Tips to Reduce Workplace Negativity

Think, do, be positiveThere is nothing that affects how employees work and perform more than the negativity that clouds the workplace. It diminishes a worker’s morale and diverts the attention and energy of everyone in the workplace that should have been spent on their work. Negativity is an attitude or an outlook of one or more members of the team.


The first step is learning about the negativity residing in your company. As an HR, it is one of your job to keep in touch with each member of the company and know various unpleasant situations that arise among them.  You can also see the warning signs if you pay attention closely. You receive more complaints from employees, exit interviews with those who leave, and you hear that your workplace reputation isn’t that satisfying. Don’t ignore these situations, these are those warning signs.

The next thing to do is to diagnose the workplace negativity. This includes talking with the workers about it. By communicating with them, you will be able to understand the specific problems and know the core issues that causes the negative ambiance. You should also determine which employees experience the negativity and the reasons that caused the unhappiness. Maybe they feel that they are entitled to get more than they receive, maybe the company’s decisions affected the staff, or his manager and other team members have made him feel that way. Whatever the main issues are, you must address them immediately.

One way to reduce this to have an open communication to the employees. Be open to their comments and suggestions, even if some seem unimportant or seem silly. The moment that they know you take their words and problems seriously is one thing to gain their trust. When you have their trust, they will tell you everything you need to know without the any communication barrier. You will see their perspective and this will help you understand their situation.

You should also make them feel that they are mature people capable of making smart suggestions. Anything can make them feel uncomfortable and unhappy at work, consider what they say. It can be the work hours, the benefits, dress code, office location, job requirements and working conditions. Hear them out and think about it before saying anything and applying the necessary actions on it.

Lastly, the most important thing to bear in mind is to hire the best employees. Only you can achieve this through background checks. Background investigation companies will help you see past a person’s resume, and see their personality. Also, how they are with their past employers and even their criminal records. By hiring people with a good background and high emotional quotient, it will increase the possibility that you will avoid these negative situations.

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