Types of Pre-employment Screening Tests


  • Pre-employment Personality Assessment Test

Pre-employment Personality Assessment Test aids in understanding personality types and natural behavioral preferences of employment aspirants. This helps in enhancing candidate selection as it assesses how well candidates are likely to do in a real personality scenario. The result of this test identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate relevant to the available position.

  • Talent Assessment Tests

With the help of new technology, you can ask your candidates to complete a psychometric assessment test or test of skills via online practice tests. Testing the ability of your candidate using this type of pre-employment screening, tests the ability of your aspirants when it comes to speed and accuracy for numerical and verbal reasoning as well as completing puzzles to measure logical reasoning ability. This type of test is usually done on job positions that require high capability on relevant mathematics and language skills.

  • Pre-employment Physical Exams

Keeping your workers healthy is one of your responsibilities as an employer. Ensuring that each employee is physically fit gives you the assurance that the work is performed well because your workers are all physically capable. In this type of pre-employment screening, doctors identify the risk of each patient on having a disease and taking a closer look into one’s medical history.

  • Cognitive Tests

Cognitive Testing or more often known as Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) is designed to measure an individual’s aptitude, or ability to solve problems, digest information, learn new skills, and think critically. It differs from talent testing as talent tests are more focused on the specific skill related to the position being offered.

  • Drug Tests

Considered one of the controversial yet important pre-employment screenings is the drug testing. This test is used to proactively protect your company from negative impacts of hiring drug users. This test comes in two different types: the urine testing and oral fluid testing. This test is believed to improve employee morale and productivity while decreasing accidents, downtime, turnover, theft, most especially absenteeism.

Employers can administer all of these pre-employment screening tests as long as they do not utilize them to discriminate any individual by gender, race, ethnicity or the like. You can always ask for information and assistance in background checking from State, Federal or International governmental resources.

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