How to Retain Your Best Employees

Group of business peopleA company will progress not only with the right leadership but also with the best talents in the team. This is why keeping the best employees is one of the secrets of successful companies. By retaining persons with the excellent skills, you will able to continue your goal in keeping the organization on track for success.

However, before knowing the strategy to retain your great employees, you should learn about the top reasons why an employee may jump to another company. One of which is the search for a workplace where they can have better compensation and benefits. It can also be because of their dissatisfaction with their own career progress or development. Lastly, some people are just tired of their old jobs and are looking for a new experience.

After learning why people leave, here are a few tips on how the HR how can make the best employees stay:

  • Hire the best person for the job– It should start by choosing the right and most qualified applicants, in order for you keep the best, you must first have the best. To know beyond an applicant’s resume and interview, don’t forget to conduct background checks as a part of the pre-employment process. Choose the right background check companies to give you the best background check services and reliable results.
  • Give them the an attractive benefits package– By adding competitive benefits such as life insurance or flexible hours for work, you will convince them to stay.
  • Have mentoring and training sessions– Not only will you help those who need to upgrade their knowledge and skills, you will also give opportunities for those who want to share their knowledge and improve their leadership abilities.
  • Respect employees- In spite of many individual differences, respect your employees. Do not make them inadequate and incompetent by shaming or ridicule. Instead, encourage them, listen to their ideas. Build a relationship where they can trust you.
  • Help them enjoy work– employees are prone to stressful situations. Learn to appreciate their talents.
  • Reward excellent performance– Any hard work that your employees show should be rewarded. By this, you will motivate them to continue in giving their best in their line of work.
  • Involve them in important decisions– At least hear their comments and suggestions before making any decision that may affect their jobs and the company.
  • Have the right number of staff– By doing this, you will avoid overtime for those who don’t like it. It will also help you avoid wearing out your employees.
  • Encourage employees to build relationship with coworkers– By doing this, the work will be smooth and the teamwork will go well. It will also prevent workplace issues.
  • Celebrate organization traditions- Through this simple events you help them look unwind and look forward to something other than work like Christmas Parties, Halloween Costume and Company Yearly Celebrations.

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Question Answered About Pre-Employment Screening

Heart Pounding, Brain Racing, Pre-Employment Screening.

This is not unusual for applicants when they were asked by employers that they will conduct pre-employment screening on them even though they had the interview process. Understanding the reason and the scope of pre-employment screening should put every applicant’s mind to rest. These are some questions about pre-employment screening and the answers to ease the minds of the entire pool of applicants looking for jobs.

What Do Companies Look For In The Pre-Employment Screening Results?

Employers check our background to see if the applicant and their résumé don’t have any kind of red flags, which is one of the reassessment and why applicants should always be truthful and correct in their résumé.

question mark with speech bubles, vector on the abstract backgroundThey will also look for the criminal records of the severe problems that an applicant might have. Employers are always trying to protect their company and themselves from liars, thieves, anger problems, drugs and alcohol abusers, which are unstable in one way of the other who will repeat and bluntly bend the rules.

The pre – employment screening includes a 10-year criminal history check that shows in an applicant has ever been convicted of misdemeanor charges or any kind of felony. Driving records, Social Security and Credit history will also show up in the check. Driving records, Social Security and Credit history will also show up in the check. Employment, education and references checked by most employers during the pre-employment screening

Will applicants know if a company is conducting pre-employment screening to check an applicant’s record?

Applicants will have to sign a release before the company can conduct a pre-employment screening but, it will depend on the records they are checking, court records and D.M.V history are useful for checking and used without their permission. Credit and employment History, Social Securing and Education Records can’t be accessed by any company without their permission. While medical and military service records are hard to reach and employers have to jump through hoops to get them.

If an applicant was not accepted because of the result of the information shown in the pre-employment screening, the company must write a letter to the applicant about the information found and their decision which needs to set by the federal law.

Are All Companies Conducting Pre-employment Screening?

Even though pre-employment screening cost money, employers must invest and depend on them to check their applicants, but only a good part of them conduct pre-employment screening especially large companies and financial institution. If an applicant applied for a job that will use machinery, or driving vehicles expect a thorough pre-employment screening and drug tests too.

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How can Pre-Employment Screening Help you Hire the Right Applicant?


Pre-employment screening refers to the procedure of researching the background of possible workers and is ordinarily used to confirm the precision of a candidate’s cases and additionally to find any conceivable criminal history, employee’s compensation claims or employer sanctions.

Hiring-Young-Employees.jpgWhen you bring another worker into your business to fill a key part, you’re exposed to risk. Your business is uncovered, just like your investors, customers, current workers and suppliers. To work effectively, you have to minimize that risk. It’s insufficient to take an application or CV at face value. You have to try a thorough and comprehensive background check to put you in the most ideal position when you create a hiring decision.

Intelifi has practical experience in giving companies with complete data on an applicant’s experience and capabilities. The majority of our screening services are performed in accordance with tried procedures and all that we do is liable to various quality controls. That implies that each bit of data we give is totally precise, permitting you to settle on enlistment choices with certainty.

Intelifi’s pre-employment screening services lessen contracting risk and give a deeper understanding into an applicant’s experience. Our customers over the globe utilize this administration to relieve monetary and risk of reputation and meet regulatory commitments.

Intelifi’s official screening service is worked around key components such as experience, potential dangers and open profile. We embrace a full confirmation of truths in these areas, consolidated with broad cross referencing, examination and suggestions to give you a complete image of the individual applicant’s history.

You’ll get a comprehensive report that incorporates a detailed official rundown, drawing together the key findings of Intelifi’s research and investigation. Key findings are introduced in an effortlessly digestible and significant format at the front of the report.

The key advantages of the system incorporate a comprehensive audit trail and the accessibility of an interval report at any phase of the procedure, empowering customers to productively screen and deal with the procedure at the touch of a button. Intelifi will furnish the customers with full training on our system during usage and on a continuous premise as required. The official rundown will highlight any ranges of potential concern, raise any striking focuses for thought, recognize conceivable areas for extra inquiries and give you with proposals on how best to continue.

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Benefits of Pre-employment Screening that May Change Your Perspective

Business Perspective Attitude and Owner MentalitySome people think that pre-employment screening is not needed at all when it comes to work or business-related schemes. But that is not the case at all. People fail to realize that a lot of mishaps and bad events happen because companies and businesses fail to perform pre-employment screening on their candidates before hiring them. Because of this negligence in performing a pre-employment screening, their company suffers, the employees suffer, and the entire system suffers.

Another reason why businesses collapse is because of their negligence to perform pre-employment screening, dangerous people are admitted inside the company, giving them access to whatever means they were given. This is dangerous, considering the fact that many criminals are wolf in sheep’s clothing. If they get inside the company, it’s the end of that business. They can do almost anything once they get inside the company.

Another possibility is that they could spread false news about the company, which is something that every company wants to avoid. False news greatly affects the company’s reputation, especially nowadays where people do not do that much research anymore and merely believes everything they see and every news they hear. This is a huge danger for the company and something that must be taken care by performing a pre-employment screening before hiring candidates.

But setting aside all the bad things, there are plenty of good things which will change the way people look at pre-employment screening. Some see it as a security feature, and yes, while it is one, it isn’t just a security feature. There are a lot of good benefits aside from security. People need to look at it as an opportunity, because pre-employment screening opens up a lot of possibilities, one possibility being improved. Businesses often think of improving all the time by telling their employees to work harder and to bring more effort and pool every possible talent to the table. But pushing them, although works most of the time, just doesn’t cut it. There must be new talent from the outside. Pre-employment screening do just that. It helps companies scout for more talent, which they might or might not need, but might need at a later time. But still, the fact remains that it gives companies the ability to check out potential talent which is, despite how weird it is, could just help the company a lot.

The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Background Check Services

1You may ask yourself sometimes whether background check services are easy to use or not, and may ask yourself the question of how to use it, or rather, how to properly use it. Admit it, you’ve once asked yourself how to use it. Everybody does, because it’s human nature to learn how to properly use things. But, one thing is certain: a lot of people doesn’t know how to properly use background check services.

Most people fail to understand that there are so many things you can do in background check services. Other than merely searching for information about a person, you can check out what they are and what they do just by merely looking at their information. In fact, their information reveals a lot about who they are and what they do. It’s not just the thought of “he goes to the zoo so he must like animals”, but also the thought of him working there as a scientist or as a guard or searching for something or learning about a specific animal. There’s more to the person when you delve deeper into their information. And that’s one of the best features of background check services.

One of the best and simplest ways to make the best is to read. Yes, read. Not just the mere reading of words, but in a more contextual way. Why does he do this, why is he like this, why is he working here, why is he there, and all these questions pertaining to the person is one of the simplest ways.  By asking yourself these questions, you are trying to figure out who the person really is, which is really simple when you think about it. Aside from reading, there’s also looking. And no, it’s not just a mere looking. It is simple, definitely yes, but it must be done in the right manner. Most people merely “look” and fail to see what they were supposed to “see”, because they were not “looking”. That’s why it is important to take a look at the records, and look at what the candidates wants you to see. Every person has a story to tell, and most of them tell that story through their lives, which reflects on their information. Every person has different traits and skills and backgrounds which tell a story. Finding out which one is the best is up to you.

What You Should Do on your Job Interview

blogFinding a job nowadays is not that easy. You have to undergo a lot of process, employment background check, and submit requirements in order for you to get hired. The employers can also be tough than you might think, they have their own criteria when it comes to evaluating an applicant. But here are the most common criteria that have points when interviewing an applicant:

Greet the Hiring Managers Right

They say first “impressions last”, yes for some it is. But, the first impression is important. It’s a way in establishing a rapport with them.  Do not get nervous, overcome it. Do not think of your past interviews and employment background check results. This is a new one, greet the hiring manager with a bright smile on your face and the right amount of confidence. A subtle handshake and a confident eye contact will surely help you win points at the start of the interview.

Get there Early than the Expected Time

Punctuality is one of the most important qualities that the employer like in an applicant or employees. The time of your arrival will be evaluated by the hiring manager, if you are late it will probably cause a negative impression. But, reaching the venue 10 minutes or earlier before the scheduled time shows your eagerness towards the vacant position.  It will also get you an overview of the place, giving a time to practice and get ready for the interview or examinations.

Get Properly Dressed

Another criteria that will create an impression on the hiring manager is how you dress yourself. Good grooming, hygiene, right outfit and dressing neatly will help you score points in the interview. But having the opposite will turn off the hiring manager. Avoid bright colors, uncomfortable clothes that you might keep adjusting from time to time. It will distract the hiring managers during the interview.

Appropriate Body Language

One of the most important criteria is your body language, the way you move will be judged once you enter the company premises.  They might judge you on the way you walk, talk, your posture, if you have unnecessary movements. They will be assessing your nonverbal communication points in different ways, such as maintaining an eye contact or leaning back comfortably in the chair while being interviewed. Remember that these small things in mind and never appear too casual. Be confident enough of who you are and what you can bring them if given the opportunity.


You Should Have a Positive Attitude

Eliminate all the negative attitude that you bear, such as answering negatively. If you are being asked a question if you can do a job, answer them honestly if you can do it or not. But do not answer them in a closed ended answer, answer them that you can learn and be good at it in the future. You should have a positive attitude towards the job.


Remember, it is like selling a product. Show them why they should choose you. What are the traits, skills and knowledge that you have that other applicants are lacking. Also, if you perfect these five criteria, it will give you a high possibility of getting hired.

Let’s Understand More about Background Checks

imagesEmployees or the applicants will always ask why they are always asked to fill out any background check services.  Maybe some of them are thinking that they not trustworthy enough for the company to go out of their way to conduct background check services on them.  Being asked to do it is a very good thing, which means the companies you’re working or applying with are professionals. Even though it is a good thing, employees and applicants should always know what they’re dealing with, how exactly the process works and what are their rights.

What are in Background Check Services?

The information that will show up if there was any background check services which includes the Social Media Profiles, Records of Properties, Address History, Phone Numbers, Relatives, Neighbors, criminal records and even Lawsuits of the person being checked.

How important is it?

Some people may think that background checks are irrelevant, but to the employers of major companies with high statuses or even a starting one at that point, they are a very big deal. The backbone of every company is their employees, which should always be trustworthy and loyal. If not, companies will always crumble left and right. Or even household employees, people won’t just trust a stranger and let them into their home, even if they say they are kind, caring people. You should always make sure the safety of your company or home, this is important and needs to conduct every time when hiring.

How Can Background Checks Secure your Business?

Employees should know how important this is. Most businesses have high standards. Limited resources are a challenge to them, they need to move fast when it comes to hiring, and applicants don’t come in and is immediately hired after coming in the door. Employees have to know that hiring people like them, adds more to the security of the business, even though they think they are a great candidate for the job. Fortunately, background check services are a thing, a very essential and effective way to secure safety and discover potential problems that could affect businesses.

How Do You Start Background Check Services?

Simple steps on starting background check services:

  • first, find a reputable or even an accredited provider.
  • after finding a good provider, run background check services to test it. Because this will help decide if the company will always give correct results.

If an employee puts himself on the employer’s shoes, neglecting to do background checks on future employees are always a risk the company will never want to take; they only want to do what’s best for their company.


Pre-Employment Background Checks are More Accessible Today

103_306_P8The hiring process is one of the procedures that should be done efficiently by all companies and business entities that want to have the best people, in order to perform the jobs they offer.  It is also one of the keys to achieve their pre-established goals. We must ensure that all the needed things necessary in the hiring process are done properly, and one of the said things is the pre employment background check.

Knowing the applicants thoroughly is what pre-employment background check guarantees. Because, nowadays, companies are more vulnerable to several problems or issues if they hired the wrong individual. The process of conducting background check can be hard for some companies, particularly if they do not have the people who are knowledgeable in conducting the process. Thus, there are some policies that should govern the process of background checks with the ultimate goal of knowing thoroughly the applicant. There are several tools and software that are being developed by background check companies for the purpose of an efficient pre-employment background check.

Most of the things nowadays are digital and online, so is the pre-employment background check. This can be done by availing the services offered by several companies that are accessible through the world-wide web. Accessing the said resources and availing the services that they offer can be a wise decision that hiring companies may take. One of the reasons is that the hiring companies may find the use of the said services, are very effective and cost efficient in the conduct of background check.

Thus, conducting a pre-employment background check nowadays should not be a problem, particularly for those companies and business entities who want to have the competent employees doing the job for them.  With just one click away, you can have premium services in conducting background checks. You don’t have to waste your time, money and effort in conducting one. You just have to wait for a short period of time in for the background check results to be available isn’t that great?

If you are looking for a reliable background check company out there, Intelifi would be a great choice. It is a reliable company that gives the best customer satisfaction for years.

Background Check Companies: What Companies Needs

Why-Your-Business-Needs-to-Hire-a-Dedicated-SEO-CompanyThere are different kinds of companies, ranging from companies that produces goods, export products, sell different kinds of stuffs like clothes, watches, rings, cell phones, gadgets, bikes, cars, electric motors, engines, basically all sorts of things. Aside from those, there are also companies that manufactures cars, boats, planes, ships, yachts, and other sorts of things. Also, aside from all of those mentioned above, there are also companies that make stuff like software, buildings, towers, bridges, skyscrapers, wonders, and everything else that rises high above the sky. And also, there are companies that offer services to people who needs them, like laundry, care, and other kinds and types of services that people could ever need.

There are tons of companies that offers different kinds of things and stuffs for people to consume. That’s what they aim for, after all: to help people sate their cravings for things. It’s human nature. But, aside from that, a type of company has recently gained popularity due to its undeniable effective method of delivery: information. We all know that many companies offer information, but this one is different. It offers information that companies need. And that is none other than pre-employment background check companies. Never heard of them?

A Pre-employment background check company offers services that help people gain information about other people, a feature that is unexpectedly useful for companies, due to a number of reasons, one is pre-employment. It helps companies pick the best ones from a list of applicants that wants to apply to their company. Aside from that, it also helps the company weed out any unnecessary employees that only cause harm and disturbance within the company. But, aside from those, pre-employment background check companies offer services that vary according to people’s needs. One such need is to check for criminal records, a feature that is really useful for keeping out rule-breakers from a company. Despite avoiding prejudices and judgment, it is possible to hire a person with crimes, but it severely depends upon the applicant. One wrong mistake and he can be instantly banished away, losing his chance for redemption.


All these companies have one thing in common: giving the people what they need. And pre-employment background check companies does the job. It is what companies need, and what people need. It is a perfect example of companies granting the people’s needs.


Background Check: A Tool for Investigations

computer_investigation_371169Feeling weird lately? Like someone’s behavior is off? Feel like someone’s watching every move you make? Does someone creep you out? Do you have that feeling of being chased by someone? If one of these applies to you, especially within office space, then that might be an indication that someone is indeed watching you, or someone’s behavior seems suspicious. There’s a chance that you know the person, which makes it easier for you. All you have to do is to perform a background check on that person, which gives you everything you need to confirm your suspicions about that person.

Sometimes, people tend to act suspicious because, it’s either they’re up to something, or they’re just plain creepy. Now, we can’t blame a person for being creepy if it’s their nature, but in the case of him up to something, things changes. It cannot be simply ignored anymore, because the safety and security of the office space might be compromised by this person, whatever it is he is planning. Before things escalate further, it is vital to check it out as early as possible, with the help of background investigation companies.

Background check isn’t limited to employment only. It can also be used as an investigation tool for checking out suspicious persons, in order to ensure safety within the office space. Background investigation companies offers this kind of service, which focuses on police-like investigative information, which is helpful for clients who seek such kind of service. It is mostly comprised of criminal background checks, but also includes additional information that could prove vital to clients who are investigating people. Of course, such service requires policies which protect the people and the clients themselves. It is not allowed to use the service for illegal purposes, because it is punishable by law. It is illegal to use information gathered by background investigation companies to harm other people. These services were not designed and created to be used as manipulation tools for others to exploit, that’s why the law punishes people who use such services for such purposes.

Whenever you feel something’s amiss within your office space, do not hesitate to perform a background check on those suspicious people. Background investigation companies will help you in checking them out whether their suspicious actions are dangerous or not. The best thing about it is not only are you helping your office space stay secure, you also prevent any possible crime that could have happened.

Employment, Social Media, and Background Check

mag-glassEmployability is currently on the rise as businesses continuously boom and improve due to economic progress within each of these companies. Regardless of whether the business or company is big or small, we can’t deny the fact that their constant progress entails the need for employees and the expansion of the business, or the rise of another company building. With that in mind, their need for new employees will come sooner or later. But sadly, some companies make mistakes that affects their businesses and companies when it comes to hiring applicants.

Social media is where people connect with each other, share their memories, and spread good vibes about their life and other’s lives. It is where they share to everyone their thoughts, feelings, and other interests in life. It is, therefore, a place where information is found, and there’s plenty of it within social media accounts, and within itself. People share their personal information with their friends, whether it be public or private. But regardless of whether it is public or not, it still functions as an area filled with personal information.

Now, companies sometimes make the mistake of using social media accounts as a source of information for employment purposes. Although it is not a bad idea to do that, it is somehow questionable, due to the anonymous nature of social media. Some people tend to falsify their social media accounts as a form of cover up to hide their real identities, or to avoid letting the public know about them. They do this by writing false age, address, and other things such as concealed profile pictures. In the case of employment, they can’t trust information such as this. What they need is information that is true, and can be trusted.

Background check is the solution to that problem. Employment background checks are common in the business world, because of its reliability when it comes to information. All the information that they gather about persons are completely legal, and is based on their real identities, not information that are gathered from areas with questionable legitimacy. Employment background checks happens a lot in companies prior to employment, and is a form of secondary bio-data, or in other words, “insurance” of the company towards their applicants. Whether the person gets hired or not depends now at the hands of the company, with employment background checks helping them make the choice of accepting them or not.

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Companies with Excellent Employees: How They Achieve It

imagesHave you ever wondered how some employees have such high rates and amazing employee backgrounds? It’s all because of their hard work, dedication, countless hours of time spent on studying and doing all sorts of things in order to improve themselves and their skill sets. It’s all because of this that they were able to achieve such magnificent awards and certificates and trinkets and other proofs of excellence they hoarded from different seminars, workshops, and other events that they go through. So, why are they doing this? For what purpose are they going to such heights of effort in order to gain these things?

We all know that companies monitor their employees’ performance and gives them incentives based on their performance as a form of saying “thank you” for their excellence and performance. In the company’s perspective, they are thankful for their employees, that’s why they go the extra mile and reward their employees. It also serves as a morale booster for them in order to perform better along the way. We might also know that employees do their best in order to get a salary raise and be promoted, which is what every employee wishes, unless they want to settle with their current position. But, employees go the extra mile not only for the salary raise and promotion, but also for credentials. Every award, medal, certificate, and other trinkets and achievements are important, because it shows the totality of your experience, which makes you better and gives you credibility in your profession. People who have a lot of experience with evidences to back them up make a solid point about their experience.

These records are not just gathered and stored in some random cabinets, they are also stored online. Their credentials are stored in databases all across the internet through a service called background check, a service that is constantly gaining popularity due to its effectiveness. All of their credentials are recorded, meaning, anyone who wants to look them up whether it be a person or a company, will see all of it. Every single seminar, every single certificate, every single workshop, every single detail, complete with all the details and documents to back it up, are stored there. It serves as a proof of their excellence and a reference point for the future. Whenever a person looks up their name on a background check, especially employee backgrounds checked by the company, all of it is displayed to them. It acts as some sort of a trophy room, something to be proud of.

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Records To Watch Out For In Individuals

57416a9d67b0a910c4da7024Before hiring an applicant or even before all of the events leading to that point happened, it is important to immediately perform a pre-employment background check because doing so reveals a lot of information about that person. Now, as a company, we wouldn’t want to hire an applicant whom we barely know about. That is the reason why resumes were invented in the first place. But not every detail is revealed in a resume. Bits of information are secluded and stored away in places, such as archives, schools, companies, and other areas where the applicant might have a history of.

Assuming that you are an HR looking for applicants in a company, the first thing that you should do is to look out for information that are vital, not just to you as an HR, but to the company’s welfare and progress, too. You represent the gateway to the company, the gatekeeper to those applicants who wish and aspire to be a part of the company. Therefore, it is your job to be mindful and be resourceful in getting to know these possible future employees.

The first thing you should do is to perform pre-employment background checks on every single applicant that attempts or submits a resume to you. It is important because as mentioned before, getting to know your applicants and knowing their backgrounds is vital. Their knowledge, background, hopes, achievements, goals, personalities, you need to be looking out for these in their records. These pieces of information are what gives you a clear picture of who that person is and what he has accomplished up to present.

Second, check out their records if they have the capacity or the ability to be an asset to your company. It is easily recognizable by the achievements, grades or medals, certificates, and other documents that best represents their abilities and skill sets. In short, the more credentials there are in his records, the better.

Lastly, to wrap it up, check out his criminal records. Pre-employment background checks include criminal records because companies often look for it. Why, you ask? Because every single company doesn’t want their business getting messed up by any form of crime. Criminal records says it all. If a person has criminal records, especially grave ones, it speaks a lot about him. Whatever his story regarding that record it, it is definitely going to make an impact about his totality as a person.

Pre-employment background checks definitely is a huge asset to the HR and to you as an HR in getting to know these applicants, if it is applicable.


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