Misconceptions About Pre-employment Screening

employment-discriminationDespite their importance, pre-employment screening is often subject to misconceptions and myths. Some of these misconceptions are harbored by employees and job applicants are mostly based on a basic misunderstanding about the process, laws and the very nature around pre-employment screening. To fully appreciate the importance and value of pre-employment screening, debunking the main misconceptions around them is the only way.

Criminal Records Are Signs of Unemployment

Both employers and job applicants tend to have misconception, most employers think that by virtue of having criminal records, a job applicant is not accepted. Most job applicants also think that criminal records mean they won’t get hired and they won’t have a job.

The reality is that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission places certain restrictions on employers who use criminal records as an excuse to deny them employment. One requirement of the commission is that the nature of the conviction must have an impact on the nature of the job available. Also, a lot of employers realized that pre-employment screening and background checks sometimes return false reports. Which means rushing to make hiring decisions can lead them to lawsuits.

Applicants Have No Power

A lot of job applicants believe that they don’t have any powers when it comes to pre-employment screening. Thinking employers have all the cards, which is what some employers also think.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives job applicants all the power. For instance, any pre-employment screening cannot be conducted without the written consent of the applicant.

All Pre-Employment Screening Are the Same

This is the most common misconception among employers, which is what being perpetuated by cheap pre-employment screening firms. The goal is to convince employers that their services are as good as the expensive ones.

Even if the pre-employment screening is the same, the results are often very different. There are many sources of information like FBI Fingerprinting, international databases, court records and national and state crime databases are not being looked into by cheap pre-employment screening firms.

Social Media Accounts Are Not a Part of Pre-Employment Screening

Job applicants think that their unsavory online habits are not being looked into, they assume that employers won’t check out their profiles. Although this was true in the past, employers are now sensitive to their potential and current employees’ online behavior. They know this can impact their status one way or another.

These four common pre-employment screening misconceptions which for some employers can create new ways for getting lawsuits for applicants, some of these misconceptions can cause them to engage in behaviors that can cut their chances of getting hired. Both employers and job applicants need to look for the true information about pre-employment screening and background checks.

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