Guaranteed No Stress Employment Background Checks

stress-free-officeOne of the most vital steps during the hiring process that an HR professional should never forget is the pre-employment background check. So what are background checks, you might ask. Background screening is the way of a Hiring Manager to get to know more a person in addition to the information written in his resume. It is a test upon which an applicant’s honesty will be measured because background checks verify all the information an applicant has provided.

Background checks are often done to know a person’s criminal record and many other data that might affect an applicant’s ability to perform the job. For example, if a potential candidate is previously involved in money laundering and the job offered is by a financial firm, then his past records will surely affect his chances to be hired. This is why background screening is necessary. A person may never tell you things like this about his past, but legal records never lie.

Background checks are stressful you might say. No. Background checks were time consuming and exhausting years ago. But now, with the use of technology, background checks have never been easier. In fact background check services are so easy that you might even get the result that you wanted with just a few minutes. There are many background check software and with their wide database storage, millions of data can be accessed with just a few clicks.

One thing to be considered however is the reputation and the reliability of the third-party background check company who will help you with their services. NAPBS accredited background screening companies are what you should be looking for. A company that has an accreditation from the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, surely upholds the ethical business standards, compliance with Federal regulation and all states and equal employment opportunity laws created to protect consumers.

A NAPBS accredited background screening companies will surely take the stress away from your background check process because it has reached the level of quality needed to give the most accurate background check results. Accreditation is important because it ensures that the service provided will not disappoint the consumers. Other than that, the rigorous audit and accreditation process by the NAPBS is not easily obtained. This is why it’s important that companies and HR professionals only choose those who have reached and gained the proper background screening accreditation like Intelifi.


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