How to Handle Conflict in the Workplace

conflictConflicts in the workplace are inevitable, the only way we can do is to handle them correctly. Issues at work like conflicts arise because different individuals have different ways on how to approach a job or a problem which everyone might not agree with. Some may result in fights and aggression, which only makes the situation worse without really addressing the root cause of the problem.

This is why HR personnel need to know the following strategies in conflict resolution:

  • When hiring people conduct background checks- It may be another costly procedure, but with the right background investigation company, you will hire the best professionals. By knowing their records and past, you will prevent possible conflicts from individuals who used to have workplace issues with their previous job.
  • Create strong relationships from the beginning- One of the key in handling workplace issues is to establish good working relationships between your employees. By having a strong relationship foundation within your coworkers is a way in gaining open communication and respect when conflicts arise.
  • Stay on the facts- Your personal bias may cloud your judgment and push you to see the situation in a completely different way. Learn to know the truth behind the problem first.
  • Avoid politics- One of the reasons why problems come up at work is the existence of office politics. It will only cause negativity and office gossip which will fuel problems at work. Learn to avoid it.
  • Ask a third party to help you resolve the problem- When two individuals fight, it is only necessary to ask rational judgment from a third individual who will give you enlightenment on how the problem started and how it escalated to the present situation. A third party person may give you objective suggestions and help you come up with a solution to end the issues between the two particular parties.
  • Be a good listener- Before you take sides and start resolving the issue, you must be able to listen to both stories and arguments. In order to be a good communicator, you must be a good listener first. By avoiding preconceived notions, you are showing respect to both sides.
  • Make it a win-win situation- Even when two persons don’t agree with each other, there are things that they commonly want to happen. It could only be called an effective conflict resolution if it is a win-win situation for both sides. By creating this favorably outcome, you will be able to make working relationships stronger and beneficial.


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