What Great Managers Do Differently

5-Things-The-Best-Boss-I-Ever-Had-Taught-Me-About-Being-A-Great-Manager-And-Leader-e1461649838180Aside from posting job advertisements, sifting through numerous numbers of resume, scheduling interviews and reading results from accurate background screening, HR personnel and managers carry other responsibilities.  It is also in their line of work to help make a friendly work environment, resolve and avoid conflicts in the office and build stronger teams. But what do great managers have or do that sets them apart from other managers?

Great managers have an amazing way in motivating employees to bring out the best in them and excel in their performance. This begins by building strong and open relationship between the employees and giving them a conducive environment good for fostering their skills and abilities. They create a work friendly office culture that sets the tone and balance between work, play and enjoyment.

They have good control of office situations and most importantly, their team respects them. They have an open channel of communication in case someone wants to give comments and suggestions regarding office and team-related decisions. Before resolving conflicts, they put aside their personal bias and listen carefully and attentively to both sides. They look for the core of the problem so that it may be addressed and that they may learn lessons in order to avoid it from happen again.

Great managers are not perfect, but they know how to lead and how to handle their employees well. They have strategies for helping individuals upgrade their skills to the needed job standard without making them feel incompetent or stupid. They provide seminars, training and workshop that will not just benefit employees on gaining new knowledge, but will also help them in developing strong teams who believe in the abilities of each member.

More than that, great managers know how to reward the hard work of each person. They make them feel that their work plays an important role in the company’s progress and made them believe that they contribute to the success achieved by the organization. They know how to compensate those who excel at their jobs in order for them to maintain their performance.

Lastly, great managers see the potential behind a person. He doesn’t just base his decision on what is written in someone’s cover letter and resume. He has the gift of knowing if a person will be one of the most valuable employees of the company in the future. Through his analysis and observation from interviews and accurate background screening results, he has the vision and ability in turning a person into an excellent person and employee.

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