Effectiveness of Pre-Employment Screening


workplace-violenceBeing side tracked by employment and employee problems like violence, theft and harassment in the workplace cannot be given solution by companies especially in today’s economic competitive environment. Pre-employment screening critically increased the employment processes of the employers as a risk-management tool to avoid having avid problems in hiring employees in the first place.

Companies are cost-conscious at the same time. Even though a lot of obvious benefits when an employer conducts a pre-employment screening for their company, expecting human resources professionals and security by their management to find and produce more results with a small resource.

Human resources and security professionals are facing a big challenge when they have to find ways to start a very effective and cost-effective pre-employment screening program.

To find a way to start a cost-effective pre-employment screening program, a kind of program has four goals.

  1. The programs must show that an employer uses due diligence in hiring employees. This means that employers will take reasonable steps to find out which job applicant is right for a particular job. This will protect employers from Negligent Hiring claims.
  2. Pre-employment screening that is effective should get true information about an applicant, to supplement an employer’s impressions they obtained alone from the interviews they have conducted. This is also a valuable tool for accurately judging the applicant’s résumé.
  3. An effective pre-employment screening will serve as a discouragement to applicants who are hiding something. Serious criminal convictions from an applicant’s past will less likely to apply at the company that announces their effective pre-employment screening.
  4. Finally, a pre-employment screening program will also urge applicants not to lie in their résumés and interviews, when the company tells applicants of the pre-employment screening, they will have something to show; information, they will feel uncovered with a screening.

Many companies will see pre-employment screenings as a part of hiring process those stats after the chosen applicant by an employer or hiring department, submitting the name to human resources professionals and security for a background check report. Depending on the employer if it will use outsource resources for a background check company or security will investigate the chosen applicant.

In a typical pre-employment screening program, checking for criminal records and background checks is commonly available. But an effective pre-employment screening program is much more than just scanning through criminal records of the chosen applicant; in fact pre-employment screening programs will start even before the first résumé or conducted interviews. It requires a huge commitment of the company to have a safe hiring. It is also important that recruiters, manager and interviewers understand that safe hiring practices are part of their responsibilities and cannot be taken care of by someone else after they make hiring decisions.

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