Question Answered About Pre-Employment Screening

Heart Pounding, Brain Racing, Pre-Employment Screening.

This is not unusual for applicants when they were asked by employers that they will conduct pre-employment screening on them even though they had the interview process. Understanding the reason and the scope of pre-employment screening should put every applicant’s mind to rest. These are some questions about pre-employment screening and the answers to ease the minds of the entire pool of applicants looking for jobs.

What Do Companies Look For In The Pre-Employment Screening Results?

Employers check our background to see if the applicant and their résumé don’t have any kind of red flags, which is one of the reassessment and why applicants should always be truthful and correct in their résumé.

question mark with speech bubles, vector on the abstract backgroundThey will also look for the criminal records of the severe problems that an applicant might have. Employers are always trying to protect their company and themselves from liars, thieves, anger problems, drugs and alcohol abusers, which are unstable in one way of the other who will repeat and bluntly bend the rules.

The pre – employment screening includes a 10-year criminal history check that shows in an applicant has ever been convicted of misdemeanor charges or any kind of felony. Driving records, Social Security and Credit history will also show up in the check. Driving records, Social Security and Credit history will also show up in the check. Employment, education and references checked by most employers during the pre-employment screening

Will applicants know if a company is conducting pre-employment screening to check an applicant’s record?

Applicants will have to sign a release before the company can conduct a pre-employment screening but, it will depend on the records they are checking, court records and D.M.V history are useful for checking and used without their permission. Credit and employment History, Social Securing and Education Records can’t be accessed by any company without their permission. While medical and military service records are hard to reach and employers have to jump through hoops to get them.

If an applicant was not accepted because of the result of the information shown in the pre-employment screening, the company must write a letter to the applicant about the information found and their decision which needs to set by the federal law.

Are All Companies Conducting Pre-employment Screening?

Even though pre-employment screening cost money, employers must invest and depend on them to check their applicants, but only a good part of them conduct pre-employment screening especially large companies and financial institution. If an applicant applied for a job that will use machinery, or driving vehicles expect a thorough pre-employment screening and drug tests too.

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