Qualities that You Will Know From Applicants through Employee Backgrounds

8When screening applicants, HR personnel should not just look at the skills and qualifications laid in the resume. They should also get to know the candidates on a personal level through the interview and throw questions that will give them an insight as to which person would fit for the company’s culture, team structure and management style. Other than that they should know the employee backgrounds through employment screening. Here are some of the qualities of a person that they will know based on the background check results:

  • Honesty– You can see an applicant’s honesty if a person’s employee backgrounds result is the same as the information that he has provided them. Honest people are hard to find these days. Getting a person who is not pretentious or a people-pleaser will be a refreshing in your company. You will receive opinions that doesn’t always go with the flow and that is something good, since some new ideas are often good ideas.


  • Trustworthiness– You should hire someone whom you are certain will give his loyalty to the company and would not, in any way, sell or distribute confidential data. This one may be easy to miss because a person’s honesty is hard to see on his resume unless you go through employment backgrounds check.


  • Integrity– A person’s integrity is measured when he will not try to fool those around him by cheating or lying to them. He is up front with his opinion and he knows how to abide by the company’s rules. Looking for a person’s criminal record during a background check is one way of checking someone’s integrity, because if he doesn’t like to follow the law, what makes you think that he’ll follow your company’s rules and regulations?


  • Discipline– Someone is disciplined when you can see that in his employee backgrounds he hasn’t done anything foolish enough to ruin his reputation. Discipline takes a lot of practice and patience. To be able to do the right things even if it’s not what you want is really admirable.


  • Attitude– Someone’s attitude is a big deal because aside from skills, it affects every person in the same room with him. To be able to have a harmonious relationship with his teammates, he must have the right perspective. Attitude is something that is hard to be changed, that’s why it’s necessary that you choose the person with the appropriate attitude for the company.

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