3 Interesting Facts about Employment Background Checks

418346Background checks are often taken for granted by employers. Several companies think they do not need to perform employment background checks considering that they don’t have an enfettered right to dig into applicants’ personal affairs. Truth of the matter is, employment background checks conducted in relation to the job or position are permitted and safest especially when your company gives out consent letters to your aspirants. Here are 3 most outstanding facts about employment background checks:

  1. Less than 50% of companies run employment background checks

This means, running a background check allows you to have a better chance of hiring good quality employees and lesser chance of getting penalized for hiring roguish workers. Doing an initial background check serves as a filter which enables you to eliminate the bad and choose among the best candidates whose qualifications fit your company’s requirements.

  1. Not running an employment background check puts your business into several risks

Stop turning your human resource to accountabilities by making sure that they have submitted legitimate records and documents by conducting employment background checks. The most recent incident of penalized business involves the hiring of individuals who do not have legal permits to work in the United States. Other instances include offenses of hired employees to costumers which indirectly ruins the reputation of the companies that hired them. To sum up, not conducting background checks increases the risk of being involved in negligent hiring litigation.

  1. The site you will use for background checking will definitely affect the result of your background check

There are more than a hundred sites offering a background check service. Not all of these employment background check websites will guarantee you a complete or updated result. Majority of these websites are not updated regularly, thus, giving inaccurate data. In choosing background check websites, make sure to choose the site that offers outstanding customer service and includes checks for immigration status and education history aside from address history, felony record check, national crime report, bankruptcies search and social media profiles.

To sum up, employment background check is essential in making sure that the information submitted to your company by aspirants are verified, updated and legitimate. Conducting a background check also allows your company to be free of future accountabilities, specifically penalties accumulated through negligence in hiring.

To help you any further with employment background checks, feel free to visit http://www.intelifi.com/technology/emerge/


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