Tips Human Resources Should Know Before Hiring Employees


One thing that the Human Resources Department of any office should keep in mind is the possibility that not all applicants are 100% honest in their resume. Some would either make up stories that increase the possibility of them getting hired, or cover their past records that decrease the possibility of them getting the job. As human resource personnel, it is your responsibility to get the facts straight and do employment background checks.

trapped-3Pre-employment verification is a must before hiring a possible individual for a vacant position. By going through this step, the human resources ensure the safety of the company and the integrity of its reputation. By not neglecting this procedure, they lessen the possibility of hiring someone who has criminal records or someone who is formerly involved in illicit drugs. For some jobs, it will be irrelevant, but you can’t give a peace and order position to an applicant who has a history of temper issues. You can’t give a person a job in the finance department who has a history of embezzlement. Doing a pre-employment verification does take time, but it is a better option compared to the loss that the company will suffer if someone unfit for the position joins them.

There are several consequences that come with not performing background checks. One of which is putting an employee in danger, trusting that, as written in his resume, has knowledge on how to operate a complex machine, when in fact he was not even trained or educated as he has stated in his application. Another risk would be paying a higher salary to an employee who doesn’t even have the right skills. You will pay for something that might even compromise the quality of service that you give your customers. Moreover would be hiring an illegal immigrant who doesn’t have a problem with you, but has a problem with the authorities. One of the worst scenarios that might arise would be hiring an employee who stole confidential data from his previous company. What makes you think that it wouldn’t be the same this time?

To help you in pre-employment verification, Emerge software by Intelifi gives you the right product and offers the best services. With the vision of providing high quality background checks to recruiters and human resource professionals for all businesses nationwide, Intelifi is the right choice in providing you background checks with absolute clarity. With one decade of experience and a list of customers who trusts them, this software will give you the background reports that will help you find the right hire.

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