What’s New about Background Screening?

whatsnewBackground screening is an HR’s best friend. Not only does it identify people with false qualifications and skills in their resumes, it also verifies an applicant’s attributes and abilities, and gives the hiring manager a preview of a person’s past records. More importantly, it protects an organization from hiring a criminal.

There are many questions that people ask about background check. There’s the process, compliance, and other policy-related subjects that comes with it. There’s also other questions, like what kind of background check should we use, and which third-party background check company should we ask for service. Aside from that, there’s the background check pricing, which makes a lot of HR’s wonder if they can get the best deal of their chosen background check service.

One thing for sure is that, background checks have been proven to help HR’s decide on one of the most vital tasks given to him: picking the right candidate, and saving the company from financial damages and workplace issues. With this, we can say that it’s worth the cost.

So what’s new about background check? Well, the first thing to know is that, most of the HR nowadays go past the criminal background check. Criminal background check is the most popular and most used screening tool used by a Hiring Manager. This is because criminal records play a big part in choosing the future employee.  However, other background tools were also used in addition to criminal background check, like social security and identity checks. They also chose to include drug-related screening and education verification. So remember, go beyond the criminal background check.

Another trending subject is conducting a post-hire background screening. Often times, background checks are associated with the pre-hiring process. However, we should also keep in mind that current employees may create some risks especially that most employees rely on a self-reporting policy if they are convicted for a crime. You can trust all your employees to turn themselves in and say that they have done something illegal.  This is why post-hire background checks are currently used today.

Lastly, compliance still continues as a hot topic, along with the continuous change of rules, regulations, and guidelines that may affect background check over the years. This is why it’s important to hire a fully-established third-party background screening provider like Intelifi. With 10 years of experience and efficiency in the industry, they can give you the best and most accurate results in compliance to the industry’s strictest standards.

To help you get the best deal about background check pricing, please visit https://www.intelifi.com/background_check_pricing/


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