Pre-Employment Screening Guidelines and Legal Risks

lost_in_computing72From the smallest to the largest companies and employers who understand the dual benefits of hiring the best employees and providing them a safe and secure workplace both financially and of course, physically along with their shareholders, the customers and the public in which they run in are the keys to their success. The main reason is to know a lot of information as much as possible about the potential employees and to know the information before hiring them. Hiring new employees is an important task for any company.

An employer who performed a thorough pre-employment screening of their job applicants is more likely to bring into the company a highly talented employee who will be one of the company’s greatest assets. Unfortunately, if pre-employment screening is not a part of the hiring process the employer will risk exposing his or her company to someone who might become the company’s greatest liability.

Why Do Pre-Employment Screening?

There are a great number of reasons why employers should conduct pre-employment screening and there are two main compelling factors that will make companies add this tool in their hiring process.

  1. Making The Best Hiring Decision

There are some job applicants that will only tell employers what they want to hear. A good storyteller or a good writer can invent the perfect resume employers dream about. There are two separate online surveys on the inaccuracy of résumés. After conducting the said surveys, there are reports that showed 61 percent of the HR Professionals said that they find the inaccuracies after the background checks were already carried out.

By thoroughly verifying the information given during the pre-employment screening process, companies can improve the chances they are hiring the right job applicant who portrayed their experience, skills, and background honestly and accurately. Using pre-employment screening to verify the histories of each job applicant helps employers to make good and safe decisions based upon facts.

  1. Providing A Safe Workplace

Employers have a lot of obligation to keep up their workplace safe and arise from the legal principles that exist in most places under common law.

Liabilities and Legal Risks

The value of a task, fair and competent pre-employment screening is that it will show determination in the facts not otherwise known or verifiable. Employers should take a closer look at the legal implications associated with the pre-employment screening process. While employers don’t have the duty to give an impenetrable wall of safety, every employer has their responsibilities and duty to take reasonable precautions against harm to employees, summers, clients and anyone visiting the workplace. Employers have a general duty to protect employees from recognized hazards that will likely cause serious and fatal injuries.

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