Why Need Background Check Companies Be Accredited by NAPBS

What is NAPBS?
The NAPBS is a professional organization that aims to provide background screening companies with resources and educational opportunities, as well as provide professionals involved in this industry with an opportunity to network with fellow Background Check Companies.

What are their Functions?

  •  Promoting fair practice and ethics in the background screening industry
  • Ensuring that all members comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  •  Raising awareness about privacy rights of potential tenants and employees.
  • Advocating industry issues with local, state and national lawmakers and promoting education and discussion among the various members.


Reasons to use an NAPBS Accredited Firm for Background Check 

Background Check Companies always talk about how they are committed to quality, but aren’t willing to put in money, man power, time, effort and resources to actually earn their accreditation.

1. Accredited Firms and Background Check Companies are always committed to quality.
2. They operate standards above all others. Accredited firms or background check companies always meets or exceeds their best practice. This part is straight forward. If the firm was no good, it had to implement a better way.
3. They take concerns about Security and Privacy seriously. It is easy to make promises about protection on privacy. And even having the best IT Team and the latest technology is only half the work.
4. Accredited Background Check Companies are focus on compliance. You should know the regulations when you order background checks. Accreditation means Background Check Companies understands their legal responsibilities and duties.

Intelifi Technology Screening is a member of the (NAPBS) National Association of Professional Background Screeners. which means that their company will be consulting with their partners on how to improve this industry and taking part in important industry decisions and learning first hand of the best new resources available for their clients.
Intelifi has created a guide on How to Know if Your Background Check Services is NAPBS Accredited. First, Background Check Companies should be secured before dealing into several agencies.

The National Association of Professional Background Screeners offers an accreditation program for Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRA’s) situated in the US.
Background Check Companies/Services reports, which are ordered as customer reports are at present controlled at both the government and state level.

For more information about Background Check Companies and other standardized regulations. You can check it with http://www.intelifi.com/services.


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