Background Checks: Dos and Don’ts

Thumb up down voting buttonsA good pre-employment screening policy will make sure that a company will both take a rounded, correct and balanced view of an applicant’s background. There are some things that will help companies get the most from their background checks.

What to Do

Verify the Identity of Applicants

Identity authentication is the key to the pre-employment screening process. Verifying is the applicant saying who they say they are should always be the first part. A lot of pre-employment screenings are ineffective if even the applicant’s basic details are not correct. Applicants may hide their criminal records or other information by changing addresses or leaving a gap. If the applicant is new to the country, their records of earlier residences in other countries thorough background checks will check it.

Check Qualifications

Using third parties to confirm an applicant’s qualification can make sure that the legal and industry requirements met.

Employers need to thorough pre-employment screening on the applicants they are hiring and make sure that they have relevant certification before taking them on and have proof that they took the right paths years down the line.

Add Criminal Records on Pre-Employment Screening Process

Criminal records highlight a minor offense like a penalty for speeding. Situations like this, employers can make their decision in hiring, a lot of serious convictions even if it can bring an impact on the job they applied for and bring applicants’ integrity into question.

Appropriate ways should be implemented to prevent any risks that will harm other staff or the status of the company.

Develop a Pre-Employment Screening Policy

Pre-employment screening significantly cut the harmful threat of a bad hiring decision, this pre-employment screening, which is an ongoing strategy, can play an important part in fighting employment fraud and providing valuable information into the background of the workforce. Pre-employment screening is enabling companies to find change in an applicant’s circumstances to make assessments of the risks they might pose. Just as pre-employment screening at the application part can detect rouge applicants. An ongoing vetting process can also bring up those staff that is the most vulnerable in committing fraud crimes against the company they work in.

What Not to Do

Underestimating Reputation Risks

The status of companies can seriously be compromised if the misdemeanor of one of their employees leaked to the public and it could be avoided through proper pre-employment screening procedures. This is always the case in companies working in a sector that deals with customer-facing environments like call centers and the companies that deals with sensitive data. Those who are hiring staff in these jobs that has a great responsibility have to make sure that integrity of their staff or face consequences.  Companies can be fined if they fail to apply proper pre-employment screening.

Data Protection as a Reason for Not Using Pre-Employment Screening

When talking about pre-employment screening of potential employees, there is some confusion around the sector of data privacy, human rights law and employment. There is no excuse in companies who fail to apply data protection legislation. Companies need to make sure that at the application stage, potential employees are aware of the pre-employment screening policies and other specific check being used.

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