What Sets Apart the Great Managers from Others

woman-leader-manager-head-of-team-silhouette-largeGreat managers have the ability to change the game. They are the ones who can turn an unlikely office situation around. Contrary to what employees used to believe, great managers are not the same. They have their own unique ways in handling their subordinates.  They are fully aware that not all individuals have the same way and manner in approaching issues and problems regarding their work; thus what they do is assess everyone and help them to be better. They provide training, coaching, and other events and activities that will help the employees improve their skills and manage their differences.

One thing that great managers do is they select the best person for the job. They do not simply depend on the amount of experience an individual has; rather, they seek for persons with the talent needed. These talents are divided into three categories: striving, thinking, and relating. Striving is the drive and desire to achieve things and put his potential into action. Thinking is often related to a person’s personality and focus. Discipline, on the other hand, is their ability to work with other team members smoothly. This means that he is empathic toward others and has the ability to be sensitive to individual differences. Aside from talent, great managers find the best applicants by conducting background checks. With the help of background check companies, managers know more than what they usually see in an applicant. They see his records and what kind of person he is before. By knowing this, it will help him in his decision-making to find the best applicant.

Other than selecting the best person, they also set the right expectations which often lead to right outcomes. Great managers know how to supervise employees without making their team members feel stupid. They know that they don’t need to constantly check on their employees. They give them the right amount of trust that each member will determine the right way to reach his objectives, which draws out his unique talents and abilities.

Great managers don’t point out all the time a person’s weakness and shortcomings. They focus on strengths when motivating an individual. They recognize that each employee has their own distinct strength that will help the managers to work on his weaknesses. For example, if a person loves routine, then send him repetitive tasks that will work out his weakness.  By doing this, managers motivate employees without them feeling inadequate and inferior.

Lastly, great managers know how to find the right person for each job. They know what task each person should be assigned to what will help that person grow. They aren’t there simply for the company’s success; rather, they are also there for their employees’ improvement as well.


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