Background Checks 101

Employment background checks revolve around information of people who can result in negative reports that have unfavorable outcomes for a lot of applicants. These reasons make legislation that will protect the right of job applicants and employees and make sure that the information revolving in employment background checks are both right and recordable.

business-woman-unhappy-with-mans-workA lot of employment background checks based on people’s names that can generate results that don’t even belong to the applicant being searched. The most common names are more likely to have duplicate or unrelated retrieved. There records taken out by comparing other identifiable personal information like the birth place or date of birth. There is always a risk of misidentification when there are billions and billions of people walking around in the universe. But rules still exists to protect applicants by providing ways to correct any mistakes and dispute the processes and ways.

What is Fair Credit Reporting Act?

Fair Credit Reporting Act is the main piece of legislation that controls employment background checks, but this act applies to more than just credit reports. It has any and all information being reported to employers by the ones who provides employment background checks.

Employment background checks are also known as consumer reports or investigative consumer reports which differ on the type of information being searched. The act requires employers to take a few steps that include consent and notice before conducting employment background checks; the act also set the specific process and ways followed by employers when they take adverse action against applicants like denying them employment, promotion or terminating their employment.

The legal landscape of industries of employment background checks will always evolve and a lot of states have made their own legislation to regulate the purpose of using employment background checks in employment like ban the box legislation which has been the topics heavily debated in the recent years.

Ban the Box

Ban the box are laws that prevent employers from including check boxes on job applications that will ask applicants if they have convictions of any crimes. The purpose of these laws is to give applicants and employees with criminal records, a fair chance at interview for a job. Ban the box do not prevent employers from running criminal employment background checks in the hiring process once the potential employee got their interview or being considered for a job.

There are a lot of states that passed this law and there a lot more being expected to pass it in the future, whatever the people’s opinions are. Employers must check the laws within their jurisdiction and they can still consider removing all the questions about criminal conviction from their job application forms.

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