information on the person and do all the hard work for you.

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Legal Aspects of Choosing Background Check and Background Check Companies


These are advice for customers to consult their employment when finding the right kind of background check companies.

Background Checking for Employment Purposes.

Almost all companies hire background check companies that will conduct some type of background search, which often includes one or more of the checks like criminal records checking, reference checking and past employment verification.

Adverse Selection.

Companies mostly uses with background checks to check applicants, companies that don’t do background checking are attracting higher percentages of people with adverse kinds of records. Adverse Selection refers to these phenomenon of companies that do not use background check companies to screen and that attracts an applicant pool that has a higher percentage of criminal records or other will generate problematic issues in their background.

The Result of a Typical Background Check.

Conducted by background check companies and used to help show whether or not a person is telling the truth to questions on an employment application, which includes if they have criminal records and in what they stated on their résumé. Depending of the potential employer’s preferences and goals, background checking is both basic and comprehensive. On the average, 10 percent of the time, they add a felony or a misdemeanor on an applicant’s background check report. With respect to non-criminal searches, the background check may show discrepancies between the reported and real dates of employment, degrees and job titles.

Background Checks with The Best Results.

The goals and the budget of the employer will depend how great the results will be. But that is not the only reason, Foundation of an employment background checks are generally criminal record searches. Which is a real part to protect their workforce and prevent against negligent claims when it comes to hiring. Searching county court-house where the person being searched is living in is an industry best practice. A lot of database searches would be applied to find other jurisdictions in where it will be advisable to search the applicable courthouse and where federal level criminal records can also be searched. Motor Vehicle Records, Drug Testing and Educational and Employment Verification are other screening options.

Costs to Conduct Background Checks.

Background Checks ordered for background check companies like Intelifi Technology Screening range from a few dollars which will find addresses to hundreds of dollars for the more extensive searches. The typical packages ranges from 30 Dollars for the basic criminal searches to a hundreds to packages that has more comprehensive searches as well as verification for employment and motor vehicle record searches.

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Every Employer’s Tools for Background Checking Potential Employees


Diy And New Technologies

Finding the perfect candidate for the current job in your company is worthwhile even when hiring takes a long time. Employers should know tools found useful like on how to handle screening, tests, background check companies, etc.

  • Behavior Profiles

Behavior is one of the most important aspect in the hiring process. All Humans are different and wired differently. There are mathematical equations created to know why and how humans behave in certain ways. Running a behavior profile can tell you how your potential employee will respond and act in a lot of environments. They are free to do and call tell you a lot of things.

  • Interview Tests

The use of hands-on tests is to figure out the duties and tasks for the job, this can confirm the potential employee has the skills that the company has required. such as if it’s a video editing job, have the potential employee actually edit a video. Score their editing skills and add them to the rest of your interview pile of data.  This helps separate the ones who actually knows something and the ones who only use their mouths just to get a job.

  • Creativity Tests

Give your potential employee something to do with before you begin the interview. This task is less about how well they did it, and more about what they created and the stories behind it. Some companies love creativity and a sense of originality which is essential to all companies and its employees.

  • Background Check Companies

These companies are the most essential tool of all. Background Check Companies are the ones who searches potential employee’s background information, by just looking at someone you can’t really know what kind of person they are. They will give you the complete results of your potential employee’s histories, like addresses, residences. if they have one, criminal records, their violent history, and other information. So companies often use their skills to make sure their safety and status.

  • Personality Profiles

Get every potential employee fill out a personality profile for some exact specifications for the job that you are hiring them for. It wonderfully works out and it takes out those guesses whether if these applicants have the right personalities for particular jobs.

  • Aptitude and Attitude Assessments

Evaluating how much potential employees would be committed to the jobs is very important as much as their skill set. The best way you can gauge the attitude part of the assessment is by questioning them when you start the interview, like “What are your expectations from this job?”. The potential employee will have an unbiased mindset towards the role, and it will help you decide easily if it fits your needs as an employer or not.

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