Using Background Checks to Build a Dependable Workforce

A report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a small increase in jobs are making our ascent a slow and painful one out of this recession. There are still so many displaced workers while the increase in the economic stability is creating jobs. If you are one of the employers who has abilities to hire potential employees in this market, you are very lucky.

An advice will refresh them on how to weed out the ones with a less than desirable traits and histories and spot those who are leaving out or adding false information and in the end, may cost you a lot of money. If you are thinking of digging into resumes of potential employees, or hiring companies that offer background check services and to avoid finding the truth the hard way.

These are the facts to know to improve your process of hiring and build the best workplace for your business.

  • 53% of applicants list false information of their documents while some employees are hiding more than just a gap in their work experience.
  •  Screening and Background Checks Services can help minimized decisions that cause bad hiring decisions and protect your brand and company from devastating you or your employees are a possible victim of theft, death, negligence lawsuits for your company and cause of closure of your company.

How Do Can You Fill Successfully Your Job Position Without Losing Anything in The End?

  • Set Up a Screening Process
    Create standard forms that will tell the applicants of the background check services you will use, all the necessary information that you will need and to make sure that all the applicants accept and acknowledge the notification you have given.
  • Set Up to Do Background Checks
    If you don’t already have one, find a provider that does background check services, something that is fast like a two or three-day turnaround and the provider should always be a national provider.

Why Are These Background Checks and Pre-Screening of Employees Necessary?
There are a few factors that will help potential issues with employees which include unemployment where there is a difference in percentage in specific industries like construction and professional and business services, which reports that over 1 million are still looking for work.

  • Drug Abuse
    10 and 20 Percent of died on job tests and was positive for the abuse of alcohol and other drugs. Drug abusers have doubled their cost than their drug-free counterparts in worker compensation claims, they are much less productive which is up to 13 percent less than non-abusers. There are 3 times in a year where abusers change their jobs.
  • Theft
    Retailers lost 15.9 Billion in 2008 for employees who steal from their employer at least once and employment theft can occur businesses to fail.
  • Violence
    There were 5,840 fatalities occurred in 2006 while at the workplace, which 13 percent were caused by violence in the workplace. And businesses see violent incidents at least once in their workplace per year.
  • Litigious Employees
    Retaliation and Race Discrimination are the most common, which has more than 70,000 kinds of charges, other claims of discrimination will be about sex, religion, and disability.

How to Efficiently Screen Potential Employees

  • Create a checklist that will compare job expectations, interviews and mostly, both the applicants.
  • Ask what the applicant will be expecting from your company
  • Necessary forms will be filled out by the applicants
  • Employees are less likely to have problems that can cause their termination if they have already been screened.

Background check services of a provider cannot completely help you in protecting your company, but it provides an extra level of protection against bad hiring decisions that can cost them millions and millions to replace employees and buying out lawsuits if something caused their termination.

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